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International Labor Comparisons

ILC Special Studies

Manufacturing in China

Manufacturing in China (tables, charts, and data comparability) (HTML)


  • China's employment and compensation costs in manufacturing through 2008 (PDF)
  • China's manufacturing employment and compensation costs: 2002-06 (PDF)
  • Labor costs of manufacturing employees in China: an update to 2003-04 (PDF)
  • Manufacturing employment and compensation in China (revised November 2005), 1990-2002 (PDF)
    The opinions, analysis, and conclusions expressed in this report are solely those of the author.
  • Manufacturing earnings and compensation in China, 1990-2002 (PDF)
  • Manufacturing employment in China, 1990-2002 (PDF)

Manufacturing in India

India's organized manufacturing sector (tables, charts, and data comparability) (HTML)


  • Labor costs in India's organized manufacturing sector (PDF 1.2MB)