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September 2019

Intrasectoral transactions: the most important productivity statistic you’ve never heard of

Thomas Kovarik, Jerin Varghese

Estimating intrasectoral transactions prevents double counting and is a critical part of accurate sectoral output measurement.

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Economic growth through the lens of changing patterns of specialization and trade

Jonathan Yoe

This book argues that most economists have misconceptions about the role of specialization and trade in promoting economic growth.

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Beyond BLS

Changes in the U.S. occupational mix from 1860 to 2015

Demetrio Scopelliti

Is the occupational mix in the United States becoming more or less dynamic?

Inequality and metropolitan areas

Douglas Himes

Wage inequality has increased over the past several decades.

More entrants or fewer leavers? A look at rising labor force participation

Cody Parkinson

Are labor force entrants or fewer leavers the cause of rising labor force participation rate?

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