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Producer Price Indexes
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NAICS 322226 through NAICS 325414

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NAICS Industry NAICS Product NAICS Title SIC Product
322226 322226 Surface-coated paperboard mfg
322226P Primary products
3222261 Pasted, lined, laminated or surface-coated paperboard 26753
322226SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
322226M Miscellaneous receipts
322226S Secondary products
322231 322231 Die-cut paper & paperboard mfg
322231P Primary products
3222311 Die-cut paper and paperboard office supplies 26751
3222313 Paper supplies for bus. machines/other misc unprinted paper office supplies, nec 26793
322231SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
322231M Miscellaneous receipts
322231S Secondary products
322232 322232 Envelope manufacturing 2677
322232P Primary products 2677P
3222321 Envelopes, all types 26771
322232SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2677SM
322232M Miscellaneous receipts 2677M
322232S Secondary products 2677S
322233 322233 Stationery tablet & related product mfg 2678
322233P Primary products 2678P
3222331 Stationery 26781
3222332 Tablets and related products 26782
322233212 Legal pads 2678212
322233213 Tablets and pads, except legal pads 2678213
322233235 Notebooks 2678235
322233245 Looseleaf fillers (school and commercial types) 2678245
322233251 Wrapped ream papers 2678251
322233298 Other tablets and related products 2678298
322233SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2678SM
322233M Miscellaneous receipts 2678M
322233S Secondary products 2678S
322291 322291 Sanitary paper product mfg
322291P Primary products 2676P
3222911 Sanitary napkins and tampons (not made in paper mills) 26761
3222913 Disposable diapers
3222915 Sanitary paper products (not made in paper mills)
32229151 Facial tissues & handkerchiefs, including sputum wipes (not made in paper mills)
32229152 Paper table napkins (not made in paper mills)
32229153 Toilet tissue, rolls and ovals (not made in paper mills)
32229156 Paper towels (rolled, folded or interfolded) (not made in paper mills)
32229158 Other sanitary tissue paper products (except surgical and medical) 267649
322291SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2676SM
322291M Miscellaneous receipts 2676M
322291S Secondary receipts 2676S
322299 322299 All other converted paper product mfg
322299P Primary products
3222991 Molded pulp goods, including egg cartons, florists pots, food trays, etc.
3222993 Other converted paper and paperborad products, nec
322299SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
322299M Miscellaneous receipts
322299MM Miscellaneous receipts
322299S Secondary products
323110 323110 Commercial lithographic printing 2752
323110P Primary products 2752P
3231101 Magazine and periodical printing (lithographic) (offset) 27521
3231103 Label and wrapper printing (lithographic) (offset) 27522
3231105 Catalog and directory printing (lithographic) (offset) 27523
3231107 Financial and legal printing (lithographic) (offset) 27524
3231109 Advertising printing (lithographic) (offset) 27525
32311091 Direct mail advertising printing (lithographic) incl. circulars, cards, etc. 2752513
32311092 Advertising printing (lithographic) except direct mail advertising 2752529
323110B General job printing, nec (lithographic) (offset) 2752663
323110SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2752SM
323110M Miscellaneous receipts 2752M
323110S Secondary products 2752S
323111 323111 Commercial gravure printing 2754
323111P Primary products 2754P
3231111 Magazine and periodical printing, gravure 27541
3231112 Label and wrapper printing, gravure 27542
3231113 Catalog and directory printing, gravure 27543
3231115 Advertising printing, gravure 27545
3231116 Other commercial printing, gravure 27546
323111SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2754SM
323111M Miscellaneous receipts 2754M
323111S Secondary products 2754S
323112 323112 Commercial flexographic printing
323112P Primary products
3231121 Label and wrapper printing, flexographic 2759F11
3231123 Flexographic printing, n.e.c. 2759F31
323112SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
323112M Miscellaneous receipts
323112S Secondary products
323113 323113 Commercial screen printing
323113P Primary products
3231131 Screen printing, except on textiles 27597
