Occupational Classification System Manual

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About the Occupational Classification System Manual
MOG A—Professional Occupations
A999 PROFESSIONAL OCCUPATIONS, N.E.C. Include professional occupations that can not be elsewhere classified in MOG A. Also exclude the following N.E.C. categories:

A059 Engineers, N.E.C. A068 Mathematical Scientists, N.E.C. AO76 Physical Scientists, N.E.C. A089 Health Diagnosing Practitioners, N.E.C. A1O5 Therapists, N.E.C. A159 Teachers, N.E.C. A169 Social Scientists, N.E.C. A177 Religious Workers, N.E.C. A194 Artists, Performers, and Related Workers, N.E.C. A208 Health Technologists and Technicians, N.E.C. A216 Engineering Technicians, N.E.C. A225 Science Technicians, N.E.C. A235 Technicians, N.E.C. (Occupation A999 was created by BLS.)

Last modified: October 16, 2001