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Producer Price Indexes
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NAICS 32541D through NAICS 327999

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NAICS Industry NAICS Product NAICS Title SIC Product
32541D 32541D Pharmaceutical preparations by Rx and OTC 283D
32541DOTC Pharmaceutical preparations, non-prescription 283DOTC
325412D1122 Digestive and genito-urinary systems
325412L111 Multivitamins
325412L1122 Other vitamins and nutrients
32541241112 Analgesics
325412A1122 Respiratory preparations
325412G112 Skin preparations
32541DRX Pharmaceutical preparations, prescription 283DRX
3254121111 Cancer therapy products
3254121112 Insulin/anti-diabetes products
3254121113 Other neoplasms, endocrine system, & metabolic diseases, including hormones
32541241111 Analgesics
3254124113 Other central nervous system and sense organs
32541241121 Antidepressants
32541241123 Other psychotherapeutics, including tranquilizers
3254127111 Anticoagulants
3254127112 ACE inhibitors
3254127113 Other cardiovascular preparations
325412A111 Bronchial therapy
325412A1121 Other respiratory preparations
325412D111 Antispasmodic/antisecretory
325412D1121 Other digestive and genito-urinary preparations
325412G111 Skin preparations
325412L1121 Vitamins and nutrients
325412Q111 Broad and medium spectrum antibiotics
325412Q112 Systemic antivirals
325412Q113 Other parasitic and infective diseases
325412T Veterinary preparations
325412M Miscellaneous receipts
325412S Secondary products
325510 325510 Paint & coating mfg 2851
325510P Primary products 2851P
3255101 Architectural coatings, including architectural lacquers 28511
3255102 Product finishes for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), excluding marine coatings 28512
3255103 Special purpose coatings, including all marine coatings 28513
3255105 Miscellaneous allied paint products 28515
325510SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2851SM
325510M Miscellaneous receipts 2851M
325510S Secondary products 2851S
325520 325520 Adhesive manufacturing 2891
325520P Primary products 2891P
3255203 Natural base glues and adhesives 28913
3255204 Synthetic resin and rubber adhesives, including cellulose, nitrocellulose, etc. 28914
32552044 Vinyl type adhesives 289144
325520465 Hot melt adhesives, including nylon, polyolefin, and other hot melts 2891465
325520478 Rubber and synthetic resin combinations 2891478
325520498 Other synthetic resin & rubber adhesives 2891498
3255206 Structural sealants (load bearing) 28916
3255207 Nonstructural sealants and caulks 28917
325520SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2891SM
325520M Miscellaneous receipts 2891M
325520S Secondary products 2891S
325611 325611 Soap & other detergent mfg 2841
325611P Primary products 2841P
3256111 Commercial, industrial, institutional soap & detergents, excl specialty cleaners 28411
3256114 Household detergents 28412
3256117 Household soaps, except specialty cleaners 28413
325611D Toothpaste, including gels and toothpowder
325611SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2841SM
325611M Miscellaneous receipts 2841M
325611S Secondary products 2841S
325612 325612 Polish & other sanitation good mfg 2842
325612P Primary products 2842P
3256122 Household bleaches (chlorine and nonchlorine) 28422
3256123 Specialty cleaning and sanitation products 28423
325612332 Disinfectants, nonagricultural 2842332
325612343 Household laundry aids, incl. fabric softeners and rinses 2842343
325612383 Air and room fresheners 2842383
325612399 Other spec. cleaning prods., incl. glass window preps., toilet bowl clnrs., rug clnrs., etc. 2842399
3256124 Polishing preparations and related products 28424
325612SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2842SM
325612M Miscellaneous receipts 2842M
325612S Secondary products 2842S
325613 325613 Surface active agent mfg 2843
325613P Primary products 2843P
3256131 Textile and leather assistants and finishes 28431
3256135 Bulk surface-active agents (surfactants) 28435
325613SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2843SM
325613M Miscellaneous receipts 2843M
325613S Secondary products 2843S
325620 325620 Toilet preparation mfg 2844
325620P Primary products 2844P
3256201 Shaving preparations 28441
3256204 Perfume, toilet water, and cologne 28442
3256207 Hair preparations (including shampoos) 28443
