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Bureau of Labor Statistics > Price and Index Number Research > Price research data > Research Poverty Thresholds

2011 and 2012 Supplemental Poverty Measure Thresholds Based on Consumer Expenditure Survey Data

Official and Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM) Thresholds for Two Adults and Two Children, 2011 and 2012
Poverty MeasureThresholds



SPM Owners with mortgages


SPM Owners without mortgages


SPM Renters


NOTE: SPM thresholds are based on out-of-pocket expenditures for food, clothing, shelter, and utilities (FCSU), plus expenditures for other basic goods and services such as household supplies, personal care, and non-work-related expenditures. Shelter expenditures include those for mortgage principal payments.
Source: Thresholds were produced by Thesia I. Garner and Marisa Gudrais, Division of Price and Index Number Research, Bureau of Labor Statistics, for research purposes only, using the U.S. Consumer Expenditure Interview Survey. The thresholds are not BLS production quality. This work is solely that of the authors and does not necessarily reflect the official positions or policies of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, or the views of other staff members within this agency.


Last Modified Date: September 10, 2013