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Producer Price Indexes

NAICS to SIC Concordance

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NAICS IndustryNAICS ProductNAICS TitleSIC Product
315111315111Sheer hosiery mills2251
315111PPrimary products2251P
3151111Women's, misses', and girls' finished hosiery22512
3151113Women's, misses', and girls' finished pantyhose, sheer, incl. tights, all needle22516
3151115Sheer hosiery (except socks) shipped in the greige22518
315111SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2251SM
315111MMiscellaneous receipts2251M
315111SSecondary products2251S
315119315119Other hosiery & sock mills2252
315119PPrimary products2252P
3151191Men's finished seamless hosiery and socks, sizes 10 and up225222
3151193All other finished hosiery, other than sheer225223
3151195Seamless hosiery shipped in the greige225224
315119SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2252SM
315119MMiscellaneous receipts2252M
315119SSecondary products2252S
315191315191Outerwear knitting mills2253
315191PPrimary products2253P
3151911Men's and junior boys' sweaters, made in knitting mills2253A
3151913Women's, misses', and juniors' sweaters, made in knitting mills2253B
3151917Men's and junior boys' knit shirts, made in knitting mills22534
3151919Women's, misses', and juniors' knit shirts and blouses, made in knitting mills22535
315191CAll other knit outerwear products22538
315191GKnit gloves and mittens, incl fabric/leather comb., made in knitting mills22591
315191SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2253SM
315191MMiscellaneous receipts2253M
315191SSecondary products2253S
315192315192Underwear & nightwear knitting mills2254
315192PPrimary products2254P
3151921Men's and junior boys' knit underwear and nightwear2254A
3151923Women's/misses'/juniors'/girls'/little boys'/infants' knit underwear & nightwear2254C
3151927Women's, misses', and juniors' knit brassieres, girdles, and allied garments
315192SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2254SM
315192MMiscellaneous receipts2254M
315192SSecondary products2254S
315211315211Men's/boys' cut & sew apparel contractors
315211PPrimary Products
315211AContract men's and boys' cut and sew apparel
315211SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
315211MMiscellaneous receipts
315211SSecondary Products
315212315212Women's/girls'/infants' cut/sew apparel contr
315212PPrimary products
315212AReceipts for contract/commission work on women's, girls', and infants' apparel
315212SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
315212MMiscellaneous receipts
315212SSecondary products
315221315221Men's/boys' cut & sew underwear/nightwear mfg
315221PPrimary products
3152211Men's, junior boys', and little boys' underwear
3152213Men's, junior boys', and little boys' nightwear, except robes
3152215Men's, junior boys', and little boys' robes
315221SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
315221MMiscellaneous receipts
315221SSecondary products
315222315222Men's/boys' cut & sew suit, coat/overcoat mfg2311
315222PPrimary Products2311P
3152221Men's, junior boys', and little boys' suits, including uniforms23115
3152223Men's and junior boys' overcoats, topcoats, and tailored car and suburban coats23116
3152225Men's and junior boys' tailored dress and sport coats23117
315222SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2311SM
315222MMiscellaneous receipts2311M
315222SSecondary products2311S
315223315223Men's/boys' cut & sew shirt (exc work) mfg2321
315223PPrimary Products2321P
3152231Men's, junior boys', and little boys' knit shirts23212
3152233Men's, junior boys', and little boys' woven dress and sport shirts23214
315223SMSecondary Products and Miscellaneous Receipts2321SM
315223MMiscellaneous Receipts2321M
315223SSecondary Products2321S
315224315224Men's/boys' cut & sew trouser/slack/jean mfg2325
315224PPrimary Products2325P
3152241Men's, junior boys', and little boys' trousers, pants, and slacks23251
3152243Men's and junior boys' jeans23252
315224SMSecondary Products and Miscellaneous Receipts2325SM
315224MMiscellaneous Receipts2325M
315224SSecondary Products2325S
315225315225Men's & boys' cut & sew work clothing mfg2326