325620A Denture cleaners and other oral hygiene products
325620D Creams, lotions, oils (excl. shaving, hair, deodorant, eye, manicuring and bath) 28446
325620G Other cosmetics and toilet preparations, nec 28447
325620SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2844SM
325620M Miscellaneous receipts 2844M
325620S Secondary products 2844S
325910 325910 Printing ink manufacturing 2893
325910P Primary products 2893P
3259101 Letterpress ink (black and color) 28931
3259102 Lithographic and offset ink (black and color) 28932
325910231 News and nonheat web ink 2893231
325910233 Publication and commercial web ink 2893233
325910234 Sheet-fed packaging ink 2893234
325910244 Sheet-fed general printing ink 2893244
325910245 Other lithographic and offset ink 2893245
3259103 Gravure ink 28933
3259104 Flexographic ink 28934
325910481 Packaging ink 2893481
32591048182 Solvent types 289348182
32591048183 Water types 289348183
325910484 Other flexographic ink 2893484
3259105 Printing ink, n.e.c. 28935
325910SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2893SM
325910M Miscellaneous receipts 2893M
325910S Secondary products 2893S
325920 325920 Explosives manufacturing 2892
325920P Primary products 2892P
3259201 Explosives, propellants, and blasting accessories (not manufactured in GOCOs) 28921
325920SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2892SM
325920M Miscellaneous receipts 2892M
325920S Secondary products 2892S
325991 325991 Custom compounding of purchased resin 3087
325991P Primary products 3087P
3259911 Custom compounding of purchased resins and color concentrates 30871
325991112 Custom compounding of purchased resins 3087112
325991113 Plastics color concentrates 3087113
3259912 Pellets from spent or post-consumer plastics 30872
325991SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3087SM
325991M Miscellaneous receipts 3087M
325991S Secondary products 3087S
325992 325992 Photo film, paper, plate & chemical mfg
325992P Primary products
3259921 Photo sensitized film, plates, paper & cloth, silver halide type (except x-ray) 38616
3259923 Sensitized photo film, plates, paper & cloth, no silver halide type (incl x-ray)
3259925 Prepared photographic chemicals 38615
325992SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
325992M Miscellaneous receipts
325992S Secondary products
325998 325998 All other misc chemical prod & prep mfg 2899
325998P Primary products 2899P
3259981 Evaporated salt, except table salt 28991
325998A Water treating compounds 289957
325998E Automotive chemicals
325998H Chemical preparations, nec, inc essential oils 289959
325998SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 2899SM
325998M Miscellaneous receipts
325998S Secondary products 2899S
326111 326111 Unsupported plastics bag manufacturing
326111P Primary products
3261111 Single-web film specialty bags, pouches, and liners 26732
3261113 Multiweb film-film specialty bags, pouches, and liners
326111SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
326111M Miscellaneous receipts
326111S Secondary products
326112 326112 Unsupported plastics film and sheet mfg
326112P Primary products
3261121 Coated single-web film, rolls and sheets, including coextruded 26712
3261123 Film-film multiweb laminated rolls and sheets for flexible packaging uses 26714
326112SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
326112M Miscellaneous receipts
326112S Secondary products
326113 326113 Unsupported plastics film/sheet (excluding packaging) manufacturing 3081
326113P Primary products 3081P
3261131 Unsupported plastics film and sheet 30811
326113102 Unsupported polyethylene film and sheet 3081102
326113104 Unsupported vinyl and vinyl copolymer film and sheet 3081104
326113106 Other unsupported plastics film and sheet 3081106
326113SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3081SM
326113M Miscellaneous receipts 3081M
326113S Secondary products 3081S
326121 326121 Unsupported plastics profile shape manufacturing 3082
326121P Primary products 3082P
3261211 Unsupported plastics profile shapes, rods and tubes 30821
326121SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3082SM
326121M Miscellaneous receipts 3082M
326121S Secondary products 3082S
326122 326122 Plastics pipe and pipe fitting manufacturing 3084
326122P Primary products 3084P
3261221 Plastics pipe 30841
32612211 Plastics drain, waste, and vent pipe 3084111
