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December 2019

The relative weakness in earnings of production workers in manufacturing, 1990–2018

Katelynn Harris, Michael D. McCall

Although manufacturing industries had a reputation for stable, well-paying jobs throughout much of the 20th century, shifts within the industry in the last several decades have considerably altered that picture. Since 1990, average hourly earnings trends in the various manufacturing industries have been disparate, with a few industries showing strong growth but many others having growth rates that are lower than those of the total private sector.

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Book Reviews

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The American working class and the unfulfilled promise of policy-driven growth

Robert Kent

A group of economists examines the economic well-being of working-class Americans.

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Beyond BLS

Do performance-based payment schemes make you work longer and harder?

Yavor Ivanchev

A field experiment suggests that bonus pay increases worker effort on both the extensive and intensive margins.

Why lifetime earnings vary across different occupation categories

Lisa N. Huynh

Several factors can affect earning gaps among occupations.

Climate change expected to damage world economies over the next century

Eleni X. Karageorge

By 2021, countries will suffer economically because of climate change.

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