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Price And Index Number Research NAS Page

C. Citro and R. Michaels (Eds.)
National Academies Press, 1995

Reprinted with permission from Measuring Poverty: A New Approach, 1995 by the National Academy of Sciences, Courtesy of the National Academies Press, Washington, D.C.

Acknowledgements (PDF)

Contents (PDF)

Preface (PDF)

Summary and Recommendations (PDF)


  • Chapter 1. Introduction and Overview (PDF)
  • Chapter 2. Poverty Thresholds (PDF)
  • Chapter 3. Adjusting Poverty Thresholds (PDF)
  • Chapter 4. Defining Resources (PDF)
  • Chapter 5. Effects of the Proposed Poverty Measure (PDF)
  • Chapter 6. Other Issues in Measuring Poverty (PDF)
  • Chapter 7. Use of the Poverty Measure in Government Assistance Programs (PDF)
  • Chapter 8. The Poverty Measure and AFDC (PDF)


  • Appendix A. Dissent (PDF)
  • Appendix B. Data Sources for Measuring Poverty (PDF)
  • Appendix C. The Interdependence of Time and Money (PDF)
  • Appendix D. Assistance Programs for People with Low Incomes (PDF)
  • References and Bibliography (PDF)
  • Biographical Sketches of Panel Members and Staff (PDF)
  • Index (PDF)


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