32612213 Plastics water pipe 3084114
32612215 Plastics industrial & mining pipe (incl chemical processing, food processing) 3084115
32612216 Plastics sewer pipe 3084112
32612217 Plastics oil and gas pipe 3084113
32612219 Other plastics pipe 3084119
3261223 Plastics pipe fittings and unions
326122SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3084SM
326122M Miscellaneous receipts 3084M
326122S Secondary products 3084S
326130 326130 Laminated plastics plate, sheet and shape manufacturing 3083
326130P Primary products 3083P
3261301 Laminated plastics plate, sheet and profiles 30831
326130SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3083SM
326130M Miscellaneous receipts 3083M
326130S Secondary products 3083S
326140 326140 Polystyrene foam product manufacturing
326140P Primary products
3261402 Packaging polystyrene foam products
3261403 Building and construction polystyrene foam products
3261405 Consumer and institutional polystyrene foam products 30865
3261406 Miscellaneous polystyrene foam products, nec
326140SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
326140MM Miscellaneous receipts
326140SS Secondary products
326150 326150 Foam product (except polystyrene) manufacturing
326150P Primary products
3261501 Transportation polyurethane foam products 308611
3261502 Packaging polyurethane foam products
3261503 Building and construction polyurethane foam products
3261504 Furniture and furnishings polyurethane foam products 30864
3261506 Miscellaneous polyurethane foam products, nec
326150SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
326150MM Miscellaneous receipts
326150SS Secondary products
326160 326160 Plastics bottle manufacturing 3085
326160P Primary products 3085P
3261601 Plastic bottles 30851
326160SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3085SM
326160M Miscellaneous receipts 3085M
326160S Secondary products 3085S
326191 326191 Plastics plumbing fixture manufacturing 3088
326191P Primary products 3088P
3261911 Plastics plumbing fixtures 30881
326191M Miscellaneous receipts 3088M
326191MM miscellaneous receipts 3088M
326191S Secondary products 3088S
326192 326192 Resilient floor covering manufacturing 3996
326192P Primary products 3996P
3261921 Resilient floor coverings 39961
326192SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3996SM
326192M Miscellaneous receipts 3996M
326192S Secondary products 3996S
326199 326199 All other plastics product manufacturing 3089
326199P Primary products 3089P
3261991 Transportation plastics products (except foam & reinforced plastics) 30891
3261992 Electrical & electronic fabricated plastics products (excl foam & reinforced) 30892
3261993 Industrial machinery non-foam plastics products (incl gears, bearings, bushings) 30893
3261994 Plastics packaging (except film and sheet, foam, and bottles) 30894
3261995 Plastics dinnerware, kitchenware, & microwavable ware (except foam & cups) 30895
3261996 Consumer, institutional, & commercial plastics products (except foam), nec 30896
3261997 Plastics furniture components & furnishings (except foam & reinforced plastics) 30897
3261998 Building & construction plastics products (except foam or reinforced plastics)
3261999 Plastics shoe products, including taps, soling slabs, and quarterlings 30899
326199A Reinforced and fiberglass plastics products, nec 3089A
326199SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3089SM
326199M Miscellaneous receipts 3089M
326199S Secondary products 3089S
326211 326211 Tire manufacturing (except retreading) 3011
326211P Primary products 3011P
3262111 Passenger car pneumatic tires (casings) 30111
3262113 Truck and bus (including off-highway) pneumatic tires 30112
32621131 Light truck radial pneumatic tires 3011213
32621132 Other truck and bus pneumatic tires
3262117 Tractor and implement (farm and industrial) pneumatic tires 3011314
3262119 Industrial and utility pneumatic tires (inc. garden) 3011316
326211B Other pneumatic tires and casings (inc motorcycle, aircraft, mobile home, etc.) 3011319
326211D Solid and semi-pneumatic tires
326211F Inner tubes 30114
326211H Tread rubber, tire sundries, and repair materials 30115
326211SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3011SM
326211MM Miscellaneous receipts 3011M
326211SS Secondary products 3011S
326220 326220 Rubber and plastics hoses and belting manufacturing 3052
326220P Primary products 3052P
