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Producer Price Indexes
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NAICS 311111 through NAICS 311520

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NAICS Industry NAICS Product NAICS Title SIC Product
311111 311111 Dog & cat food mfg 2047
311111P Primary products 2047P
3111113 Dog food 20473
311111324 Canned dog food, including ration type 2047324
311111326 Dry and semimoist dog food in packages of less than 25 pounds 2047326
311111338 Dry and semimoist dog food in packages of 25 pounds or more 2047338
3111114 Cat food 20474
311111401 Canned cat food 2047401
311111402 Dry and semimoist cat food 2047402
311111SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2047SM
311111M Miscellaneous receipts 2047M
311111S Secondary products 2047S
311119 311119 Other animal food mfg 2048
311119P Primary products 2048P
3111191 Chicken and turkey feed supplements, concentrates, and premixes 20481
31111911 Complete chicken feed, starter-growers and layer-breeders 2048117
31111912 Complete chicken feed, broilers 2048116
31111913 Turkey feed; chicken and turkey supplements, concentrates, and premixes 2048135
3111194 Dairy cattle feed, complete 20482
3111197 Dairy cattle feed supplements, concentrates, and premixes 20483
311119A Swine feed, complete 20484
311119D Swine feed supplements, concentrates, and premixes 20485
311119G Beef cattle feed, complete 20486
311119J Beef cattle feed supplements, concentrates, and premixes 20487
311119N Other poultry and livestock feed incl duck, goose, horse, mule, etc. 20488
311119Q Other prepared animal feed, incl. feeding materials and adjuncts, nec 20489
311119T Specialty feed 2048A
311119SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2048SM
311119M Miscellaneous receipts 2048M
311119S Secondary products 2048S
311211 311211 Flour milling 2041
311211P Primary products 2041P
3112111 Wheat flour, except flour mixes 20411
3112114 Wheat mill products other than flour 20412
3112117 Corn mill products 20413
311211A Flour mixes & refrigerated & frozen doughs & batters made in flour mills 20415
311211D Other grain mill products, n.e.c. 20416
311211SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2041SM
311211M Miscellaneous receipts 2041M
311211S Secondary products 2041S
311212 311212 Rice milling 2044
311212P Primary products 2044P
3112121 Milled rice and byproducts
31121211 Head rice packed in bags 100 lbs or more 2044301
31121212 Head rice packed in containers 3 lbs or less 2044401
31121213 Head rice packed in all other size containers 2044501
31121214 Milled rice (and byproducts) 2044601
311212SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2044SM
311212M Miscellaneous receipts 2044M
311212S Secondary products 2044S
311213 311213 Malt mfg 2083
311213P Primary products 2083P
3112131 Malt and malt by-products 20831
311213SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2083SM
311213M Miscellaneous receipts 2083M
311213S Secondary products 2083S
311221 311221 Wet corn milling 2046
311221P Primary products 2046P
3112211 Corn sweeteners 20461
3112214 Manufactured starch 20463
3112217 Corn oil 20465
311221A Wet process corn byproducts 20467
311221SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2046SM
311221M Miscellaneous receipts 2046M
311221S Secondary products 2046S
311222 311222 Soybean processing 2075
311222P Primary products 2075P
3112221 Soybean oil 20751
31122211 Crude soybean oil, degummed 207511113
31122212 Soybean oil, all other types
3112224 Soybean cake, meal, and other byproducts 20752
311222SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2075SM
311222M Miscellaneous receipts 2075M
311222S Secondary products 2075S
311223 311223 Other oilseed processing
311223P Primary products
3112231 Cottonseed oil, crude 20741
3112234 Cottonseed oil, once-refined 20742
3112237 Cotton linters 20743
311223A Cottonseed cake and meal and other byproducts 20744
311223A1 Cottonseed cake and meal 2074414
311223A2 Cottonseed oil: refined, deodorized, purchased and other cottonseed byproducts 2074493
311223D Linseed oil 20761
311223G Vegetable oils, n.e.c. 20762
311223J Other vegetable oil mill products, n.e.c. 20763
311223SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
311223M Miscellaneous receipts
311223S Secondary products
311225 311225 Fats and oils refining and blending 2079
311225P Primary products 2079P
3112251 Shortening and cooking oils (edible) 20791
31122511 Baking or frying fats (shortening), 100% vegetable oil (edible) 2079113
31122512 Baking or frying fats (shortening), 100% animal fat or blends of vegetable oil & 2079115
31122513 Edible hydrogenated oils other than baking or frying fats 2079142
31122514 Partially hydrogenated edible soybean cooking or salad oil (fully-refined & deod 2079151
31122515 All other fully-refined edible shortening & cooking oils, except corn
31122517 Vegetable oil mills, except corn, cottonseed & soybean (processing purchased veg 2079171
