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Mass Layoff Statistics

Mass Layoff Statistics—Data Revision Procedure

Beginning with data for April 2006, the latest two months of Mass Layoff data will no longer be indicated as preliminary "p." Monthly mass layoff data are based solely on state administrative data and are reported as of a point in time. The current month's data are not subject to revision except under special circumstances. In the event that changes to monthly data occur, an "r" will appear by the revised data. 

For example, if, when April 2006 data are issued, a revision was made in the March data, then an "r" would be noted on the March data. The "r" would remain until May data were published.

Extended Mass Layoff data (published quarterly) follow a different approach. The latest two quarters of data are preliminary and are indicated as such with a "p." Data for quarters prior to the preliminary quarters are considered final and are not expected to change. However, in the event that changes to final quarterly data occur, an "r" will indicate which data are revised. This designation remains until the next quarter of data is made available. 

For example, if data for the first quarter of 2006 were the latest data available, data for both the fourth quarter of 2005 and the first quarter of 2006 data would be indicated as "p." Data for all quarters prior to the fourth quarter of 2005 would be considered final. When data for the second quarter of 2006 became available, first and second quarter of 2006 would be considered preliminary and fourth quarter of 2005 data final. Any revisions to data prior to the fourth quarter of 2005 would be indicated with an "r."


Last Modified Date: September 19, 2012