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Overview of BLS Productivity Statistics

Productivity and related cost measures are designed for use in economic analysis and public and private decision making. Productivity captures how efficiently inputs are converted into outputs of goods and services. The data are used to forecast and analyze changes in prices, wages, and technology. There are two primary types of productivity statistics:

  • Labor productivity compares the growth in output to the growth in hours worked.
  • Total factor productivity compares the growth in output to the growth in a combination of inputs that include labor, capital, energy, materials, and services

Learn about Productivity

What is Productivity?

Ingredients for Total Factor Productivity

Understanding Unit Labor Costs

Introduction to Productivity

Explore the meaning of productivity and learn how productivity growth can lead to improvements in our lives and the well-being of our nation.

Learn more about productivity.

Labor Productivity

Data on labor productivity (output per hour) and unit labor costs are available for the U.S. business sector, nonfarm business sector, nonfinancial corporate sector, and manufacturing sector. We also have data for over 400 industries in manufacturing, mining, utilities, wholesale and retail trade, and services. State labor productivity data are available for the private nonfarm sector.

Total Factor Productivity

Total factor productivity statistics are available for the U.S. private business sector, private nonfarm business sector, manufacturing sector, 61 major industries, and 86 detailed manufacturing, air transportation, and railroad transportation industries.

Productivity Research and Program Development

The Division of Productivity Research and Program Development conducts research to strengthen and improve existing productivity measurement concepts and techniques and understand the sources and effects of productivity and technological change on the economy.

Last Modified Date: March 2, 2023