Voorburg Group Meeting Washington DC 2021

Agenda and Documents

The meeting will be held as a week-long virtual Webex meeting from Monday September 20th to Thursday September 23rd 2021. Each day has a half-day agenda. The times are given in American Eastern Daylight Time (EDT, UTC-4).

Full Agenda (PDF) (4 pp. 101KB)

Time (EDT, UTC-4)


07:00-07:10 AM

Opening Remarks
BLS Commissioner William Beach
Welcome and Meeting Agenda Overview

Voorburg Group co-chairs: Marcus Fridén (Sweden) / Bonnie Murphy (US, BLS)

07:10-07:40 AM

Session: Completed papers for submission of progress to UN

Session: Revisited Sector Paper – ISIC 52.10 Warehousing and storage (Paper, PDF, 1.15MB)

Christian Puchter (Austria) (Presentation, PDF, 536KB)

Session: Revisited Sector Paper – ISIC Renting and leasing of motor vehicles

Emelia D'Silva-Parker (UK) (Paper, PDF, 328KB) (Presentation, PDF, 450KB)

07:40-08:10 AM

Session: Cross cutting topic (1) - Information needed from Voorburg meeting participants

Voorburg Group Co-chairs

08:10-09:00 AM

Session: National Accounts – New Developments in Costa Rica and the UK Deflator Gateway

Riikka-Maria Korhonen and Craig Taylor (UK) (Presentation, PDF, 1375KB)
Allison Pierce Porras (Costa Rica) (Presentation, PDF, 502KB)

09:00-09:15 AM


09:15-10:15 AM

Session: Cross cutting topic (2) - Lessons learned in dealing with shocks

Session leader: Christian Stock (Austria) (Presentation, PDF, 791KB)

Ruth Vizner (Israel) (Presentation, PDF, 1MB)

Jonathan Weinhagen (US, BLS) (Paper, PDF, 329KB) (Presentation, PDF, 6MB)

Discussant: Rohan Draper (Sweden) (Presentation, PDF, 192KB)

10:15-10:30 AM

Presentation of new Voorburg Group Strategic Plan

Marcus Fridén (Sweden) / Bonnie Murphy (US, BLS) / Craig Taylor (UK) (Presentation, PDF, 1.1MB)

10:30-11:00 AM

Discussions and input to future Voorburg Group meetings

Time (EDT, UTC-4)


07:00-08:30 AM

Session: Industry presentations - ISIC 77.30 Renting and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods

Session leader: Melanie Santiago (US, BLS)


Mariah Nilsson (Sweden) (Paper, PDF, 327KB) (Presentation, PDF, 567KB)

Mathieu Thomassin (Canada) (Paper, PDF, 558KB) (Presentation, PDF, 1MB)


Stephanie Depil and Anna Simon (France) (Paper, PDF, 1.0MB) (Presentation, PDF, 328KB)

Eveli Šokman (Estonia) (Paper, PDF, 829KB) (Presentation, PDF, 247KB)

Ildiko Hamvainé Holocsy (Hungary) (Paper, PDF, 1.6MB) (Presentation, PDF, 1.6MB)

08:30-08:45 AM


08:45-09:15 AM 

Small group break out room discussions on ISIC 77.30 Renting and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods 

Melanie Santiago (US, BLS) 

09:15-10:30 AM 

Session: Cross cutting topic (3) - International trade in services by mode 

Session leader: Erika Barrera (Chile) 

Agnieska Matulska-Bachura (Poland)  (Paper, PDF, 758KB) (Presentation, PDF, 435KB)

Ram Singh and Rupa Dutta (India) (Paper, PDF, 802KB) (Presentation, PDF, 1.2MB)

Steen Wettstein (WTO-OMC) (Paper, PDF, 957KB) (Presentation, PDF, 279KB)

Mariagrazia Moschetta/Sandra Maresca (Italy) (Paper, PDF, 1.46MB) (Presentation, PDF, 909KB)

10:30-10:45 AM

Discussions on Cross cutting topic (3) - International trade in services by mode
Room Paper: Export Price Indices
Ildiko Hamvainé Holocsy (Hungary) (Paper, PDF, 671KB)

Time (EDT, UTC-4)


07:00-08:00 AM

Session: Cross cutting topic (4) - Innovative methods for capturing quality change

Sahoko Furuta (Japan) (Paper, PDF, 675KB) (Presentation, PDF, 666KB)

Claire O'Bryan (US, BLS)  (Article, HTML) (Presentation, PDF, 721KB)

Discussant: Ana Aizcorbe (US, BEA) 

08:00-08:30 AM 

Session: IMF collaboration - Comparison of unit value and transaction pricing in Accommodation 

Andrew Baer (IMF), India, Japan, UK  (Presentation, PDF, 3MB)

08:30-09:00 AM


Presentation of results from the Voorburg Group Alternative Data Survey (Survey Results, XLSX, 1MB)

Dragos Ifrim - Voorburg Group Secretary, Statistics Canada (Presentation, PDF, 1.1MB)

09:00-09:15 AM


09:15-10:00 AM

Session: Cross cutting topic (5) - SPPI and CPI Task Force presentation

Session leader: Nicklas Elversøe (Denmark) and Rohan Draper (Sweden) (Paper, PDF, 1.6MB) (Presentation, PDF, 1.2MB) (Spreadsheet, XLSX, 50KB)
Participants: Sweden, Germany, Denmark, France, US, Israel

10:00-10:15 AM

Discussions and decision on SPPI and CPI Task Force results

10:15-11:00 AM

Session: Cross cutting topic (6) - New techniques in measurement of intangibles

Jean-Philippe Tardif (Canada) (Paper, PDF, 585KB) (Presentation, PDF, 2.1MB)

Melanie Lewis (UK) (Presentation, PDF, 739KB)

Discussant: Francisco Moris, SBE/ NCSES National Science Foundation (Presentation, PDF, 695KB)

Time (EDT, UTC-4)


07:00-08:30 AM

Session: Cross cutting topic (7) - Poster session in break out rooms
Alternative data - Best practices to evaluate fitness for use

Session leader: Ville Auno (Finland)

Rebecca Hutchinson (US Census Bureau) (Paper, PDF, 328KB) (Poster, PDF, 872KB)

Scott Kilbey and Craig Taylor (UK) (Paper, PDF, 455KB) (Poster, PDF, 226KB)

Kyle Virgin (Canada) (Poster, PDF, 617KB)

08:30-09:15 AM

Session: VG 2022 meeting planning (Presentation, PDF, 1.2MB)

Session leader: Voorburg Group co-chairs

VG Governance and Bureau Representation

Future Agenda

Assignment of Sector Papers

Designation of Industries and Assignments for VG 2022

Designation of Papers on Cross-cutting topics for VG 2022

Task Force assignments (if applicable)

09:15-09:30 AM


09:30-10:00 AM

Sign up for 2022 Contributions

10:00-10:30 AM

Conclude VG 2022 meeting plan

Designation of Assignments for VG 2022

Meeting Arrangements for next year

Closing remarks

Updated Voorburg Glossary

Francisco Moris - National Science Foundation (Voorburg Glossary, PDF, 1MB)