3262201 Rubber and plastics belts and belting, flat 30521
3262202 Rubber and plastics transmission belts and belting, other than flat 30522
3262203 Rubber hose, mandrel made, and all hydraulic 30523
3262204 Rubber hose, long length nonhydraulic, except garden 30524
3262205 Rubber and plastics garden hose 30525
3262206 All other rubber and plastics hose 30526
326220SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3052SM
326220M Miscellaneous receipts 3052M
326220MM miscellaneous receipts 3052M
326220S Secondary products 3052S
326291 326291 Rubber product manufacturing for mechanical use 3061
326291P Primary products 3061P
3262911 Molded rubber mechanical goods, automotive 3061A11
3262912 Molded rubber mechanical goods, transport (exc auto) & off-hwy machinery & equip
3262913 Molded rubber mechanical goods, nec
3262914 Extruded rubber mechanical goods, automotive (except tubing) 3061B11
3262915 Extruded rubber mechanical goods (except automotive)
3262918 Lathe-cut rubber mechanical goods
326291SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3061SM
326291M Miscellaneous receipts 3061M
326291S Secondary products 3061S
326299 326299 All other rubber product manufacturing 3069
326299P Primary products 3069P
3262991 Rubber sponge, expanded and foam rubber products 30693
3262993 Rubber floor and wall coverings 30694
3262994 Rubber shoe products, elastomer resin 30696
3262995 Rubber druggist and medical sundries (including household gloves)
3262996 Rubber compounds or mixtures for sale or interplant transfer 30699
3262997 Industrial rubber products, nec 3069C
3262998 Rubber gloves and clothing 3069D
3262999 Rubber goods, nec 3069E
326299SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3069SM
326299M Miscellaneous receipts 3069M
326299S Secondary products 3069S
327111 327111 Vitreous plumbing fixtures/access/ftg mfg 3261
327111P Primary products 3261P
3271113 China plumbing fixtures, accessories, and fittings
327111SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3261SM
327111M Miscellaneous receipts
327111S Secondary products 3261S
327112 327112 Vitreous china & earthenware articles mfg
327112P Primary products
3271125 Vitreous china, fine earthenware, and other pottery products
327112SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
327112M Miscellaneous receipts
327112S Secondary products
327113 327113 Porcelain electrical supply mfg 3264
327113P Primary products 3264P
3271133 Porcelain electrical supplies, steatite, and other ceramic electrical products
327113SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3264SM
327113M Miscellaneous receipts 3264M
327113S Secondary products 3264S
327121 327121 Brick & structural clay tile manufacturing 3251
327121P Primary products 3251P
3271211 Brick, except ceramic glazed and refractory 32511
327121111 Building or common, and face brick 3251111
32712111101 Building or common brick 325111101
32712111102 Face brick 325111102
327121119 Other brick (paving, floor, and sewer) 3251119
3271212 Glazed brick, structural, hollow, and facing tile 32512
327121211 Structural clay tile, including load bearing and nonload bearing tile 3251211
327121231 Ceramic glazed facing tile and ceramic glazed brick 3251231
327121251 Unglazed and salt glazed facing tile 3251251
327121M Miscellaneous receipts 3251M
327121S Secondary products 3251S
327122 327122 Ceramic wall and floor tile manufacturing 3253
327122P Primary products 3253P
3271221 Clay floor and wall tile including quarry tile 32531
32712211 Ceramic mosaic (glazed and unglazed) 325311
32712212 Quarry tile 325312
32712213 Glazed wall tile 325313
32712214 Other tile incl. paver, special purpose, decorative thin wall, etc. 325314
327122M Miscellaneous receipts 3253M
327122S Secondary products 3253S
327123 327123 Other structural clay product manufacturing 3259
327123P Primary products 3259P
3271231 Vitrified clay sewer pipe and fittings 32591
3271232 Other structural clay products, n.e.c. 32592
327123225 Clay roofing tile 3259225
327123298 Other structural clay products incl terra cotta, drain and flue tile, conduit and adobe 3259298
327123M Miscellaneous receipts 3259M
327123S Secondary products 3259S
327124 327124 Clay refractory manufacturing 3255
327124P Primary products 3255P
3271241 Bricks and shapes 32551
327124111 Fireclay (including semisilica) brick and clay except superduty 3255111
