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Producer Price Index Highlights


Producer Price Index Highlights
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Final Demand-Intermediate Demand (series ID in parentheses)

Final demand (WPUFD4)

141.303 (p)141.446 (p)142.244

Final demand goods (WPUFD41)

143.342 (p)142.614 (p)144.729

Final demand services (WPUFD42)

139.153 (p)139.751 (p)139.974

Processed Goods for Intermediate Demand (WPUID61)

258.788 (p)255.604 (p)260.004

Processed Materials Less Foods and Feeds (WPUID69111)

259.890 (p)256.883 (p)261.584

Unprocessed Goods for Intermediate Demand (WPUID62)

263.120 (p)249.567 (p)249.285

Commodity and Commodity Grouping (series ID in parentheses)

All Commodities (WPU00000000)

256.908 (p)253.865 (p)257.568

Industrial Commodities (WPU03THRU15)

256.747 (p)254.283 (p)259.428

Industrial Commodities Less Fuels (WPU03T15M05)

258.597 (p)256.808 (p)256.466

Textile Products and Apparel (WPU03)

184.512 (p)184.029 (p)182.732

Finished Cotton Broadwoven Fabrics (WPU034201)

196.615 (p)195.527 (p)195.510

Apparel (WPU0381)

155.799 (p)156.998 (p)157.066

Fuels and Related Products and Power (WPU05)

233.742 (p)229.689 (p)248.796

Coal (WPU051)

284.561 (p)288.270 (p)290.706

Bituminous Coal and Lignite (WPU0513)

284.561 (p)288.270 (p)290.706

Gas Fuels (WPU053)

101.192 (p)111.429 (p)109.777

Electric Power (WPU054)

255.576 (p)277.635 (p)277.413

Industrial Electric Power (WPU0543)

282.063 (p)314.675 (p)315.841

Petroleum Products, Refined (WPU057)

305.831 (p)279.924 (p)331.333

Gasoline (WPU0571)

280.259 (p)267.917 (p)300.606

Light Fuel Oils (WPU0573)

362.527 (p)299.708 (p)399.614

Home Heating Oil and Distillates (WPU05730201)

248.529 (p)247.357 (p)284.555

No. 2 Diesel Fuel (WPU057303)

387.167 (p)316.277 (p)425.814

Residual Fuels (heavy Fuel Oils, Incl. #5, #6, & Other Residual Fuels) (WPU0574)

179.133 (p)187.611 (p)197.685

Finished Lubricants (WPU0576)

608.434 (p)614.954 (p)614.468

Asphalt and Other Petroleum and Coal Products, n.e.c. (WPU058)

379.038 (p)350.744 (p)353.831

Chemicals and Allied Products (WPU06)

358.664 (p)347.767 (p)345.657

Industrial Chemicals (WPU061)

329.065 (p)310.066 (p)304.091

Paints and Allied Products (WPU062)

405.789 (p)404.549 (p)404.610

Plastic Resins and Materials (WPU066)

289.072 (p)270.844 (p)268.521

Explosives, Propellants, and Blasting Accessories (WPU067902)

283.829 (p)282.683 (p)281.297

Tires (WPU071201)

191.705 (p)190.442 (p)190.428

Lumber and Wood Products (WPU08)

303.442 (p)301.669 (p)298.200

Lumber (WPU081)

261.220 (p)263.405 (p)254.051

Metals and Metal Products (WPU10)

316.947 (p)310.970 (p)310.279

Iron and Steel (WPU101)

347.827 (p)334.668 (p)335.760

Iron and Steel Scrap (WPU1012)

651.118 (p)533.822 (p)556.201

Steel Mill Products (WPU1017)

329.705 (p)329.651 (p)327.938

Primary Nonferrous Metals (WPU102201)

244.570 (p)256.457 (p)241.881

Aluminum Mill Shapes (WPU102501)

235.988 (p)231.554 (p)228.421

Fabricated Structural Metal Products (WPU107)

367.371 (p)366.472 (p)366.762

Machinery and Equipment (WPU11)

173.658 (p)174.684 (p)174.982

Construction Machinery and Equipment (WPU112)

295.790 (p)300.795 (p)299.271

General Purpose Machinery and Equipment (WPU114)

326.473 (p)329.078 (p)329.226

Elevators and Moving Stairways (WPU114201)

202.156 (p)202.157 (p)202.157

Electrical Machinery and Equipment (WPU117)

134.060 (p)134.623 (p)134.945

Electronic Components and Accessories (WPU1178)

68.051 (p)67.597 (p)67.646

Underground Mining Machinery (Except Parts Sold Separately) (WPU11920701)

296.390 (p)296.626  

Commercial Furniture (WPU122)

307.970 (p)310.951 (p)310.654

Transportation Equipment (WPU14)

203.013 (p)203.679 (p)203.671

Passenger Cars (WPU141101)

141.220 (p)139.771 (p)139.868

Trucks, 14,000 lbs. and Under (WPU141105)

198.680 (p)198.833 (p)198.709

Aircraft and Aircraft Equipment (WPU142)

305.589 (p)307.820 (p)307.849

Industry Groups (NAICS code in parentheses)(3)

Kaolin, Clay, and Ceramic and Refractory Minerals Mining (212323)

108.677 (p)108.718 (p)108.660

Electric Power Distribution-East South Central (221122416)

230.664 (p)245.410 (p)244.546

Electric Power Distribution-East North Central (221122433)

318.858 (p)388.920 (p)392.586

Electric Power Distribution-South Atlantic (221122435)

162.591 (p)164.555 (p)164.721

Electric Power Distribution-East South Central (221122436)

199.670 (p)208.532 (p)209.859

Electric Power Distribution-West South Central (221122437)

276.806 (p)291.026 (p)288.683

Electric Power Distribution-Mountain (221122438)

187.736 (p)198.803 (p)204.681

Electric Power Distribution-Pacific (221122439)

288.414 (p)361.853 (p)361.853

Iron and Steel Mills (331110)

292.847 (p)297.275 (p)296.344

Iron, Steel Pipe and Tube from Purchased Steel (331210)

516.769 (p)481.564 (p)474.281

Alumina Refining and Primary Aluminum Production (331313)


Aluminum Sheet, Plate, and Foil (3313150)

213.498 (p)208.810 (p)204.909

Fabricated Structural Metal Bar Joists and Concrete Reinforcing Bars (3323121)

354.738 (p)357.196 (p)355.998

Fabricated Plate Work (Stacks and Weldments) (3323130)

337.154 (p)337.154 (p)337.154

Other Metal Valve and Pipe Fitting MFG (332919)

383.774 (p)383.101 (p)383.364

Switchgear and Switchboard Apparatus MFG (335313)

294.956 (p)299.555 (p)301.316

Automobile, Light Truck and Utility Vehicle MFG (336110)

167.559 (p)167.343 (p)167.280

Aircraft Engine and Engine Parts MFG (336412)

258.136 (p)258.892 (p)259.137

Other Aircraft Parts and Equipment MFG (336413)

206.290 (p)206.462 (p)206.462

(1) revised
(2) subject to revision 4 months after release
(3) NAICS replaced the SIC classification system in January 2004. See
(p) Preliminary