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October 2014

Female self-employment in the United States: an update to 2012

Kristen Roche

This article uses data from the Current Population Survey to examine changes in the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of self-employed women over the 1993–2012 period.

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Life on the border of Mexico

Kathleen Fitzgerald

A collection of eight essays written from various interdisciplinary perspectives on the complex employment and unemployment issues in the US/Mexico border region.

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Beyond BLS

What happens when older workers experience unemployment?

Lawrence H. Leith

Despite short-term health improvements among unemployed workers during recessions, an American Economic Journal article shows a long-term negative effect on the health and longevity of workers in their late fifties or early sixties.

Middle-skill jobs decline as U.S. labor market becomes more polarized

Demetrio Scopelliti

A Federal Reserve Bank author analyzes the trend away from middle-skill jobs.

Millennials after the Great Recession

Scott Berridge

The recession caused many Millennials to delay making decisions on home and car purchases and marriage; these delays are expected to have an impact on the nation’s economy as well as on the Millennials themselves.

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