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Improvements to the One-Screen Data Search Tool

BLS One Screen Data Search Tool


The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has a wealth of data available to its users, including data on inflation and prices, pay and benefits, employment and unemployment, productivity, and workplace injuries and illnesses. The BLS One-Screen Data Search tool is one of the Bureau’s most popular data retrieval tools for accessing this data. The One-Screen data search tool is useful for users who want to create customized, downloadable tables for one or more data series. With all of the available data characteristics on one page, the One-Screen data search tool allows users to easily adjust their selections and to select multiple items for comparison.

The Bureau has developed a new and improved One-Screen data search tool. In order to make the tool more widely available, BLS has removed its reliance on Java applet, making it a more secure application. This means the One-Screen tool is now supported by most browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The updated tool also queries the BLS database faster, which improves the user experience when retrieving the desired data.

The new One-Screen data search tool is available for most BLS programs and can be accessed on the data homepage. BLS welcomes and appreciates all user feedback, as it will help to further develop and refine the One-Screen data search tool.


Last Modified Date: April 23, 2018