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Table A-14. Unemployed persons by industry and class of worker, not seasonally adjusted

Industry and class of worker Number of
unemployed persons
(in thousands)

Total, 16 years and over(1)

  Nonagricultural private wage and salary workers

    Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction



      Durable goods

      Nondurable goods

    Wholesale and retail trade

    Transportation and utilities


    Financial activities

    Professional and business services

    Education and health services

    Leisure and hospitality

    Other services

Agriculture and related private wage and salary workers

Government workers

Self-employed, unincorporated, and unpaid family workers

(1) Persons with no previous work experience and persons whose last job was in the U.S. Armed Forces are included in the unemployed total.

NOTE: Beginning in 2009, data are classified using the 2007 Census industry classification system derived from the 2007 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). Data for 2000-08 were classified using the 2002 Census industry classification system derived from the 2002 NAICS. More information is online at


Last Modified Date: February 04, 2011