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Resources for the Media

reporters correspondents and broadcast news analysts imageThe media and general public can communicate directly with BLS subject matter experts who provide detailed analysis of our data and present you with reliable and unbiased information.

For a dashboard of the latest releases and publications from BLS, please visit

Our Press Office is staffed from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to help answer questions or set up interviews. The Press Office can be reached at 202-691-5902 or

BLS staff are available and can serve as a trusted source on these topics and more:

  • Employment and unemployment
  • Price trends at the consumer and producer levels and for imports and exports
  • Consumer spending patterns
  • Job openings, layoffs and discharges, and quits
  • How people spend their time
  • Union membership
  • Veterans’ labor market experiences
  • Productivity trends
  • Workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities
  • Long-term employment projections
  • Incidence and take-up rates of benefits, such as paid leave
  • Access to medical insurance and costs for employer and employee
  • Data are available for the United States as a whole, and selected data are available by demographic characteristic, geographic area, and industry.