June 25, 2012 (The Editor’s Desk is updated each business day.)

Unemployment among persons with a disability, 2011

Unemployment rate by selected characteristics of those with and without a disability, 2011 annual averages
Characteristic Persons with a disability Persons with no disability

Total, 16 years and over

15.0 8.7


15.3 9.1


14.7 8.2


13.7 7.7

Black or African American

23.5 15.6


11.0 6.9

Hispanic or Latino ethnicity

20.3 11.3
Educational attainment, 25 years and over:    

Less than a high school diploma

20.8 13.7

High school graduates, no college

13.5 9.2

Some college or associate degree

15.0 7.6

Bachelor's degree and higher

9.1 4.2

These data are featured in the TED article, Unemployment among persons with a disability, 2011.



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