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National Compensation Survey - Wages

OCS Overview

The Occupational Compensation Survey (OCS) program was a Bureau of Labor Statistics program which collected compensation data for public and private use. Only wage and salary data are available on the Internet.
This survey is being integrated with the Employment Cost Index and the Employee Benefit Survey currently produced in the Office of Compensation and Working Conditions (OCWC) to form a single compensation survey program. This program initiative, now named the National Compensation Survey, was called the COMP2000 Survey in early testing. Therefore, the data shown will not continue to be published in its current format. To find out how the data will be changed, see National Compensation Survey.
At A Glance
About Locality Wage Tables
Scope & Method of Survey
Occupational Job Descriptions
History of Program

If you would like more information on how data are collected and presented, the type and format of available data, or the history and workings of OCS, please choose a topic above.


Last Modified Date: October 16, 2001