Occupational Classification System Manual

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About the Occupational Classification System Manual
MOG A—Professional Occupations
Engineers, Architects, and Surveyors
Exclude Surveyor Helpers (H867) and Surveying and Mapping Technicians (A218).
Surveyors—-Survey earth's surface and oversee engineering survey party engaged in determining exact location and measurements of points, elevations, lines, areas, and contours of earth's surface to secure data used for construction, mapmaking, land valuation or other purposes. May be designated according to specialty as: Surveyor, Geophysical Prospector, Mine Surveyor. A Mine Surveyor conducts surface and underground surveys at coal or ore mines to control the direction and extent of mining. Mapping Scientists—-Draw maps of geographical areas to show natural and constructed features, political boundaries and other features; including geological and topographic maps. Analyze survey data, source maps, photographs, and other records to determine locations and names of features.

Last modified: October 16, 2001