315225PPrimary products2326P
3152251Men's and boys' work shirts23261
3152253Men's and boys' work clothing and washable service apparel (excl. work shirts)23262
315225SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2326SM
315225MMiscellaneous receipts2326M
315225SSecondary products2326S
315228315228Men's/boys' cut & sew other outerwear mfg2329
315228PPrimary Products2329P
3152281Men's, junior boys', and little boys' nontailored coats, jackets, and vests23291
3152283Men's, junior boys', and little boys' shorts, sweaters, and other outerwear23292
3152283011Men's, junior boys', and little boys' swimwear and shorts232922
3152283111Men's and boys' sweaters, and men's and junior boys' other outerwear232928
3152285Men's, junior boys', and little boys' waterproof outergarments
315228SMSecondary Products and Miscellaneous Receipts2329SM
315228MMiscellaneous Receipts2329M
315228SSecondary Products2329S
315231315231Women's/girls' cut & sew lingerie mfg
315231PPrimary products
3152311Women's, misses', juniors', and girls' underwear
3152313Women's, misses', juniors', and girls' nightwear, except robes
3152315Women's, misses', and juniors' brassieres23421
3152317Women's, misses', and juniors' corsets, combinations, and accessories23422
3152319Women's, misses', juniors', and girls' robes and dressing gowns
315231SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
315231MMiscellaneous receipts
315231SSecondary products
315232315232Women's/girls' cut & sew blouse mfg2331
315232PPrimary products2331P
3152321Women's, misses', juniors', and girls' knit shirts and blouses23313
3152323Women's, misses', juniors', and girls' woven shirts and blouses23314
315232SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2331SM
315232MMiscellaneous receipts2331M
315232SSecondary products2331S
315233315233Women's/girls' cut & sew dress mfg2335
315233PPrimary products2335P
3152331Women's and girls' dresses
3152331111Women's, misses', and juniors' dresses23353
3152331221Girls' dresses23615
315233SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2335SM
315233MMiscellaneous receipts2335M
315233SSecondary products2335S
315234315234Women's/girls' cut & sew suit/coat/skirt mfg2337
315234PPrimary products2337P
3152341Women's, misses', juniors', and girls' coats and capes23371
3152343Women's, misses', juniors', and girls' suits and pantsuits23372
3152345Women's, misses', juniors', and girls' skirts, tailored jackets, and vests23374
3152345010Women's, misses', and juniors' separate skirts2337411
3152345120Women's, misses', and juniors' tailored jackets and vests2337421
315234SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2337SM
315234MMiscellaneous receipts2337M
315234SSecondary products2337S
315239315239Women's/girls' cut & sew other outerwear mfg2339
315239PPrimary products2339P
3152393Women's, misses', and juniors' swimwear23394
3152395Women's/misses'/juniors'/girls' slacks, incl. jeans & jean-cut casual slacks23395
3152397Women's/misses'/juniors' other outerwear & girls' sweaters23397
31523970Women's, misses', and juniors' shorts2339761
31523971Women's, misses', and juniors' other outerwear & girls' sweaters2339781
315239SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2339SM
315239MMiscellaneous receipts2339M
315239SSecondary products2339S
315291315291Infants' cut & sew apparel mfg
315291PPrimary products
3152911Infants' apparel
31529111Infants' underwear and nightwear
31529112Infants' outerwear
315291SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
315291MMiscellaneous receipts
315291SSecondary products
315292315292Fur & leather apparel mfg
315292PPrimary products
3152921Fur coats and other fur garments, accessories, and trimmings23711
3152925Leather and sheep-lined clothing23861
315292SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
315292MMiscellaneous receipts
315292SSecondary products
315299315299All other cut & sew apparel mfg
315299PPrimary Products
3152994Athletic uniforms
3152995Apparel, NEC
315299SMSecondary Products and Miscellaneous Receipts
315299MMiscellaneous Receipts
315299SSecondary Products
315991315991Hat, cap & millinery mfg2353
315991PPrimary products2353P
3159912Hat and hat bodies, except cloth and millinery23532