327124113 High alumina inc. high alumina ladle brick, 50% alumina and over 3255113
327124115 Pouring pit refractories incl. sleeves, nozzles, runners, tuyeres, ladle gate parts & hot top 3255115
327124116 Insulating firebrick and shapes 3255116
327124117 Clay kiln furniture, radiant heater elements, potters' supplies & oth. misc shaped items 3255117
327124118 Bloating and superduty fireclay brick and shapes 3255118
3271242 Unshaped clay refractories 32552
327124211 Refractory bonding mortars, wet and dry, less than 50% alumina 3255211
327124212 High alumina bonding mortars, wet and dry, 50% alumina and over 3255212
327124213 Plastic refractories and ramming mixes, less than 50% alumina 3255213
327124214 High alumina plastic refractories and rammimg mixes, 50% alumina and over 3255214
327124215 Phosphate bonded high alumina plastic and ramming mixes, 50% alumina and over 3255215
3271243 Castable refractories (hydraulic setting) 32553
327124311 Castable refractories, less than 50% alumina 3255311
327124312 High alumina castable refractories 3255312
327124313 Insulating castables (density up to 105 lbs./cu.ft.) and insulating gunning mixes 3255313
327124314 Fireclay gunning mixes, less than 50% alumina 3255314
327124315 High alumina gunning mixes, 50% alumina and over 3255315
3271244 Other clay refractory materials sold in lump or ground form 32554
327124411 Clay refractory materials and raw materials, less than 50% alumina 3255411
327124412 High alumina materials and raw materials, 50% alumina and over 3255412
327124M Miscellaneous receipts 3255M
327124S Secondary products 3255S
327125 327125 Nonclay refractory manufacturing 3297
327125P Primary products 3297P
3271251 Bricks and shapes 32971
327125111 Silica bricks and shapes 3297111
327125112 Magnesite and magnesite-chrome bricks and shapes 3297112
327125114 Carbon and graphite crucibles, retorts, stopper heads, and other shapes 3297114
327125115 Mullite bricks and shapes, made predominantly of fused or synthetic mullite 3297115
327125116 Extra-high alumina bricks & shapes, made predominantly of fused and synthetic aluminas 3297116
327125117 Silicon carbide kiln furniture, made predominantly of silicon carbide 3297117
327125118 Silicon carbide bricks and shapes, made predominantly of silicon carbide, except kiln furnitur 3297118
327125119 Zircon and zirconia bricks and shapes, made predominantly of either of these materials 3297119
327125121 All other bricks and shapes, including dolomite, dolomite-magnesite and carbon refractories 3297121
3271252 Mortars 32972
3271253 Castables (hydraulic setting) 32973
3271254 Plastic refractories & ramming mixes, wet & dry, and castables of nonhydraulic setting type 32974
327125411 Basic castables, plastics and ramming mixes (wet and dry types) 3297411
327125412 Extra-high alumina plastics and ramming mixes, predom. of fused or synthetic aluminas & mullit 3297412
327125413 Extra-high alumina phosphate bonded plastics & ramming mixes, fused or syn aluminas & mullite 3297413
327125414 Other nonclay plastic refractories & ramming mixes (forsterite, zircon, etc.) 3297414
3271255 Gunning mixes, basic and other 32975
3271256 Other nonclay refractory materials in lump or ground form 32976
327125611 Domestic ship. for direct use by customers as finished refractories, and all exported material 3297611
327125612 All other domestic shipments as refractory raw materials 3297612
3271257 Ceramic refractory fibers 32977
327125SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3297SM
327125M Miscellaneous receipts 3297M
327125S Secondary products 3297S
327211 327211 Flat glass manufacturing 3211
327211P Primary products 3211P
3272111 Flat glass (float, sheet, and plate), made by flat glass producers 32115
3272113 Laminated glass, made by flat glass producers 32113
3272115 Other glass products, nec, made by flat glass producers 32114
327211SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3211SM
327211M Miscellaneous receipts 3211M
327211S Secondary products 3211S
327212 327212 Other pressed & blown glass & glassware mfg 3229
327212P Primary products 3229P
3272121 Table, kitchen, art, and novelty glassware 32291
32721212 Machine made table, kitchen, art, and novelty glassware 322912
327212121 Tumblers (one piece excluding packers' tumblers) 3229121
327212122 Stemware 3229122
327212123 Tableware 3229123
327212125 Cookware, ovenware, kitchenware, and microwave oven glass 3229125
