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Employment of young men after arrest or incarceration 

May 20, 2019
Men born in the years 1980–84 who had a first incarceration lasting more than 6 months and ending at age 19 or older were much less likely to have jobs after their incarceration than other men. A little over one-third of these men had a job in the first few weeks after their release from jail or prison. By about 10 to 12 weeks after their release, about half had jobs. From then to week 78 (that is, a year and a half) after release, the share with jobs ranged between 50 and 58 percent. Full Text »
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Monthly Labor Review

Monthly Labor Review

Tight labor market continues in 2018 as the unemployment rate falls to a 49-year low  
Andrew Blank, Roxanna Edwards


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Are most Americans cutting the cord on landlines?

Look around. It seems as though everyone—from very young children to older adults--is scrolling, talking, searching, ordering, video chatting, emailing, or playing on a cell phone. Cellular phone services accounted for an increasing share of spending on all telephone services every year from 2007 to 2017.
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