Quarterly Web Reports Using CE Data


  • Using gasoline data to explain inelasticity (HTML) (PDF), March 2016
  • A closer look at spending patterns of older Americans (HTML) (PDF), March 2016
  • Expenditures on cellular phone services have increased significantly since 2007 (HTML) (PDF), February 2016


  • Consumer expenditures vary by age (HTML) (PDF), December 2015
  • Movies, music, and sports: U.S. entertainment spending, 2008-2013 (HTML) (PDF), March 2015


  • Income and spending patterns among Black households (HTML) (PDF), November 2014
  • Do different groups invest differently in higher education? (HTML) (PDF), June 2014
  • Americans’ aging autos (HTML) (PDF), May 2014
  • New education classification better reflects income and spending patterns in the Consumer Expenditure Survey (HTML) (PDF), January 2014


  • Spending Patterns of Families Receiving Means-tested Government Assistance (HTML) (PDF), December 2013
  • Spending on pets: “Tails” from the Consumer Expenditure Survey (HTML) (PDF), May 2013
  • Expenditures of urban and rural households in 2011 (HTML) (PDF), February 2013


  • Travel expenditures, 2005–2011: spending slows during recent recession (HTML) (PDF), December 2012
  • A comparison of 25 years of consumer expenditures by homeowners and renters (HTML) (PDF), October 2012
  • How parents use time and money (HTML) (PDF), August 2012


  • How do U.S. expenditures compare with those of other countries? (HTML), Fourth Quarter 2011
  • Consumer Spending in 2010 (HTML) (PDF), Third Quarter 2011
  • Part D Prescription Drug Coverage and Health Care Spending by Seniors on Medicare (HTML) (PDF), Second Quarter 2011
  • Do two live as cheaply as one? Evidence from the Consumer Expenditure Survey (HTML) (PDF), First Quarter 2011




Last Modified Date: March 10, 2016