3231131112 Screen printed labels 2759731
3231131211 Screen printed advertising materials 2759733
3231131346 Screen printed decalcomanias and pressure sensitives (self-adhesive) 2759735
3231131411 Screen printing, nec, except on textiles 2759737
3231133 Screen printing on garments, apparel, and other fabric articles 23964
323113SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
323113M Miscellaneous receipts
323113S Secondary products
323114 323114 Quick printing
323114P Primary products
3231141 Quick printing 2752661
323114SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
323114M Miscellaneous receipts
323114S Secondary products
323115 323115 Digital printing
323115P Primary products
3231151 Digital printing 2759D
323115SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
323115M Miscellaneous receipts
323115S Secondary products
323116 323116 Manifold business form printing
323116P Primary products
3231161 Unit set forms, loose or bound 27612
3231163 Manifold books and pegboard accounting systems 27613
3231165 Custom continuous business forms 27615
3231167 Stock continuous business forms 27617
3231169 Checkbooks, incl. inserts and refills, excl. continuous and die-cut 27823
323116SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
323116M Miscellaneous receipts
323116S Secondary products
323117 323117 Book printing 2732
323117P Primary products 2732P
3231171 Textbook printing and binding 27323
3231173 Technical, scientific, and professional book printing and binding 27324
3231175 Religious book printing and binding 27325
3231177 General book (trade, etc.) printing and binding 27326
3231179 Other book printing and binding, nec 27327
323117A Books, printed only, not bound 2732761
323117C Pamphlet printing and binding or printing only (excluding advertising pamphlets) 2732762
323117SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2732SM
323117M Miscellaneous receipts 2732M
323117S Secondary products 2732S
323118 323118 Blankbook, looseleaf binder & device mfg
323118P Primary products
3231181 Blankbook making, except checkbooks 27824
3231183 Looseleaf binders, devices, and forms 27822
323118SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
323118M Miscellaneous receipts
323118S Secondary products
323119 323119 Other commercial printing
323119P Primary products
3231193 Label and wrapper printing, letterpress 27592
3231199 Advertising printing, letterpress 27595
323119B Other general job printing, letterpress 27596
323119E Engraving (printing) 2759E
323119SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
323119M Miscellaneous receipts
323119S Secondary products
323121 323121 Tradebinding and related work 2789
323121P Primary products 2789P
3231211 Edition, library and other hardcover bookbinding 27891
3231213 Other book and pamphlet binding and related binding and post-press work, nec 27892
323121SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2789SM
323121M Miscellaneous receipts 2789M
323121S Secondary products 2789S
323122 323122 Prepress services
323122P Primary products
3231221 Prepress services, except platemaking
3231223 Printing plates, prepared for printing, excl. blank plates
323122SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
323122M Miscellaneous receipts
323122S Secondary products
324110 324110 Petroleum refineries 2911
324110P Primary products 2911P
3241101 Gasoline, including finished base stocks and blending agents 29111
324110111 Aviation gasoline (except jet fuel) incl finished base stocks & blending agents 2911111
32411013 Motor gasoline, including finished base stocks and blending agents 291113
324110134 Regular gasoline 2911134
324110135 Mid-premium gasoline 2911135
324110136 Premium gasoline 2911136
3241102 Jet fuel 29112
3241103 Kerosene, except jet fuel 29113
3241104 Light fuel oils 29114
324110411 Home heating oil and other distillates, NEC 2911411
324110413 Diesel fuel 2911413
3241105 Heavy fuel oils, including No. 5, No. 6, heavy diesel, gas enrichment oils, etc. 29115
3241107 Lubricating oil and greases, made in a refinery 29117
3241108 Unfinished oils and lubricating oil base stock 29118
3241109 Asphalt 29119
324110A Liquefied refinery gases, including other aliphatics(feed stock and other uses) 2911A
324110D Other finished petroleum products, including waxes 2911D
324110SM Secondary and miscellaneous products 2911SM
324110M Miscellaneous receipts 2911M
324110S Secondary products 2911S
324121 324121 Asphalt paving mixture & block mfg 2951
