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Working with animals

| February 2021

These jobs have gone to the dogs—and horses and cows and monkeys. Read this article to learn about some of the occupations that involve work with animals.

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Moving and storage: Careers in transportation and warehousing

A career in transportation and warehousing could put you in the driver’s seat—or in one of many other occupations.

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Should I get a master’s degree?

This article shows wage premiums for workers with a master’s degree by occupation—and offers a few questions to ask yourself when considering graduate school.

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Interview with a... iconInterview with a...

Pediatric anesthesiologist

Pediatric anesthesiologist image Growing up, Andrea Guyon liked math and science. Medicine seemed like an obvious career option—but not the specialty she chose.

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Data on display iconData on display

Effects of the pandemic on projected employment in selected industries, 2019–29

How will the pandemic affect employment over the decade? This chart shows differences projected in some industries.

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You're a what iconYou're a what?


Kinesiotherapist image Through rehabilitative exercise, Laura Hines helps veterans regain strength and mobility.

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