3112254 Margarine, including butter blends 20792
311225SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2079SM
311225M Miscellaneous receipts 2079M
311225S Secondary products 2079S
311230 311230 Breakfast cereal manufacturing 2043
311230P Primary products 2043P
3112301 Ready to serve cereal breakfast foods 20431
311230111 Corn flakes and other corn breakfast foods 2043111
311230112 Wheat flakes and other wheat breakfast foods 2043112
311230115 Oat breakfast foods 2043115
311230118 Rice and other grains and mixed grain breakfast foods and preparations 2043118
3112304 Other cereal breakfast foods, incl infant, instant hot, & cooked before serving 20434
311230SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2043SM
311230M Miscellaneous receipts 2043M
311230S Secondary products 2043S
311311 311311 Raw cane sugar mills 2061
311311P Primary products 2061P
3113111 Raw cane sugar and other cane mill products and byproducts 2061P
311311SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2061SM
311311M Miscellaneous receipts 2061M
311311S Secondary products 2061S
311312 311312 Cane sugar refining 2062
311312P Primary products 2062P
3113121 Refined cane sugar and byproducts 20621
311312SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2062SM
311312M Miscellaneous receipts 2062M
311312S Secondary products 2062S
311313 311313 Beet sugar manufacturing 2063
311313P Primary products 2063P
3113131 Refined beet sugar and byproducts 20631
311313SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2063SM
311313M Miscellaneous receipts 2063M
311313S Secondary products 2063S
311320 311320 Choc & confectionery mfg from cacao beans 2066
311320P Primary products 2066P
3113201 Chocolate coatings 20661
311320122 Milk chocolate coatings 2066122
311320172 Other coatings including sweet, liquor, and cocoa 2066172
3113202 Chocolate confectionery products made from cocoa beans ground in the same establishment 20662
311320295 Panned, assortments, and other chocolate confectionery products 2066295
3113202A Solid chocolate confectiony products, with or without inclusions 20662A
3113202B Enrobed or molded chocolate confectionery products with any type of center 20662B
3113209 Other chocolate and cocoa products including syrups and cocoa butter 20669
311320SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2066SM
311320M Miscellaneous receipts 2066M
311320S Secondary products 2066S
311330 311330 Confectionery mfg. (purchased chocolate)
311330P Primary products
3113301 Chocolate & chocolate-type confectionery products packaged for shipment 20642
311330SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
311330M Miscellaneous receipts
311330S Secondary products
311340 311340 Nonchocolate confectionery manufacturing
311340P Primary products
3113401 Nonchocolate-type confectionery products made and packaged for shipment 20643
3113404 Chewing gum, bubble gum, and chewing gum base 20648
3113407 Other confectionery-type products, nec, made and packaged for shipment 20649
311340SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
311340M Miscellaneous receipts
311340S Secondary products
311411 311411 Frozen fruit, juice, & vegetable mfg 2037
311411P Primary production 2037P
3114111 Frozen fruits & concentrated juices, ades, drinks, and nonalcoholic cocktails 20371
311411197 Citrus pulp and other nonedible citrus byproducts 2037197
3114111A Frozen fruits, melons, and berries 20371A
3114111B Frozen concentrated fruit and berry juices 20371B
311411179 Frozen concentrated orange juice 2037179
311411195 Other frozen concentrated fruit and berry juices 2037195
3114111C Frozen concentrated fruit ades and nonalcoholic drinks and cocktails 20371C
3114112 Frozen vegetable and potato products including combinations 20372
311411214 Frozen vegetables, except for potato products and vegetable combinations 2037214
311411245 Frozen vegetable combinations including those mixed with sauces, rice, & pasta 2037245
311411248 Frozen french fried potatoes 2037248
311411249 Other frozen potato products, including hashbrowns, patties, puffs, etc. 2037249
311411SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2037SM
311411M Miscellaneous receipts 2037M
311411S Secondary products 2037S
311412 311412 Frozen specialty food mfg 2038
311412P Primary products 2038P
3114122 Frozen dinners, entrees and side dishes 20382
311412223 Frozen dinners 2038223
311412226 Frozen entrees and side dishes (excluding rice dishes and nationality foods) 2038226
311412252 Frozen pizza 2038252
311412299 All other frozen dinner foods incl. meat pies, nationality foods and rice dishes 2038299
3114124 Other frozen specialties 20384
311412463 Frozen waffles, pancakes, and french toast 2038463
311412469 Other frozen specialties, except seafood, including soups, and whipped topping 2038469
311412SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2038SM
311412M Miscellaneous receipts 2038M
311412S Secondary products 2038S
311421 311421 Fruit and vegetable canning 2033
