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October 2016

Longitudinal data from the Occupational Employment Statistics survey

Matthew Dey, Elizabeth Weber Handwerker

This article describes the longitudinal features of the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) data and the composition of the establishments observed multiple times in the OES microdata.

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Book Reviews

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Why manufacturing matters

Eric H. Landuyt

Manufacturing is a major component of a modern economy, but too many economists dismiss this massive sector of U.S. and world economic output too readily.

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Beyond BLS

Violence, boys, and the labor market

Serah Hyde

A look at how exposure to violence in childhood negatively affects future labor market outcomes for young men.

Explaining changes in educational attainment over time

Lawrence H. Leith

An examination of changes in education levels over the last several decades.

Young adults and trends in household formation

Scott Berridge

An examination of how household formation for young adults compares with that of their older counterparts.

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February 1981

Dual-earning families is as much a topic of interest today as it was over 30 years—read an MLR article’s perspective about it from 1981.

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