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The Economics Daily

Median tenure with current employer was 4.1 years in January 2020 

September 29, 2020
The median number of years that wage and salary workers had been with their current employer was 4.1 years in January 2020, little changed from 4.2 years in January 2018. Median employee tenure was generally higher among older workers than younger ones. For example, the median tenure of workers ages 55 to 64 (9.9 years) in January 2020 was more than three times that of workers ages 25 to 34 (2.8 years). Full Text »
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Monthly Labor Review

Monthly Labor Review

A new BLS satellite series of net inputs to industry price indexes: methodology and uses  
Jayson Pollock, Jonathan C. Weinhagen


Beyond the Numbers

Job openings and labor turnover trends for Metropolitan Statistical Areas in 2019

This Beyond the Numbers article features JOLTS MSA research estimates for the 18-largest MSAs. In this article, we explore trends in a number of measures—job openings, hires, separations (including quits and layoffs and discharges), labor churn, and unemployment—that allow us to compare labor markets in metropolitan areas.
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