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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Changes to the BLS K-12 site

Would you like to encourage your children or students to become the next generation of data nerds—or just to understand the labor market and prices better? For many years, the BLS website has included pages targeted toward elementary, middle, and high school students and their teachers. We are developing a new and improved K-12 site, which will feature a section devoted to puzzles, games, and quizzes. Learning economics really can be fun! The student resources section will provide career information and help guide students to reading about careers based upon their interests. We are also introducing new resources for teachers, including classroom activities and tips for introducing BLS information in academic curricula.

Or have you ever wondered about the history of BLS? We will also have an interactive way to navigate through the various commissioners and events in our 129-year history.

We have posted some prototypes of the new K-12 homepage, the BLS History page, and a sample of one of the game pages. I encourage you to check out these changes and submit your comments about them.