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October 2018

How did employment fare a decade after its 2008 peak?

Wander Cedeño

This article uses data from the Current Employment Statistics survey to examine employment changes a decade after total nonfarm employment peaked in January 2008.

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A feminist choice: longitudinal work–family decisions into the new millennium

Julia B. Doggett

This book examines the worklife and childcare decisions of women from their college to middle-age years, with a focus on the factors influencing those decisions.

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Beyond BLS

Ten years later—the financial crisis cost every American $70,000 in lifetime income

Eleni Karageorge

Economic analysis concludes that the financial crisis of 2007–09 cost Americans $70,000 in lifetime present-value income.

Down and down we go: the falling U.S. labor force participation rate

Edith S. Baker

Major causes of the labor force participation decline in the United States.

Pension reform: the case of Illinois

Serah Hyde

Overview of April 2018 conference on reforming the Illinois public pension system.

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