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New Features on the BLS Homepage

Economic Releases

An extended list of latest BLS economic releases will be displayed on the homepage for a longer duration. The two latest news releases will continue to be featured prominently with their abstracts, while quick links to the rest of the releases will be displayed as well. Plus, on days when the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is released, this section will also feature a quick link to related local and metropolitan CPI news releases. The local and metropolitan CPI news releases pages are issued by BLS Regional Information Offices and links to related documents will become enabled as the releases become available.

Economic Releases


To ensure easy access to all major navigation pages throughout the site, we are replacing the left-hand navigation with a global drop-down navigation menu. The new navigation menu will be accessible from the top banner, on mouse over, display a comprehensive list of all products, for example, Subject Areas, Database & Tools, and Publications etc.

Quick Links to Latest Regional News Releases and Products

This section of the homepage displays a map of the BLS Regional Information Offices along with links to featured local and metropolitan economic releases and products. Regional Products also will feature a Geographic Guide and a drop-down list of States at a glance. Both of these products allow users to explore state & area data, related economic releases, and other contact information.

Regional Products

Occupational Outlook Handbook

The Bureauís Occupational Outlook Handbook is now featured prominently on the homepage. Links to both the English and Spanish version of the Handbook makes it convenient for you to learn all about the occupations you find interesting.

Occupational Outlook Handbook



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