Customized Tables-One Screen Tutorial

This tutorial will help you to use the one screen version of the BLS Create Customized Tables data tool. In this example, we will use the CPI for All Urban Consumers.

To get historical data for any CPI data series, start by clicking on the Databases & Tables tab.

one screen_01

Scroll down to the Inflation and Prices section and click on the "CPI All Urban Consumers (Current Series)" One Screen icon


In the box, beneath the number 1, highlight the area you are interested in. We will use "U.S. City Average" as an example.

In the box beneath the number 2, highlight the item category. Not Seasonally Adjusted data will be obtained in this example so uncheck "Seasonally Adjusted."

To look for an item, type a keyword in the empty box and click on "Find." In this example, "All Items" is selected.

Next, click on the "Get Data" button to view a table.


A table displays showing index numbers for a 10-year period. You can change the start date using the drop-down box next to "Change Output Options"

For more options, such as percentage changes, click on "More Formatting Options."


Check the 12 Months Percent Change checkbox to create a table to display 12 months percent changes. Then click on the "Retrieve Data" button.

one_screen_05   one_screen_06

This concludes the tutorial. Thank you for visiting the Bureau of Labor Statistics' website.