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Charts and Applications

The Charts for News Releases complement the written analysis and data tables in BLS news releases.
The CPI Inflation Calculator allows users to calculate the value of current dollars in an earlier period, or to calculate the current value of dollar amounts from years ago.
The Injury and Illness Calculator allows users to calculate injury and illness incidence rates for their specific establishment or firm and to compare them with the averages for the Nation, for States, and for the industry in which the establishment is found.
The Pay Measure Comparison helps you choose the right data source for your needs among the BLS programs that provide information on pay and benefits.
The Demographic Data Sources tool helps you choose the right data source for your needs among the BLS programs that provide information on sex, age, race, and other demographic characteristics of people in the United States.
The COVID-19 Economic Trends presents key economic measures before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Industry Productivity Viewer provides an interactive visualization of productivity statistics for each NAICS 4-digit industry published by BLS. Users can easily navigate to a sector and industry to see trends in productivity, output, hours worked, and unit labor costs. Industry definitions are provided. Each series in the Industry Productivity Viewer is also linked to the BLS Data Finder for further analysis.
The Employment and Wages Data Viewer provides a link to files containing detailed data; these files are sometimes called flat files and supplant files of similar content formerly housed on the BLS FTP server. Ideal for users requiring large volumes of data for their analytical needs.
This Industry Finder from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages provides access to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) as implemented at BLS. It is intended for use by BLS data users and by BLS and state staff working on statistical data development and production.