Upcoming changes to state and local area labor force estimation in 2015

The LAUS redesign has been a multi-year, multi-project initiative to improve labor force estimates for states and substate areas developed by the Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) program. The proposed changes discussed in the research papers below were announced through the Federal Register, with the opportunity for public comment through November 10, 2014.

  • Report on Revision to State and Area Time-Series Models (PDF)
  • Report on Revision to Handbook Method Employment Estimation (PDF)
  • Report on Revision to Handbook Method Unemployment Estimation (PDF)
  • LAUS Redesign Questions and Answers

In addition to these methodological changes, the LAUS program also will be implementing new federal statistical area delineations effective with the publication of January 2015 estimates. More information on the new federal statistical areas is available at www.bls.gov/lau/lausmsa.htm.


Last Modified Date: January 8, 2015