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July 2018

Multifactor productivity slowdown in U.S. manufacturing

Michael Brill, Brian Chansky, Jennifer Kim

What can industry data tell us about the productivity slowdown in the manufacturing sector?

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Are your nest eggs toast? The evolving transition to retirement in Western economies

Shane Haley

This book compares the impacts of population aging on the retirement regimes of 10 Western economies in Europe and North America.

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Beyond BLS

Study measures effect of labor market concentration on wages

Peter C. Fisk

An analysis of the relationship between labor market concentration and wages.

Aiding the poor with self-employment and small-business ownership

Lawrence H. Leith

Do programs aimed at promoting small businesses in low-income countries produce the same results in middle-income countries?

Proposed steel and aluminum tariffs: U.S. GDP gets a trim

Demetrio Scopelliti

This article explores the impact the proposed tariffs on imported steel and aluminum may have on U.S. industries and the overall economy.

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September 1998

The American with Disabilities Act of 1990 celebrates its anniversary this month—a September 1998 MLR article presents findings on working-age persons with disabilities from 1993.

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