327212128 Ornamental, decorative, and novelty glassware and smokers' accessories 3229128
32721213 Handmade table, kitchen, art, and novelty glassware 322913
327212199 Transfers and shipments of partially fabricated table, kitchen, art, and novelty glassware 3229199
3272122 Lighting and electronic glassware 32292
3272122A Machine-made lighting/electronic glassware 32292A
327212221 Automotive lighting glassware 3229221
327212224 Bowls and enclosing globes (interior and exterior) 3229224
327212225 Electric light bulb blanks 3229225
327212235 T.V. tube blanks and parts; tubing, cane, and glass parts for electronic tubes and devices 3229235
327212249 Other machine-made lighting/electronic glassware 3229249
3272122B Handmade lighting/electronic glassware 32292B
3272122C Transfers and shipments of partially fabricated lighting/electronic glassware 32292C
3272123 Glass fiber-textile type 32293
327212323 Roving, chopped strand, and milled fiber 3229323
327212328 Other textile-type glass fiber products, including mat and yarn 3229328
3272124 Other pressed and blown glassware 32294
3272124A Machine-made glassware, n.e.c. 32294A
327212423 Scientific and laboratory glassware 3229423
327212428 Other glassware 3229428
3272124B Handmade glassware, n.e.c. 32294B
3272124C Transfers and shipments of partially fabricated pressed and blown glassware, n.e.c. 32294C
327212SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3229SM
327212M Miscellaneous receipts 3229M
327212S Secondary products 3229S
327213 327213 Glass container manufacturing 3221
327213P Primary products 3221P
3272133 Glass containers (including value of packaging)
327213SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3221SM
327213M Miscellaneous receipts 3221M
327213S Secondary products 3221S
327215 327215 Glass product mfg. made of purchased glass 3231
327215P Primary products 3231P
3272153 Laminated glass, including plate, float, and sheet 32313
327215321 For construction and architectural uses 3231321
327215341 For automotive uses 3231341
32721534101 OEM 323134101
32721534102 Replacement 323134102
327215369 For other uses 3231369
3272155 Mirrors, plate and float (decorated or undecorated) 32315
327215521 Framed mirrors 3231521
327215541 Unframed mirrors 3231541
327215571 Automotive mirrors 3231571
3272157 Pressed and blown glassware, made from glass purchased or transferred from other establishment 32317
327215711 Consumer glassware 3231711
32721571103 Machine made 323171103
32721571104 Handmade 323171104
327215731 Lighting and electronic glassware 3231731
327215751 Other glassware, including scientific, laboratory, industrial, etc. 3231751
3272158 Other glass products, made from glass purchased or transferred from other establishments 32318
327215821 Stained, leaded, and faceted glass and colored glass slabs 3231821
327215871 Multiple-glazed, sealed insulating glass units 3231871
32721588 Tempered glass 323188
327215881 For automotive use 3231881
32721588104 OEM 323188104
32721588105 Replacement 323188105
327215883 For construction and architectural use 3231883
327215889 For other uses 3231889
327215898 Other flat glass products 3231898
327215SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3231SM
327215M Miscellaneous receipts 3231M
327215S Secondary products 3231S
327310 327310 Cement manufacturing 3241
327310P Primary products 3241P
3273101 Cement, hydraulic 32413
327310M Miscellaneous receipts 3241M
327310S Secondary products 3241S
327320 327320 Ready-mixed concrete mfg. and dist 3273
327320P Primary products 3273P
3273201 Ready-mixed concrete 3273111
327320SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3273SM
327320M Miscellaneous receipts 3273M
327320S Secondary products 3273S
327331 327331 Concrete block and brick manufacturing 3271
327331P Primary products 3271P
32733112 Structural block, medium weight units (weighing at least 105 lbs but less than 12 3271115
32733113 Structural block, normal weight units (weighing 125 lbs or more) 3271117
32733114 Decorative block (such as screen, split, slump, shadowal, etc) 3271121
32733115 Concrete pavers (incl. grind, interlocking, etc.) 3271151
32733116 Concrete brick 3271161
327331SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3271SM
327331M Miscellaneous receipts 3271M
327331S Secondary products 3271S
327332 327332 Concrete pipe manufacturing
327332P Primary products
