Young women enroll in college in greater numbers than young men

June 30, 1999

Among 1998 high school graduates, more women than men enrolled in college last fall. As of October, 938,000 young women who graduated from high school in 1998 were in college while 906,000 young men were enrolled.

College enrollment of 1998 high school graduates, by sex, October 1998
[Chart data—TXT]

There were actually more male high school graduates in 1998 than female: 1.5 million men compared to 1.4 million women. However, the college enrollment rate was markedly higher for the young women—69.1 percent were enrolled in college while only 62.4 percent of the young men were enrolled.

This information is from a supplement to the October 1998 Current Population Survey (CPS), a monthly nationwide survey of about 50,000 households that provides basic data on national employment and unemployment. Additional information is available from "College Enrollment and Work Activity of 1998 High School Graduates," news release USDL 99-175.


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