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February 2019

Collecting union status for the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries: a Massachusetts case study

James Laing, Jill Janocha Redmond, Michael Fiore, Letitia Davis

This article explores indicators of union membership in administrative records and other source documents collected for fatal occupational injuries.

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State institutions and economic prosperity

Jonathan Yoe

Two prominent academic economists argue that a country’s institutions matter more than anything else in determining economic prosperity.

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Beyond BLS

Should the Phillips curve consider new variables in this economy?

Richard Hernandez

Does the Phillips curve adequately account for the rise of gig work and online shopping?

Understanding slavery through cliometrics

Jonathan Yoe

How cliometrics has affected our understanding of slavery.

Adjusted for demographics, U.S. labor market not overly tight

Cody Parkinson

Using the labor input utilization rate to measure slack in the U.S. labor market.

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