3273321 Concrete pipe
32733211 Concrete culvert pipe 327211
32733212 Concrete storm sewer pipe 327212
32733213 Concrete pipe, except concrete culvert and storm sewer pipe 3272198
327332SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3272SM
327332M Miscellaneous receipts 3272M
327332S Secondary products 3272S
327390 327390 Other concrete product manufacturing
327390P Primary products
3273901 Precast concrete products 32722
3273901111 Slabs and tile, roof and floor units 3272213
3273901211 Architectural wall panels 3272223
3273901331 Burial vaults and boxes 3272234
3273901481 Other precast concrete products n.e.c. 3272281
3273904 Prestressed concrete products 32723
3273904111 Bridge beams 3272325
3273904211 Solid and hollow cored slabs and panels 3272331
3273904351 Other prestressed concrete products n.e.c. 3272398
327390SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3272SM
327390M Miscellaneous receipts 3272M
327390S Secondary products 3272S
327410 327410 Lime manufacturing 3274
327410P Primary products 3274P
327410111 Quicklime 3274111
327410151 Hydrated lime 3274151
327410171 Dead-burned dolomite 3274171
327410SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3274SM
327410M Miscellaneous receipts 3274M
327410S Secondary products 3274S
327420 327420 Gypsum building products manufacturing 3275
327420P Primary products 3275P
3274201 Gypsum building materials 32755
3274204 Other gypsum products 32756
327420SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3275SM
327420M Miscellaneous receipts 3275M
327420S Secondary products 3275S
327910 327910 Abrasive product manufacturing 3291
327910P Primary products 3291P
3279101 Nonmetallic sized grains, powders, and flour abrasives 32915
3279104 Nonmetallic abrasive products (including diamond abrasives) 32916
3279107 Nonmetallic coated abrasive products, buffing wheels, polishing wheels, and laps 32917
327910SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3291SM
327910M Miscellaneous receipts 3291M
327910S Secondary products 3291S
327991 327991 Cut stone and stone products manufacturing 3281
327991P Primary products 3281P
3279911 Dressed dimension granite, including gneiss, syenite, diorite, and cut granite 32811
327991113 Building stone 3281113
327991135 Monumental stone 3281135
327991198 Other granite products such as paving blocks and curbing 3281198
3279912 Dressed dimension limestone, including dolomite, travertine, calcareous tufa, and cut limeston 32812
327991213 Building stone 3281213
327991298 Other limestone products, such as flagging 3281298
3279913 Dressed dimension marble and other stone 32813
327991337 Building stone, monumental stone, and other marble products 3281337
32799133713 Building stone 328133713
32799133715 Monumental stone 328133715
32799133717 Other marble products 328133717
327991398 Other stone, such as slate, sandstone, gabbro, basalt, and other dressed stone products 3281398
327991M Miscellaneous receipts 3281M
327991S Secondary products 3281S
327992 327992 Ground or treated minerals and earths mfg 3295
327992P Primary products 3295P
3279921 Minerals and earths, ground or treated 32951
327992M Miscellaneous receipts 3295M
327992S Secondary products 3295S
327993 327993 Mineral wool manufacturing 3296
327993P Primary products 3296P
3279931 Mineral wool for structural insulation 32961
327993111 Loose fiber and granulated fiber 3296111
327993135 Building batts, blankets, and rolls 3296135
32799313531 R-19.0 or over 329613531
32799313537 R-18.9 or less 329613537
327993161 Acoustical 3296161
327993198 Other mineral wool for structural insulation, including insulating board 3296198
3279932 Mineral wool for industrial, equipment, and appliance insulation 32962
327993235 Blankets (flexible) including fabricated pieces, rolls, and batts 3296235
327993245 Molded insulation (such as special automotive, appliance, and aerospace items) 3296245
327993299 Other mineral wool for industrial equipment, and appliance insulation 3296299
327993M Miscellaneous receipts 3296M
327993S Secondary products 3296S
327999 327999 Other miscellaneous nonmetallic mineral product mfg
327999P Primary products
3279991 All other miscellaneous nonmetallic mineral products
327999SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3299SM
327999M Miscellaneous receipts 3299M
327999S Secondary products 3299S


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004