Revamped BLS Homepage

In our never ending efforts to better serve the public, BLS will be revamping our web site ( homepage in the coming weeks.

Highlights of the 2010 Redesign

Redesiged Homepage Screen Shot

  • Extended List of Latest BLS National Economic Releases – Easy access to latest seven national economic releases. 

  • Improved Navigation – New global drop-down menu that will enable fast and efficient browsing throughout the BLS web site.

  • Quick Links to Latest Regional News Releases and Products – Easy access to latest local and metropolitan news releases and products.

  • Rotating Facts about BLS Products – Display interesting facts and information about BLS statistical products and a quick link to read more about them.

  • Easy Access to the Occupational Outlook Handbook – The most popular BLS publication is now featured more prominently on the home page.

  • Rotating Featured Publication – Display one of the latest publications available on the BLS website at just the click of a mouse.

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Last Modified Date: July 14, 2017