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BLS History


Below you will find links to the biographies of past BLS commissioners, which include their dates of service and the administrations served during their tenure.

Commissioner Royal Meeker, 1914


Acting Commissioners serve between the departure of one Commissioner and appointment of another. This list includes:

  • G.W.W. Hanger, May 1913–August 1913
  • Charles E. Baldwin, July 1932–July 1933
  • A. Ford Hinrichs, January 1946–July 1946
  • Aryness Joy Wickens, July 1946–August 1946; June 1954–July 1955
  • Ben Burdetsky, July 1968–March 1969; January 1973–July 1973
  • William G. Barron Jr., December 1991–October 1993
  • Lois Orr, October 2001–July 2002
  • Philip Rones, July 2006–January 2008
  • John M. (Jack) Galvin, January 2012–January 2013
  • William J. Wiatrowski, January 2017–March 2019


Last Modified Date: April 24, 2019