3159913Cloth hats and caps23533
315991SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2353SM
315991MMiscellaneous receipts2353M
315991SSecondary products2353S
315992315992Glove & mitten mfg
315992PPrimary products
3159921Gloves and mittens made from woven or purchased knit fabric
3159923Gloves and mittens, leather-and-fabric combinations2381251
3159925Gloves and mittens, all leather3151P
315992SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
315992MMiscellaneous receipts
315992SSecondary products
315993315993Men's & boys' neckwear mfg2323
315993PPrimary products2323P
3159931Men's and boys' neckwear23231
31599312Men's and boys' neckties232312
315993121All silk2323121
315993127All polyester2323127
315993129Other fabrics, including blends2323129
31599314Men's and boys' neckwear, n.e.c., including mufflers and scarfs232314
315993MMiscellaneous receipts2323M
315993SSecondary products2323S
315999315999Other apparel accessories & other apparel mfg
315999PPrimary products
3159993Aprons and bibs, plastics and rubberized
3159995Leather belts23871
3159997Belts other than leather23872
315999SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
315999MMiscellaneous receipts
315999SSecondary products
316110316110Leather and hide tanning and finishing3111
316110PPrimary products3111P
3161101Finished and unfinished leather31116
3161104Contract & commission receipts for tanning or finishing leather owned by others31119
316110SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3111SM
316110MMiscellaneous receipts3111M
316110SSecondary products3111S
316211316211Rubber and plastic footwear manufacturing3021
316211PPrimary products3021P
3162111Protective footwear30214
3162114Shoes with soles vulcanized, molded or cemented to fabric uppers, excl. slippers30215
316211SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3021SM
316211MMiscellaneous receipts3021M
316211SSecondary products3021S
316212316212House slipper mfg3142
316212PPrimary products3142P
3162121House slippers, all types, except socks31421
3162122Slipper socks made from purchased socks31422
316212SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3142SM
316212MMiscellaneous receipts3142M
316212SSecondary products3142S
316213316213Men's footwear (exc athletic) mfg3143
316213PPrimary products3143P
3162134Men's shoes, except athletic31434
316213411Dress and casual shoes and boots, except western3143411
316213422Western style boots3143422
316213441Workshoes and work oxfords3143441
316213SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3143SM
316213MMiscellaneous receipts3143M
316213SSecondary products3143S
316214316214Women's footwear (exc athletic) mfg3144
316214PPrimary products3144P
316214AWomen's footwear, except athletic3144A
316214SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3144SM
316214MMiscellaneous receipts3144M
316214SSecondary products3144S
316219316219Other footwear mfg3149
316219PPrimary products3149P
3162197Athletic shoes, except rubber sole/fabric upper31497
3162198All other footwear, including youths' and boys', misses' children's, and infants31498
316219SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3149SM
316219MMiscellaneous receipts3149M
316219SSecondary products3149S
316991316991Luggage mfg3161
316991PPrimary products3161P
3169911Hand luggage31611
3169912Luggage other than hand luggage31612
316991SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3161SM
316991MMMiscellaneous receipts3161M
316991SSSecondary products3161SS
316992316992Women's handbag & purse mfg3171
316992PPrimary products3171P
316992511All or chiefly leather3171511
316992541Other materials, except precious metals3171541
316992SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3171SM
316992MMiscellaneous receipts3171M
316992SSecondary products3171S
316993316993Personal leather good (exc purse) mfg3172
316993PPrimary products3172P
316993511Billfolds, wallets, french purses and clutches3172511
316993598Other personal goods3172598
316993SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3172SM
316993MMMiscellaneous receipts3172M
316993SSSecondary products3172SS
316999316999All other leather good mfg
316999PPrimary products
3169992All other leather goods, n.e.c.
