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Geographic Information

Bureau of Labor Statistics > Geographic Information > The Regional Information Offices’ homepages are getting a makeover!

The BLS Regional Information Offices’ homepages have gotten a makeover!

The Geographic Information page

The Geographic Information page has been redesigned with a focus on key products and more intuitive site navigation. The new design will allow you to find products using multiple methods.

You can still access the Geographic Information homepage from the BLS homepage, although the Geographic Information box will have a new look.

screenshot of the Geographic Information Home page


After entering the redesigned Geographic Information website, you will notice new tabs at the top of the page. These tabs enable you to search for products by state, by BLS region, or by Census region using the clickable map. The Economic Release Finder on the right of the screen allows you to go to a sortable table of news releases by state or subject. The Economic Summaries option provides a one-stop location for all of the area economic summaries produced by BLS. The economic summaries are popular one-page handouts that provide a snapshot of economic data from multiple BLS programs for a particular area. They are currently produced for over 150 metropolitan areas across the country.

screenshot of the Geographic Information Home page


The Regional Homepages

The redesigned regional websites have five tabs at the top that help you find economic information for each region.

Regional Home. Each regional homepage has some exciting new features that highlight regional products. A map on the left lets you select a state to view products about that state. The latest five news releases from the region are featured on the right side of the page. You will see a snapshot of each release, and you can view the full release when you click on the title. You can search for area economic summaries below the map.

screenshot of the Southwest Information Office Home page


Regional Geography. This tab allows you to select a state from the list to view products about that state. The state pages display the three latest news releases related to that state and the Economy at a Glance table for the state. You can click on the state products tab to view a sortable list of the products available for the state. The list is searchable and can be sorted by title, subject, product type, and date published.

At the top of each state page, you can use the map or the list at the right to select a metropolitan area or division within that state. The area pages also contain a sortable table of products available for the area and the local Economy at a Glance table.

screenshot of the Southwest Information Office Home page


Regional Subjects. The Regional Subjects tab helps you find information for the subject you are interested in. There are four options to choose from: Inflation, Prices, and Spending; Pay and Benefits; Employment and Unemployment; and Workplace Injuries. Each subject tab briefly describes the information available. A table shows the regional products related to the subject and allows you to sort by title, date, or product type (that is, tables or news releases). Related links, such as overview information and databases, are available below the table.

screenshot of the Southwest Information Office Home page


Regional Archives. Another new feature of the redesigned regional pages is the archive selections. You can access archives for news releases, CPI summaries, and notices.

screenshot of the Southwest Information Office Archives page


Contact Region. Contact information for the region is available on this tab. It shows the office hours and how to contact the office by phone, email, and mail. There are also links to the BLS email subscription service, other regional offices, and state labor market information offices.

screenshot of the Southwest Information Office Contact page

Last Modified Date: November 13, 2014