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May 2015

The de-licensing of occupations in the United States

Robert J. Thornton, Edward J. Timmons

This article discusses successful and unsuccessful attempts to de-license occupations at the state level.

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The retirement age and the deficit

Richard Works

Authors Gary Burtless and Henry Aaron analyze the relationship between retirement age and the deficit and how the former affects the latter.

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Beyond BLS

Do concerns about being popular keep students from making scholastic investments?

John C. Roach

Peer pressure was shown to affect whether students opt for a free SAT-preparatory course.

The role of industry clusters in economic development in some Midwest cities

Edith S. Baker

Two economists compare how five large Midwest cities are working to meet economic challenges and to thrive via economic development plans that focus on industry clusters.

Graduating with both the degree and the debt

Douglas Himes

Analysts discuss the less apparent costs of student loan debt.

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