311421P Primary products 2033P
3114211 Canned fruits, except baby foods 20331
3114214 Canned vegetables, except hominy and mushrooms 20332
311421D Catsup and other canned tomato sauces, pastes, etc. 20336
311421G Canned jams, jellies and preserves 20338
311421J Canned fruit juices, nectars and concentrates 2033A
311421N Fresh fruit juices and nectars, single strength 2033B
311421Q Pickles and other pickled products 20352
311421SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2033SM
311421M Miscellaneous receipts 2033M
311421S Secondary products 2033S
311422 311422 Specialty canning 2032
311422P Primary products 2032P
3114221 Canned baby foods, except cereal and biscuits 20321
3114222 Canned soups, except frozen or seafood 20322
3114223 Canned dry beans including baked 20323
3114224 Canned specialty foods 20324
311422SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2032SM
311422M Miscellaneous receipts 2032M
311422MM Miscellaneous receipts 2032M
311422S Secondary products 2032S
311423 311423 Dried and dehydrated food manufacturing 2034
311423P Primary products 2034P
3114231 Dried soup mixes 2034B
3114234 Dried and dehydrated fruits and vegetables 2034A
311423SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2034SM
311423M Miscellaneous receipts 2034M
311423S Secondary products 2034S
311511 311511 Fluid milk 2026
311511P Primary products 2026P
3115111 Bulk fluid milk and cream 20261
3115114 Packaged fluid milk and related products 20262
31151141 Fluid whole milk, packaged (including U.H.T.) 2026212
31151142 Lowfat milk, 0.5-2.0% butterfat, packaged (including U.H.T.) 2026223
31151143 Skim milk, packaged (including U.H.T.) 2026225
31151144 Creams, half-and-half, and dairy-based whipped toppings 2026299
3115117 Cottage cheese (including farmers' cheese, pot cheese, and bakers' cheese) 20263
311511A Yogurt, except frozen 20265
311511D Perishable dairy product substitutes 20267
311511G Other milk products, n.e.c. 20268
311511SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2026SM
311511M Miscellaneous receipts 2026M
311511S Secondary products 2026S
311512 311512 Creamery butter manufacturing 2021
311512P Primary products 2021P
3115121 Creamery butter 20211
311512SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2021SM
311512M Miscellaneous receipts 2021M
311512S Secondary products 2021S
311513 311513 Cheese manufacturing 2022
311513P Primary products 2022P
3115133 Natural cheese, except cottage cheese 20223
311513302 American-type cheese 2022302
31151330201 Cheddar cheese 202230201
31151330211 Other American-type cheese 202230211
311513303 Italian-type cheese 2022303
31151330301 Mozzarella cheese 202230301
31151330311 Other Italian-type cheese 202230311
311513305 Swiss cheese 2022305
311513307 Cream and Neufchatel cheese 2022307
311513311 Other natural cheese, except cottage 2022311
3115134 Processed cheese and related products 20224
311513411 Processed cheese 2022411
311513413 Cheese food 2022413
311513415 Cheese spread 2022415
311513419 Other related processed cheese products 2022419
3115135 Cheese substitutes 20225
311513SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2022SM
311513M Miscellaneous receipts 2022M
311513S Secondary products 2022S
311514 311514 Dry, condensed, and evaporated dairy mfg 2023
311514P Primary products 2023P
3115141 Dry milk products and mixtures incl. ndm, and all feed grade dry milk 20235
3115144 Canned milk products, consumer cans incl evap. and condensed, excl. substitutes 20236
3115147 Concentrated milk products shipped in bulk (drums, tanks etc.) excl. substitutes 20237
311514A Ice cream mixes and related products incl yogurt, ice milk, and milkshake mixes 20238
311514D Dairy product substitutes, incl. dry coffee whiteners, and infants' formula etc. 20239
311514SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2023SM
311514M Miscellaneous receipts 2023M
311514S Secondary products 2023S
311520 311520 Ice cream and frozen dessert mfg 2024
311520P Primary products 2024P
3115201 Ice cream and frozen desserts 20241
3115201A Conventional ice cream or custard and reduced fat ice cream (ice milk) 20241A
311520114 Bulk ice cream or custard with conventional fat content (3 gallons or more) 2024114
311520115 Consumer-size ice cream and custard (16 oz. to less than 3 gallons) 2024115
31152011502 Superpremium and premium 202411502
31152011503 Regular and economy 202411503
311520117 Novelty forms of ice cream & custard (conventional fat content) 2024117
311520119 Reduced fat/nonfat ice cream (ice milk); all forms (bulk, consumer, or novelty) 2024119
3115201B Frozen dairy and nondairy desserts other than ice cream or ice milk 20241B
311520121 Frozen yogurt; including nonfat 2024121
311520123 Other frozen desserts; e.g., tofu, mellorine, sherbets, sorbets, ices, & pops 2024123
311520SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2024SM
311520M Miscellaneous receipts 2024M
311520S Secondary products 2024S


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004