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Careers at BLS


Eddie Green"While in college, I found myself using a lot of BLS data. So upon graduating with a degree in Economics and knowing my desire was to work in the public service field, I knew that the Bureau of Labor Statistics was a great place to start."

"Eddie Green, Assistant Regional Commissioner, Atlanta, GA

Economists are our primary occupation. If you want an opportunity to work for one of the premier economic analysis organizations in the United States, BLS is the place to be. Become a part of our team!
Our economists are responsible for the review, collection and/or compilation of data from either primary or secondary sources. Data are reviewed for accuracy and consistency at which time an analysis of the findings is prepared. Results of the analysis may take the form of internal reports, press releases, or a portion of an article for publication. Typical duties may include:

  • planning and conducting surveys to collect economic data
  • analyzing and interpreting data
  • preparing reports on economic trends and activities
  • briefing the news media, industry, labor, and Federal and State governments about economic trends
  • assisting in the development and application of computer software
  • reviewing specialized methods, tools, and analysis, and techniques for quantifying, measuring, and understanding economic relationships
  • writing and editing articles, reports, and other communications published by the BLS

Interested in an economist position outside of Washington, D.C.? Read more about BLS regional economists:

Information Technology Specialists provide the critical support needed to produce reports on a timely basis using the latest state of the art technology. This is a great place to learn, to grow, and to use your skills in a creative and technological work environment.

IT specialists analyze, design, implement and maintain computer systems to support the Bureau’s many statistical surveys. In all stages of planning, design, and implementation, computer specialists work closely with economists and statisticians. BLS uses state-of-the art hardware and software computing and communications technologies to collect, process, and distribute data. Computer programming languages in use include Java, .NET, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, C++, and SAS. Database management systems used at BLS are Sybase and Oracle. Operating Systems include Windows and Unix. BLS uses Rational Unified Process (RUP) methodology for systems development.

 Mathematical Statisticians are primarily responsible for assuring the statistical integrity of the sample survey estimates. We employ world class talent, offer excellent professional growth and educational opportunities, and work assignments that are both challenging and personally fulfilling.
Our positions offer opportunities in the design of large-scale sample surveys. There are also opportunities to pursue research into new techniques for sample design and estimation. In planning and designing sample surveys, professionals work closely with economists and computer specialists regarding program objectives, survey design, and systems development. Typical duties may include:

  • developing and refining sampling frames
  • defining and implementing the sample
  • survey design
  • measuring the quality of the data collected and improving the data collection and processing procedures
  • deriving or selecting appropriate estimation procedures and preparing written systems requirements
  • evaluating the results of surveys with respect to sample design and accuracy
  • researching and developing statistical measures and procedures to improve BLS surveys
  • serving as statistical consultants for the economic analysts of the Bureau.


Other Career Fields

While Economists, IT Specialists and Mathematical Statisticians are the primary positions in which BLS recruits, we offer a variety of other career opportunities. Every BLS employee plays a key role in helping us to achieve our organizational goals and objectives. Here are some of the occupations where we are looking for energetic individuals who want to make a difference.

  • Accountants design, install and operate financial management and accounting systems for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, prepare and analyze financial statements and reports, and record and maintain financial data to ensure accurate and timely accounting of Bureau funds.
  • Budget Analysts prepare annual budget justifications to Congress, analyze the fiscal implications of existing or proposed legislation, and monitor actual spending and performance against plans. Budget analysts work closely with managers to track and project performance and spending to help ensure that BLS produces high quality statistical data on time and within available resources.
  • Human Resources Specialists are concerned with the acquisition, retention, motivation, development and use of the human resources of the organization. It is an integral part of total management. Occupational areas of human resources include Operations/ Hiring, Recruitment, Training and Development, Equal Employment Opportunity, Organizational Planning and Automation. Specialists also formulate and implement personnel policies that enable the Bureau to carry out its mission most effectively.
  • Grants Financial Analysts carry out a wide range of assignments related to the financial and administrative management of BLS cooperative agreements with State agencies for the Labor Market Information and Occupational Safety and Health Statistics programs. Grant financial analysts also perform similar tasks in the financial and administrative management of interagency agreements with other Federal agencies.
  • Program/ Management Analysts conduct analytical work on a wide range of subjects of importance to BLS such as organizational effectiveness, policy development, management issues, agency administration, information systems, project management, and law and regulatory compliance. They also assist senior staff and managers with special ad hoc projects.
  • Secretaries manage daily front desk operations including greeting visitors and answering telephone calls and inquiries. They also prepare correspondence and other government forms; establish and maintain files; and perform a variety of secretarial duties as assigned: travel and conference arrangements, maintenance of supervisor’s schedule, timely submission of progress reports.



Last Modified Date: December 7, 2010