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September 2014

Consumption patterns and economic status of older households in the United States

Seonglim Lee, Sang-Hee Sohn, Eunyoung Rhee, Yoon G. Lee, Hua Zan

This article holistically maps the consumption patterns of older Americans and compares the economic status of different groups of elderly U.S. consumers.

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Beyond BLS

Millennials after the Great Recession

Scott Berridge

The recession caused many Millennials to delay making decisions on home and car purchases and marriage; these delays are expected to have an impact on the nation’s economy as well as on the Millennials themselves.

Stay-at-home mothers through the years

Jacob Galley

A Pew research report looks at why the proportion of mothers who stay at home has increased and how these mothers differ from those in the labor force.

Is overeducation with underpayment a lifelong problem?

Alex Kratochwill

Lifetime earnings of overeducated workers may be lower than they expected.

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