Most Requested Series Tutorial

This tutorial introduces you to the Most Requested Series Data Retrieval tool.

This tool allows quick access to the most asked for data series in the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Start at the main BLS homepage, or use the link on the program home page to get to Most Requested Series.

From the main BLS page, click on the Databases & Tables tab


Click on the Most Requested Statistics link located near the top on the left menu.


We are using the Overall BLS Most Requested Series page to get data for the CPI for All Urban Consumers with a base period of 1982 to 1984=100 (Unadjusted).

Scroll down to the Price Indexes section, and then click in the box to the left of the first entry - CPI for All Urban Consumers with a base period of 1982 to 1984=100 (Unadjusted)

Click on the “Retrieve data” button at the bottom of the page.


A table will display showing 10 years of index values. To get a longer time series, add percentage changes, or reformat the data, click on “More Formatting Options” on the upper right hand side of the results page.


You may change the start or end dates, add percent change calculations, or format the file as comma or tab delimited text for easy import into a spreadsheet.


This concludes the tutorial. Thank you for visiting the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website.