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Resources for You from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Whether you live in a small town or a large metropolis, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides useful information about our economy that benefits you.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics collects, analyzes, and publishes reliable information on many aspects of our economy and society. We measure employment, compensation, worker safety, productivity, and price movements. This information is used by jobseekers, workers, business leaders, and others to help them make sound decisions at work and at home.

We strive to be:

  • Accurate and timely – We provide accurate information that reflects the current state of our economy.
  • Relevant – We publish reports that reflect important events and conditions in our society.
  • Innovative – We employ highly trained professionals and pursue modern survey methods and technologies.
  • Objective and nonpartisan – We provide facts, not opinions.
  • Transparent and accountable – We are open about our methods and processes so you can have confidence in our products and services.


How Can You Help?

Without the generous cooperation of the people who participate in our surveys—people like you—we could not provide so much vital information about our economy and society to so many different customers. Nearly all of our surveys are voluntary, meaning that the individuals, households, and organizations selected for our survey samples can choose whether to participate. We are grateful that the great majority of them say “Yes.”

We strive to make participation in our surveys as easy as possible. We design survey questions that are easy to understand, and we try to minimize the amount of time it takes to answer them. We understand that confidentiality is extremely important to you. That is why the confidentiality of participants in our surveys is strictly protected by law and additionally by our own security policies. Federal law prohibits us from releasing any information that could reveal the identity of you or your business without your consent.

The information that you provide can only be used to produce statistics. In other words, it can be used to describe or analyze the characteristics only of groups, not individuals, households, or specific organizations. We have established multiple layers of protection for our computer systems and records, and we regularly train our staff concerning policies to protect your information. These laws and policies ensure that no one will be able to misuse your information or gain an unfair advantage by obtaining inside information about your business.

We carefully design our survey samples through a scientific process to represent the people and businesses in the United States. Without your participation, these surveys would not accurately reflect the economic and social conditions of our country.

If you are called upon to participate in one of our surveys, please say “Yes.” A few moments of your time can mean so much for people just like you.


Services & Contact Information

Products from the Bureau of Labor Statistics cover a broad range of topics about the U.S. labor market, economy, and society. In addition to these products, we provide an array of services designed to help you meet your information needs. These services—all of them free—include:

  • Direct access to subject specialists to help you understand the strengths, limitations, and meaning of our national and regional statistics
  • Speakers available to discuss BLS information
  • Web site navigation assistance
  • Online database access, publications, and various economic tools
  • News service e-mail subscription
  • Authentication of BLS documents


Ways to contact us directly:

Web site
Telephone (202) 691-5200
TDD (800) 877-8339
Fax (202) 691-7890

Write or visit:
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Division of Information Services
2 Massachusetts Avenue, NE
Room 2850
Washington, DC 20212

Contact a regional office:
Atlanta (404) 331-3415
Boston (646) 264-3600
Chicago (312) 353-1880
Dallas (972) 850-4800
Kansas City (816) 285-7000
New York (646) 264-3600
Philadelphia (215) 597-3282
San Francisco (415) 625-2270