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Featured Article

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January 2020

Occupational employment and wage differences across cohorts of establishments

Elizabeth Weber Handwerker, David S. Piccone Jr, Elizabeth Cross

The authors use data from the Occupational Employment Statistics survey and the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages to estimate occupational and wage distributions of employees by the founding dates of their employing establishments, with older establishments having higher levels of employment and wages.

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Book Reviews

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Economic development and growth in Latin American and Caribbean countries

Lisa N. Huynh

Why have Latin American and Caribbean countries lagged in productivity?

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Beyond BLS

Would a Medicare-for-all system lower healthcare costs in the United States?

Jonathan Yoe

Lowering healthcare cost using a Medicare-for-all system in the United States—Is it a possibility or just a myth?

Preferential treatment for admission to Harvard

John C. Roach

Harvard’s admission process may be preferential.

Could changing hiring practices help more women climb the corporate ladder?

Maureen Soyars Hicks

Hiring practices could increase women’s chances of promotion.

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