324121P Primary products 2951P
3241211 Asphalt paving mixtures & blocks 2951P
324121SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2951SM
324121M Miscellaneous receipts 2951M
324121S Secondary products 2951S
324122 324122 Asphalt shingle & coating materials mfg 2952
324122P Primary products 2952P
3241221 Roofing asphalts and pitches, coatings, and cements 29522
3241222 Prepared asphalt and tar roofing and siding products 29523
324122SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2952SM
324122M Miscellaneous receipts 2952M
324122S Secondary products 2952S
324191 324191 Petroleum lubricating oil & grease mfg 2992
324191P Primary products 2992P
3241911 Lubricating and similar oils 29921
3241912 Lubricating greases 29922
324191SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2992SM
324191M Miscellaneous receipts 2992M
324191S Secondary products 2992S
324199 324199 All other petroleum and coal products manufacturing
324199P Primary products
3241991 Coke oven and blast furnace products, not made in steel mills 33121
3241992 All other petroleum and coal products, except coke oven products 29996
324199SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
324199MM Miscellaneous receipts
324199SS Secondary products
325110 325110 Petrochemical manufacturing
325110P Primary products
3251101 Aromatics (benzene, toluene, xylene, etc), not made in a refinery 28656
3251104 Liquefied refinery gases (aliphatics), not made in a refinery 28691
325110SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
325110MM Miscellaneous receipts
325110SS Secondary products
325120 325120 Industrial gas manufacturing
325120P Primary products 2813P
3251201 Acetylene 28132
3251204 Carbon dioxide 28133
3251207 Nitrogen 28135
325120A Oxygen 28136
325120D Other industrial gases, including argon, hydrogen, helium, and carbon monoxide 28137
325120SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
325120MM Miscellaneous
325120SS Secondary products
325131 325131 Inorganic dye and pigment manufacturing 2816
325131P Primary products 2816P
3251311 Titanium dioxide 28161
3251312 White opaque inorganic pigments 28162
3251313 Chrome colors and other inorganic pigments 28163
325131311 Chrome colors 2816311
325131331 Iron oxide pigments 2816331
325131399 All other inorganic pigments n.e.c. 2816399
325131SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2816SM
325131M Miscellaneous receipts 2816M
325131S Secondary products 2816S
325132 325132 Synthetic organic dye and pigment manufacturing
325132P Primary products
3251321 Synthetic organic dyes 28652
3251324 Synthetic organic pigments, lakes, and toners 28653
325132SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
325132MM Miscellaneous receipts
325132SS Secondary products
325181 325181 Alkalies and chlorine manufacturing 2812
325181P Primary products 2812P
3251811 Chlorine 28121
3251813 Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) 28123
3251815 Other alkalies 28125
325181SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2812SM
325181M Miscellaneous receipts 2812M
325181S Secondary products 2812S
325182 325182 Carbon black manufacturing 2895
325182P Primary products 2895P
3251821 Carbon black 28951
325182SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2895SM
325182M Miscellaneous receipts 2895M
325182S Secondary products 2895S
325188 325188 All other basic inorganic chemical manufacturing 2819
325188P Primary products 2819P
3251881 Sulfuric acid, gross (new and fortified) 28193
3251884 Inorganic acids, except nitric, sulfuric, and phosphoric 28194
3251887 Other inorganic aluminum compounds 28196
325188A Inorganic potassium and sodium compounds, except alkalies, alums, and bleaches 28197
325188D Chemical catalytic preparations (excluding silica gel catalyst) 28198
325188G All other inorganic chemicals, nec (inc nuclear fuel)
325188SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2819SM
325188MM Miscellaneous receipts
325188SS Secondary products 2819MM
325191 325191 Gum and wood chemical manufacturing 2861
325191P Primary products 2861P
3251911 Gum and wood chemicals, inc. wood distillation products 2861P
325191SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2861SM
325191M Miscellaneous receipts 2861M
325191S Secondary products 2861S
325192 325192 Cyclic crude and intermediate manufacturing
325192P Primary products
3251921 Cyclic (coal tar) intermediates 28651
325192SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
325192MM Miscellaneous receipts
