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Featured Article
Featured article image May 2024

Introducing Producer Price Index research series based on a geometric-mean formula

Sara Stanley

This article introduces Producer Price Index (PPI) research series calculated with a geometric-mean (geomean) formula and explains the formula’s methodological advantages. The article also compares official and geomean PPIs to illustrate how formula choice affects index values.

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Book Reviews
Book Review image

Unraveling long-term household changes through economic modeling

Murat Ungor

In this book, economist Jeremy Greenwood develops economic models to study long-term changes in the household sector.

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Beyond BLS

A reappraisal of Keynes’s “Economic possibilities for our grandchildren”

Justin Holt

Research analyzes Keynes’s theory of economic growth.

Stimulus checks, world events, or import shortages: what causes import inflation?

Harry Nitzberg

Researchers find that the causes of U.S. import inflation depend on when the inflation was.

Borrowing costs weakened consumer sentiment in 2023

Ryan Ansell

Gross domestic product, employment, and inflation figures were all positively received in 2023, but consumer sentiment was low.

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