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May 2017

Consumer Expenditure Surveys Methods Symposium and Microdata Users’ Workshop, July 12–15, 2016

Geoffrey D. Paulin, Nhien To

The Consumer Expenditure Survey program held its annual Survey Methods Symposium and Microdata User’s Workshop from July 12–15, 2016.

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Music for the people: the role of music in the southern textile strikes of 1929–34

Rachel Weir

This book offers an account of how local radio and music in the 1920s and 1930s played a role in unifying textile-mill workers in their struggle for better working conditions.

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Beyond BLS

The “marriage premium” and the economic impact it can have on children

John C. Roach

Research shows that the effect on children of a mother’s marital status depends in part on the mother’s level of education.

Words pack a punch in online job recruiting

Charlotte M. Irby

Researchers look at how effectively the words used in job listings recruit the desired applicants.

Is there age discrimination in hiring?

Edith S. Baker

A new study offers extensive statistical evidence that there is age discrimination in hiring and that women experience more age discrimination than men.

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