325192SS Secondary products
325193 325193 Ethyl alcohol manufacturing
325193P Primary products 28692
3251931 Ethyl alcohol 28692
325193SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
325193MM Miscellaneous receipts
325193SS Secondary products
325199 325199 All other basic organic chemical manufacturing
325199P Primary products 2869P
3251991 Fatty acids 28992
3251994 Bulk pesticides and other bulk synthetic organic agricultural chemicals 28694
3251997 Industrial organic flavor oil mixtures and blends
325199A Reagent & high purity grade organic chemicals from purchased technical grades
325199E Natural organic chemicals, nec
325199H Synthetic organic chemicals for use as flavor and perfume materials
325199K Synthetic organic rubber processing chemicals
325199N Synthetic organic plasticizers
325199R Other synthetic organic chemicals, nec
325199T Miscellaneous end use chemicals and other industrial organic chemicals, nec 28696
325199U Miscellaneous cyclic and acyclic chemicals, nec 28697
325199SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
325199MM Miscellaneous receipts 2869MM
325199SS Secondary products 2869S
325211 325211 Plastics material and resins manufacturing 2821
325211P Primary products 2821P
3252111 Thermoplastics resins and plastics materials 28213
3252114 Thermosetting resins and plastics materials 28214
325211SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2821SM
325211M Miscellaneous receipts 2821M
325211S Secondary products 2821S
325212 325212 Synthetic rubber manufacturing 2822
325212P Primary products 2822P
3252129 Synthetic rubber, inc. SBR, ethylene propylene, & all other synthetic elastomers 28229
325212SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2822SM
325212M Miscellaneous receipts 2822M
325212S Secondary products 2822S
325221 325221 Cellulosic organic fiber manufacturing 2823
325221P Primary products 2823P
3252213 Rayon and acetate fibers 28233
325221SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2823SM
325221M Miscellaneous receipts 2823M
325221S Secondary products 2823S
325222 325222 Noncellulosic organic fiber manufacturing 2824
325222P Primary products 2824P
3252221 Nylon and other polyamide fibers 28241
3252223 Polyester 28243
325222311 Yarn, except producer textured (industrial and textile) 2824311
325222332 Staple, tow and waste (fiberfill and other) 2824332
3252224 Polyolefin 28244
3252225 Other noncellulosic manmade fibers (except glass, carbon, and graphite) 28245
3252226 Producer textured noncellulosic manmade fibers 28246
325222SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2824SM
325222M Miscellaneous receipts 2824M
325222S Secondary products 2824S
325311 325311 Nitrogenous fertilizer manufacturing 2873
325311P Primary products 2873P
3253111 Synthetic ammonia, nitric acid, and ammonium compounds 28731
3253112 Urea 28732
3253113 Nitrogenous fertilizer materials of organic origin 28733
325311SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2873SM
325311M Miscellaneous receipts 2873M
325311S Secondary products 2873S
325312 325312 Phosphatic fertilizer manufacturing 2874
325312P Primary products 2874P
3253121 Phosphoric acid 28741
3253122 Superphosphate and other phosphatic fertilizer materials 28742
3253124 Mixed fertilizers, made by plants which manufacture fertilizer materials 28744
325312SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2874SM
325312M Miscellaneous receipts 2874M
325312S Secondary products 2874S
325314 325314 Fertilizer (mixing only) manufacturing 2875
325314P Primary products 2875P
3253141 Fertilizers, mixing only 28751
325314125 Mixed fertilizers, solid 2875125
325314131 Mixed fertilizers, liquid 2875131
325314SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2875SM
325314M Miscellaneous receipts 2875M
325314S Secondary products 2875S
325320 325320 Pesticide and other agricultural chemical manufacturing 2879
325320P Primary products 2879P
325320A Agricultural and commercial insecticides and chemicals 2879A
325320B Lawn and garden pesticides and chemicals 2879B
325320C Household and institutional pesticides and chemicals 2879C
325320SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2879SM
325320M Miscellaneous receipts 2879M
325320S Secondary products 2879S
325411 325411 Medicinal & botanical mfg 2833
325411P Primary products 2833P
3254111 Synthetic organic medicinal chemicals, in bulk 28331
3254113 Other medicinal chemicals and botanical products, in bulk, n.e.c. 28333