316999SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3199SM
316999MMiscellaneous receipts
316999SSecondary products3199S
321113PPrimary products
3211131Hardwood lumber, not edge worked, not manufactured from purchased lumber
3211133Softwood lumber, not edge worked, not manufactured from purchased lumber
3211135Wood chips, except field chips24215
3211137Wood ties, siding, shingles, and shakes and contract sawing of logs owned by oth
321113SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
321113MMiscellaneous receipts
321113SSecondary products
321114321114Wood preservation2491
321114PPrimary products2491P
3211142Wood poles, piles and posts owned and treated by the same establishment24912
3211143Other wood products owned and treated by the same establishment24913
321114311Railway crossties and mine ties, except switch or bridge2491311
321114313Lumber rough and dressed, not edged, treated2491313
321114319Other wood treated products including plywood, wood fence pickets, paling, rails2491319
321114SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2491SM
321114MMiscellaneous receipts2491M
321114SSecondary products2491S
321211321211Hardwood veneer & plywood manufacturing2435
321211PPrimary products2435P
3212111Hardwood veneer (reinforced and not reinforced), incl. veneer backed with paper,
3212113Hardwood plywood, except prefinished hardwood plywood made from purchased hardwo24351
3212115Prefinished hardwood plywood made from purchased hardwood plywood24352
3212117Hardwood plywood type products24353
321211SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2435SM
321211MMiscellaneous receipts2435M
321211SSecondary products2435S
321212321212Softwood veneer or plywood, mfg2436
321212PPrimary products2436P
3212121Softwood veneer, incl. veneer backed with paper, cloth, or other flexible materi24364
3212123Softwood plywood, rough, incl. touch sanded, interior and exterior24363
3212125Softwood plywood, sanded, interior and exterior24366
3212127Softwood plywood specialties24363
3212129Softwood plywood type products243631
321212SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2436SM
321212MMiscellaneous receipts2436M
321212SSecondary products2436S
321213321213Engineered wood member (exc truss) mfg
321213PPrimary Products
3212131Laminated veneer lumber
3212132Other engineered structural wood members, ex. trusses & laminated veneer lumber
321213SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
321213MMiscellaneous receipts
321213SSecondary products
321214321214Truss mfg
321214PPrimary products
3212141Wood trusses
321214SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
321214MMiscellaneous receipts
321214SSecondary products
321219321219Reconstituted wood product mfg2493
321219PPrimary products2493P
3212191Particleboard, produced at this location24931
3212192Waferboard and oriented strand board24932
3212193Medium density fiberboard24933
3212194Hardboard products made from hardboard produced at this location24934
3212196Hardboard products made from purchased hardboard24936
3212197Prefinished particleboard and medium density fiberboard made from purchased mate24937
321219SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2493SM
321219MMiscellaneous receipts2493M
321219SSecondary products2493S
321911321911Wood window & door mfg
321911PPrimary products
3219111Wood window units24311
3219113Wood sash, excluding sash shipped in window units24312
3219115Wood window and door frames24313
3219117Wood panel, flush, and molded face doors, interior and exterior24314
3219119Other wood doors, incl. garage, bifold, patio, cabinet, screen, storm & louver24315
321911SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
321911MMiscellaneous receipts
321911SSecondary products
321912321912Cut stock, resawing lumber & planing
321912PPrimary products
3219121Hardwood lumber, not edge worked, made from purchased lumber and edge worked
3219123Softwood lumber, not edge worked, made from purchased lumber and edge worked
3219125Hardwood cut stock and dimension24262
3219127Softwood cut stock and dimension24217
3219129Sawn wood fence stock, wood lath, and contract resawing and planing
321912SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
321912MMiscellaneous receipts
321912SSecondary products
321918321918Other millwork (including flooring)
321918PPrimary products
3219181Wood moldings, except prefinished moldings made from purchased moldings24316
3219183Prefinished wood moldings made from purchased moldings24317
3219185Other wood millwork products, inc stairwork, exterior millwork, and softwood fl
3219187Hardwood flooring24261
3219187111Oak flooring (3/4", 1/2", 3/8" T&G and EM strip; 5/16" square edge strip)2426111
3219187222Other hardwood flooring
