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February 2018

Workplace hazards facing line installers and repairers

Michael Schwarz, Dino Drudi

This article provides details about the work-related injuries and illnesses suffered by line installers and repairers during the 2011–15 period.

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Free prices: the key to a successful economy

Ronald Johnson

This “sequel” to Henry Hazlitt’s seminal book Economics in One Lesson provides a fresh look at some of the fundamental laws of economics.

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Beyond BLS

Labor market effects of offshoring

Richard Works

Researchers find that offshoring by U.S. firms may lead to a slight increase in domestic employment.

The importance of workers who practice mindfulness and meditation

Charlotte M. Irby

A look at how mindfulness and meditation benefit aging workers.

Metropolitan and nonmetropolitan labor markets

Doug Himes

A look at how educational attainment and geographic region are related to important employment characteristics.

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