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Featured Article
Featured article image September 2023

Global labor market debates in the ILO publications in the COVID-19 era

M. Çağlar Özdemir, Hakan Mete, Cihan Selek Öz, V. Çağrı Arik

A textual analysis of International Labour Organization publications.

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Book Reviews
Book Review image

A case for democratizing public data

Henggao Cai

This book explains how public data can be more responsive to changing times and the needs of our society.

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Beyond BLS

How hard is it to replace a minimum-wage job?

Nicholas A. Schaffer

Researchers find that workers earning less than $15 an hour who experience job loss later face reduced employment, labor force participation, and earnings.

Shipping prices, import price inflation, and the COVID-19 pandemic

Douglas Himes

Researchers look at the effects of shipping costs on price inflation for typical products.

Work from home: the expectations gap

Jamie Williams

The work-from-home expectations gap is expected to narrow in the immediate future.

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