325411SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2833SM
325411M Miscellaneous receipts 2833M
325411S Secondary products 2833S
325412 325412 Pharmaceutical preparation mfg 2834
325412P Primary products 2834P
3254121 Pharmaceuticals, affecting neoplasms, the endocrine system, & metabolic diseases 2834A
3254121111 Cancer therapy products 2834A11
3254121112 Insulin/antidiabetes products 2834A12
3254121113 Other neoplasms, endocrine system, and metabolic diseases, including hormones 2834A13
3254124 Pharmaceutical preparations, acting on the central nervous system & sense organs 2834B
3254124111 Analgesics 2834B11
32541241111 Analgesics, prescription 2834B1111
32541241112 Analgesics, non-prescription 2834B1112
3254124112 Psychotherapeutics 2834B12
32541241121 Antidepressants 2834B1211
32541241123 Other psychotherapeutics, including tranquilizers 2834B1213
3254124113 Other central nervous system and sense organs 2834B13
3254127 Pharmaceutical preparations, acting on the cardiovascular system 2834C
3254127111 Anticoagulants 2834C11
3254127112 ACE inhibitors 2834C12
3254127113 Other cardiovascular preparations 2834C13
325412A Pharmaceutical preparations, acting on the respiratory system 28344
325412A111 Bronchial therapy 2834411
325412A112 Other respiratory preparations 2834412
325412A1121 Other respiratory preparations, prescription 283441211
325412A1122 Other respiratory preparations, non-prescription 283441212
325412D Pharmaceutical preparations, acting on the digestive or genito-urinary systems 28345
325412D111 Antispasmodic/antisecretory 2834511
325412D112 Other digestive or genito-urinary preparations 2834512
325412D1121 Other digestive or genito-urinary preparations, prescription 283451211
325412D1122 Other digestive or genito-urinary preparations, non-prescription 283451212
325412G Pharmaceutical preparations, acting on the skin 28346
325412G111 Skin preparations, prescription 2834611
325412G112 Skin preparations, non-prescription 2834612
325412L Pharmaceutical preparations, vitamin, nutrient, and hematinic preparations 28347
325412L111 Multivitamins 2834711
325412L112 Other vitamins and nutrients 2834721
325412L1121 Other vitamins and nutrients, prescription 283472111
325412L1122 Other vitamins and nutrients, non-prescription 283472112
325412Q Pharmaceutical preparations, affecting parasitic and infective diseases 28348
325412Q111 Broad and medium spectrum antibiotics 2834811
325412Q112 Systemic antivirals 2834867
325412Q113 Other parasitic and infective diseases 2834869
325412T Pharmaceutical preparations, for veterinary use 28349
325412SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2834SM
325412M Miscellaneous receipts 2834M
325412S Secondary products 2834S
325413 325413 In-vitro diagnostic substance mfg 2835
325413P Primary products 2835P
3254131 Diagnostic substances, in vitro 28351
3254131111 Reagents 2835111
3254131221 Standards and controls 2835115
3254131399 Blood bank, hematology, and coagulation products 2835131
3254131461 Microbiology, serology, histology, virology, and cytology products 2835135
3254131571 Diagnostic substances, in vitro, culture media
3254131691 Other in vitro diagnostic substances
325413SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2835SM
325413M Miscellaneous receipts 2835M
325413S Secondary products 2835S
325414 325414 Biological product (except diagnostic) mfg 2836
325414P Primary products 2836P
3254141 Blood and blood derivatives, for human use 28361
325414115 Human blood plasma 2836115
325414121 Other blood and blood derivatives, except those used for passive immunization 2836121
3254142 Vaccines, toxoids, and antigens for human use 28362
3254143 Other biologics for human use 28363
325414311 Antitoxins, antivenoms, immune globulins and similar blood derivatives 2836311
325414321 Allergenic extracts for human use, excluding diagnostic allergens 2836321
3254144 Biologics for veterinary, industrial and other uses 28364
325414411 Veterinary vaccines 2836411
325414415 Bacterins, toxoids, and other antigens for active immunization 2836415
325414431 Biologics for industrial and other uses 2836431
325414499 Other biologics: incl. antitoxins, immune serums, blood, and allergens, except diagnostics 2836499
325414SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2836SM
325414M Miscellaneous receipts 2836M
325414S Secondary products 2836S
325412S Pharmaceutical preparations 2834S


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004