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Labor force status flows by sex
[Numbers in thousands]

Labor force flows   Not seasonally adjusted     Seasonally adjusted  







Flows into employment

Total employment

    Employed to employed

    Unemployed to employed

    Not in labor force to employed

    Other inflows to employed(1)

Flows into unemployment

Total unemployment

    Employed to unemployed

    Unemployed to unemployed

    Not in labor force to unemployed

    Other inflows to unemployed(1)

Flows into not in labor force

Total not in labor force

    Employed to not in labor force

    Unemployed to not in labor force

    Not in labor force to not in labor force

    Other inflows to not in labor force(1)

Marginal outflows(2)

Employed to other outflows

Unemployed to other outflows

Not in labor force to other outflows

(1) Includes persons just turning 16 and adjustments to estimated population totals.
(2) Includes estimated deaths and adjustments to estimated population totals.

NOTE: Data may not sum to totals due to rounding.
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SOURCE: Research series from the Current Population Survey, Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Last Modified Date: July 18, 2012