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EMPLOYMENT & UNEMPLOYMENT   •  May 2023  •  Volume 12 / Number 12
Recent articles

Four personal tax liabilities trends that have emerged from recent tax legislation

Have recent tax benefits meant more money in your bank account? In 2017, Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), and, in 2020, Congress passed the COVID-19 pandemic relief acts, directly affecting the personal tax liabilities of many Americans. This Beyond the Numbers explains how personal tax liabilities were affected by the TCJA and the COVID-19 pandemic relief acts of 2020 using five charts.


Illnesses caused by viruses (COVID-19) among healthcare and social assistance workers occurred at a rate about five times greater than all workers in 2020

Throughout 2020, healthcare and social assistance workers played a critical role by directly providing care to patients infected with the COVID-19 virus.[1] During the year, the number of workplace injuries and illnesses increased 40.1 percent in the healthcare industry; it was the only private industry sector to experience an increase. These workers were out for a median of 12 days in 2020, up from 7 days in 2019.


The decline of job creation at new establishments

This Beyond the Numbers article highlights the BED establishment birth and death statistics and establishment age and survival data from 1992 to 2022.