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Occupational Classification System Manual

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About the Occupational Classification System Manual
MOG E—Precision Production, Craft, And Repair Occupations
Precision Food Production Occupations
Exclude Helpers (H874), and Kitchen Workers, Food Preparation (K439).
Cut and trim meat to size for display, or as ordered by customer or employer, using hand tools and power equipment, such as grinder, cubing machine and powersaw. Make sausages. Clean and cut fish and poultry. May place meat on trays in display counter. May wrap and weigh meat for customers and collect money for sales.

Perform all slaughtering and butchering operations in a slaughtering and meat packing establishment, using such cutting tools as cleavers, knives, and saws. Eviscerate frozen, fresh, and salted fish for marketing and preserving in canning and preserving establishments. Slaughter and dress poultry to prepare them for market.

Last modified: October 16, 2001