321918SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
321918MMiscellaneous receipts
321918SSecondary products
321920321920Wood container & pallet mfg
321920PPrimary products
3219201Nailed and lock-corner wood boxes24411
3219203Wood box and crate shook24412
3219205Wood and metal combination and wood pallets and pallet containers2448
3219207Wood container parts and wood containers, nec2449
321920SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
321920MMiscellaneous receipts
321920SSecondary products
321991321991Manufactured homes (mobile homes) mfg2451
321991PPrimary products2451P
3219911Manufactured homes (mobile homes)24511
3219911131Manufactured homes (mobile homes), 13 feet 11 inches or less in width
3219911211Manufactured homes (mobile homes), 14 feet or more in width
3219911311Manufactured homes (mobile homes), multisection
3219912Nonresidential mobile buildings24512
321991SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2451SM
321991MMiscellaneous receipts2451M
321991SSecondary products2451S
321992321992Prefabricated wood building mfg2452
321992PPrimary products2452P
3219921Components not sold as complete units24521
3219922Precut packages sold as complete units (residential and nonresidential)24522
3219923Panelized buildings sold as complete units24523
3219924Modular buildings shipped with floors and walls, and usually ceilings and roofs24524
321992447Nonresidential, including motels and hotels2452447
321992SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2452SM
321992MMiscellaneous receipts2452M
321992SSecondary products2452S
321999321999All other miscellaneous wood product mfg
321999PPrimary products2499P
3219991All other miscellaneous wood products24994
321999SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2499SM
321999MMiscellaneous receipts2499M
321999SSecondary products2499S
322110322110Pulp mills2611
322110PPrimary products2611P
3221101Special alpha and dissolving woodpulp26111
3221103Sulfate woodpulp, including soda26113
3221104Sulfite and other woodpulp26114
3221105Pulp, other than wood, and pulp mill byproducts26115
322110SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2611SM
322110MMiscellaneous receipts2611M
322110SSecondary products2611S
322121322121Paper (except newsprint) mills
322121PPrimary products
3221211Clay-coated printing and converting paper26213
32212111Clay coated groundwood2621315
32212112Clay coated freesheet and prime coated body stock2621329
3221213Uncoated freesheet paper26214
32212131Bond and writing paper2621438
32212133Publication and printing paper, all types2621456
32212134Cover and text papers and other converting and misc. uncoated freesheet2621489
3221215Bleached bristols, excluding cotton fiber index and bogus26215
322121APackaged and industrial converting paper, except unbleached kraft26218
322121CSpecial industrial paper, except specialty packaging26219
322121GTissue paper and other machine-creped paper2621A
322121JSanitary napkins and tampons (made in paper mills)
322121LDisposable diapers, including adult, and similar disposable products
322121L111Disposable diapers, except adult, including disposable training pants26763
322121L121Disposable incontinent pads, bed pads, and adult diapers3842132
322121NSanitary tissue paper products26764
322121N1Facial tissues and handkerchiefs, including sputum wipes267641
322121N2Paper table napkins, bulk & dispenser, industrial and retail267642
322121N3Toilet tissue267644
322121N6Paper towels267647
322121N8Other sanitary tissue paper products267649
322121SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
322121MMiscellaneous receipts
322121SSecondary products
322122322122Newsprint mills
322122PPrimary products
3221223Uncoated groundwood paper incl. form bond, wallpaper base & coating body stock26212
322122SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
322122MMiscellaneous receipts
322122SSecondary products
322130322130Paperboard mills2631
322130PPrimary products2631P
3221301Unbleached kraft packaging and industrial converting paperboard (>80% virgin wood pulp)26311
3221302Bleached packaging and industrial converting paperboard (>80% virgin wood pulp)26312
3221303Semichemical paperboard (>75% virgin wood pulp)26313
3221304Recycled paperboard26314
3221308Wet machine board26318
322130SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2631SM
322130MMiscellaneous receipts2631M
322130SSecondary products2631S
322211322211Corrugated & solid fiber box mfg2653
322211PPrimary products2653P
3222115Corrugated and solid fiber boxes, including pallets26535
322211511Corrugated shipping containers for food and beverages, and carryout boxes for re2653511
322211513Corrugated shipping containers for paper and allied products2653513
