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Working with animals

| April 2015

These jobs have gone to the dogs—and horses and cows and monkeys. Read this article to learn about some of the occupations that involve work with animals.

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Clusters, pathways, and BLS: Connecting career information

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has lots of career information. How do its resources link to Career Clusters and pathways?

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Careers for music lovers

Love to sing, play, or write music? It could become your life’s work. Read this article to learn how to rock a career in music.

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Chef image Kimberly Brock Brown has always loved food. Learn how she became a chef and started her own catering business.

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Language studies on the rise

This chart shows college course enrollments for different foreign languages. It compares enrollments between fall 2002 and fall 2013.

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Seismologist image Graham Kent has built a solid career on shaky ground: He studies earthquakes. Find out how his work helps make the world a more stable place.

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