K-12 Chart Maker

Let's make a new chart!

Here at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we make tons of charts. Why? Because they are a great way of visualizing and comparing data that might otherwise be difficult to do so. Given the choice, wouldn't you rather look at a line chart than a complex table? Which do you think is easier to quickly understand?

Using this tool, you can make your own chart in a few steps. Try it with your own data (perhaps you can plot how many hours you spent watching TV every day this week), or try charting something found on the BLS website. Ready to begin?

Tip: If you make a mistake, or don't like how your chart ends up looking, you can go back and change any part of it by using the menu to the left. To start over, click the "Get Started!" button again.

Example chart:

Congratulations on creating a chart! Remember, you can change any part of it by using the menu to the left. Click the "Redraw Chart!" button to refresh the chart. To print the chart, or save it as an image, use the icons on the lower right side of the chart.