322211517Corrugated shipping containers for metal and electrical products2653517
322211519Corrugated shipping containers for all other end uses not specified2653519
322211558Other corrugated and solid fiber products, including point-of-purchase displays2653558
322211567Corrugated paperboard in sheets and rolls, lined and unlined2653567
322211SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2653SM
322211MMiscellaneous receipts2653M
322211SSecondary products2653S
322212322212Folding paperboard box mfg2657
322212PPrimary products2657P
3222121Folding paperboard boxes, except sanitary food containers, classified by end use26571
322212114Dry food and produce, incl. pet and animal food2657114
322212121Bottled and canned beverages2657121
322212131Soaps and detergents2657131
322212151Hardware and household supplies2657151
322212171Cosmetics and medicinal products2657171
32221217102Medicinal products265717102
322212181Paper goods or products, including book mailers2657181
322212195Folding carry-out boxes and trays for retail food2657195
322212198All other end uses, n.e.c.2657198
3222122Folding sanitary containers for liquid, moist, oily or perishable foods26572
322212201Bakery, fresh2657201
322212202Butter and ice cream packages and food pails2657202
322212203Processed meat, margarine, lard and shortening2657203
322212204Other, including frozen foods2657204
322212SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2657SM
322212MMiscellaneous receipts2657M
322212SSecondary products2657S
322213322213Setup paperboard boxes2652
322213PPrimary products2652P
3222131Setup (rigid) paperboard boxes26521
322213SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2652SM
322213MMiscellaneous receipts2652M
322213SSecondary products2652S
322214322214Fiber can, tube, drum & oth products mfg2655
322214PPrimary products2655P
3222141Paperboard fiber drums with ends of any material26551
3222142Fiber cans, tubes, and similar fiber products26552
322214221Fiber cans, all fiber and composite2655221
322214231Fiber cores and tubes2655231
322214285Other paperboard products and all vulcanized fiber products2655285
322214SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2655SM
322214MMiscellaneous receipts2655M
322214SSecondary products2655S
322215322215Sanitary food containers, except folding2656
322215PPrimary products2656P
3222151Milk and milk-type paperboard cartons, incl. juices and other bev26561
3222153Cups and liquid-tight paper and paperboard containers26562
3222155Other sanitary food containers, boards, and trays, nec, except folding26565
322215SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2656SM
322215MMiscellaneous receipts2656M
322215SSecondary products2656S
322221322221Coated & laminated paper & plastics film
322221PPrimary products
3222211Single-web paper, coated rolls and sheets, incl. waxed, for flexible packaging26711
3222213Multiweb laminated rolls and sheets, incl paper-paper and film-paper
322221SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
322221MMiscellaneous receipts
322221SSecondary products
322222322222Coated & laminated paper mfg
322222PPrimary products
3222221Printing paper, coated at establishments other than where paper was produced26721
3222225Pressure sensitive products26723
3222227Gift wrap paper26792
3222229Other coated and processed papers, nec, except for packaging uses26724
322222SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
322222MMiscellaneous receipts
322222MMMiscellaneous receipts
322222SSecondary products
322223322223Plastics, foil, and coated paper bag mfg
322223PPrimary products
3222231Specialty bags, pouches, and liners, coated single-web paper26731
3222233Specialty bags, pouches, and liners, multiweb laminations and foil not film-film26733
322223SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
322223MMiscellaneous receipts
322223SSecondary products
322224322224Uncoated paper and multiwall bags2674
322224PPrimary products2674P
3222241Uncoated paper bags26741
322224111Grocers' bags and sacks2674111
322224112Variety bags2674112
322224113Shopping bags2674113
322224115Other uncoated bags2674115
3222242Shipping sacks and multiwall bags26742
322224211Single and double wall2674211
322224212Multiwall (three or more plies)2674212
322224SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2674SM
322224MMiscellaneous receipts2674M
322224SSecondary products2674S
322225322225Laminated alum foil mfg for flexible pkg
322225PPrimary products
3222251Laminated aluminum foil manufacturing34972
322225SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
322225MMiscellaneous receipts
322225SSecondary products


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004