June 8, 2000 (The Editor’s Desk is updated each business day.)

Labor force participation of Vietnam-era vets

In September 1999, 79.7 percent of male veterans of the Vietnam era were in the labor force.

Labor force participation of male Vietnam-era veterans, September 1999 (percent)
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Nearly 90 percent of male Vietnam-era veterans were between 45 and 64 years of age in September 1999. Their nonveteran peers had a labor force participation rate similar to that of the veterans: 81.3 percent.

The participation rate for veterans with a service-connected disability was much lower than for nondisabled vets. About 12 percent of male Vietnam-era veterans reported having a service-connected disability; their labor force participation rate was 55.8 percent in September 1999, compared with 83.7 percent for vets without a disability.

These data are from a special supplement to the September 1999 Current Population Survey. The supplement also collected information about female veterans and veterans of other periods besides the Vietnam era. Learn more in "Employment Situation of Vietnam-Era Veterans," news release USDL 00-165.

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