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Economic News Release
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International Comparisons of Manufacturing Productivity and Unit Labor Cost Trends

Supplemental Table of Contents

Table 1. Output per hour (TXT)
Table 2. Output per employed person (TXT)
Table 3. Output (TXT)
Table 4. Total hours (TXT)
Table 5. Employment (TXT)
Table 6. Average annual hours (TXT)
Table 7. Hourly compensation, national currency basis (TXT)
Table 8. Hourly compensation, U.S. dollar basis (TXT)
Table 9. Unit labor costs, national currency basis (TXT)
Table 10. Unit labor costs, U.S. dollar basis (TXT)
Table 11. Exchange rates (value of foreign currency relative to U.S. dollar) (TXT)
Table 12. Average annual compensation, national currency basis (TXT)
Table 13. Real hourly compensation, CPI basis (TXT)
Table 14. Real average annual compensation, CPI basis (TXT)
Table 15. Total labor compensation (TXT)
Download Excel version of all supplementary tables (XLS)

Last Modified Date: December 06, 2012