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March 2018

Who chooses part-time work and why?

Megan Dunn

This article focuses on part-time workers who chose to work part time in 2016 and the noneconomic reasons for doing so.

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Free prices: the key to a successful economy

Ronald Johnson

This “sequel” to Henry Hazlitt’s seminal book Economics in One Lesson provides a fresh look at some of the fundamental laws of economics.

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Beyond BLS

The effects of the rent burden on low income families

Serah Hyde

How the disproportionate share of income that low-income families allocate to rent affects their overall financial health.

Federal policies toward eliminating the wealth gap between Whites and Hispanics

Edith S. Baker

The author examines reasons and remedies for the wealth inequities faced by Hispanic households.

Do foreign-born workers affect Americans’ labor market decisions?

Graham Boone

Researchers find that an increase in foreign-born workers may cause native-born workers with a high school diploma or less to move or leave the labor force.

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