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December 2014

Technology industries helped post-Great Recession jobs grow faster in northern than in southern California

Nicole Havins

Analysis of Current Employment Statistics and Area data shows that employment recovery since the 2007-2009 recession is concentrated in certain sectors. In California, technology sectors have had notably strong recoveries. High concentrations of employment in the technology sectors have driven the total nonfarm employment recovery in northern California. Southern California, which has proportionally less technology employment, has experienced a slower recovery.

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Welcome to the jungle: organized labor in decline

Graham Boone

A collection of 13 papers on workers’ rights and the impact of the decline of U.S. labor unions.

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Beyond BLS

All in a day’s work: overcoming telework challenges

Charlotte M. Irby

An article in The Psychologist-Manager Journal looks at both the challenges of telework and the many strategies used by 86 high-performing teleworkers to overcome those challenges.

Big-box stores pay workers good wages

Maureen Soyars

Despite concerns that employment growth within the retail industry means more low-paying jobs, researchers find that the growth of big-box stores leads to greater earnings.

Is a college degree still worth it?

Eleni Karageorge

Despite higher tuition and lower earnings upon graduation, Federal Reserve Bank of New York economists find that going to college still pays.

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