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Overview of BLS Demographic Data

Several programs at the Bureau of Labor Statistics provide data on sex, age, race, and other demographic characteristics. The age data generally focus on people of working age, defined as 16 years and older. Data on race generally are for Blacks, Whites, and Asians. Many of our surveys also provide data on people of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity, who can be of any race.

See our interactive guide to BLS sources of data on demographic characteristics.

We briefly describe each of these data sources below.

Demographic Characteristics of the Labor Force (Current Population Survey)

A monthly household survey provides comprehensive information on the employment and unemployment of the population classified by age, sex, race, and ethnic origin, as well as other characteristics such as educational attainment and veteran status.

Geographic Profile

The Geographic Profile of Employment and Unemployment contains some demographic information from the Current Population Survey for regions, 50 states, and the District of Columbia.

Consumer Spending

The Consumer Expenditure Surveys measure the spending habits of U.S. consumers and include data on their expenditures, income, and demographic characteristics.

Work Injuries and Illnesses

Demographic details are available for both fatal and nonfatal occupational injuries along with information about the event producing the injury, the industry in which it occurred, and other details of the incident.

Longitudinal Studies (National Longitudinal Surveys)

This program provides information about many aspects of the lives and labor market experiences of six groups of men and women at multiple points in time, some stretching over several decades.

Time Use

The American Time Use Survey measures the amount of time people spend doing various activities, such as paid work, childcare, volunteering, and socializing.



Last Modified Date: April 4, 2022