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Visualize it: Wages and projected openings by occupation

| November 2019

Scatter charts give a glimpse, for hundreds of occupations, of how much workers earned in 2018 and how many openings are projected through 2028.

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Apprenticeships: Outlook and wages in selected occupations

Learn about the job outlook, employment, and wages for some of the top apprenticeship occupations.

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Earning green by working green: Wages and outlook in careers protecting the planet

These data highlight eco-friendly occupations.

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Interview with a... iconInterview with a...

Police sergeant

Police sergeant image Jeff Innocenti works through the night to help keep his community safe.

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Data on display iconData on display

Strong growth projected in fitness and recreational sports centers, 2018–28

Most of the occupations in this industry are projected to add jobs.

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You're a what iconYou're a what?


Mycologist image David Hibbett knows all about the fungi life.

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