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Featured Article
Featured article image November 2022

Has the pandemic permanently changed job requirements?

Maury Gittleman

This article reports on an examination of whether the pandemic led to changes in job requirements measured in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Requirements Survey.

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Book Reviews
Book Review image

Creating future career opportunities for African Americans

William Lawhorn

This book argues that early access to technology can create better career and economic opportunities for members of disadvantaged communities.

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Beyond BLS

Why has targeted social insurance spending increased in the United States?

Justin Holt

Research examines the scope and persistence of the U.S. system of social insurance.

Racial segregation and its educational ripples

Nicholas A. Schaffer

Does a city’s segregation level affect the racial gap in college attainment?

An economic look at child protection policies of the foster care system

Charlotte M. Irby

Can economic research improve the foster care system?

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