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Producer Price Indexes

NAICS to SIC Concordance

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NAICS IndustryNAICS ProductNAICS TitleSIC Product
331111331111Iron & steel mills3312
331111PPrimary products3312P
3311111Coke oven and blast furnace products33121
3311112Iron and steel powders, paste, and flakes
3311113Steel ingots and semifinished shapes and forms33122
3311115Hot rolled steel sheet and strip33123
3311117Hot rolled bars, plates, and structural shapes33124
3311119Steel wire33125
331111BSteel pipe and tubes33126
331111DCold rolled steel sheets and strip33127
331111FCold finished steel bars33128
331111HSeamless rolled ring forgings3312A
331111JOpen die or smith forgings3312B
331111LOther steel mill products, including steel rails
331111SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3312SM
331111MMiscellaneous receipts3312M
331111SSecondary products3312S
331112331112Electrometallurgical ferroalloy product mfg3313
331112PPrimary products3313P
3311125Other ferroalloys and ferrous products
331112SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3313SM
331112MMiscellaneous receipts3313M
331112SSecondary products3313S
331210331210Iron/steel pipe & tube mfg from purch steel3317
331210PPrimary products3317P
3312106Steel pipe and tubes33176
331210SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3317SM
331210MMiscellaneous receipts3317M
331210SSecondary products3317S
331221331221Rolled steel shape mfg3316
331221PPrimary products3316P
3312211Cold rolled steel sheet and strip33167
3312213Cold finished steel bars and bar shapes33168
331221SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3316SM
331221MMiscellaneous receipts3316M
331221MMMiscellaneous receipts
331221SSecondary products3316S
331222331222Steel wire drawing3315
331222PPrimary products3315P
3312221Noninsulated ferrous wire rope, cable and strand33151
3312223Steel nails and spikes33152
3312225Steel wire33155
3312225ACarbon wire33155A
3312225BAlloy wire33155B
3312225CStainless wire33155C
3312227Steel fencing and fence gates33156
3312229Ferrous wire cloth and other woven wire products33157
331222BOther fabricated ferrous wire products33159
331222SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3315SM
331222MMiscellaneous receipts3315M
331222SSecondary products3315S
331311331311Alumina refining
331311PPrimary products
3313111Aluminum oxide, except natural alumina28195
331311SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
331311MMiscellaneous receipts
331311SSecondary products
331312331312Primary aluminum production3334
331312PPrimary products3334P
3313127Primary aluminum, except extrusion billet33347
3313128Aluminum extrusion billet33348
331312SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3334SM
331312MMiscellaneous receipts3334M
331312SSecondary products3334S
331314331314Secondary smelting & alloying of aluminum33417
331314PPrimary products33417
3313141Aluminum ingot,including pigs,sows, and molten metal,excluding billet, produced
3313143Aluminum extrusion ingot (billet), produced by secondary smelters
3313145Aluminum and aluminum-base alloys powders, paste, and flakes
331314SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3341SM
331314MMiscellaneous receipts3341M
331314SSecondary products3341S
331315331315Aluminum sheet, plate & foil mfg3353
331315PPrimary products3353P
3313151Aluminum plate33531
3313152Aluminum sheet33532
331315223Flat, heat-treatable3353223
331315224Flat, nonheat-treatable3353224
331315227Coiled, heat-treatable3353227
331315231Coiled, nonheat-treatable, bare3353231
33131523114Coiled, nonheat-treatable, bare, beverage can stock335323114
33131523115Coiled, nonheat-treatable, bare, all others335323115
331315233Coiled, nonheat-treatable, precoated3353233
3313153Aluminum foil33533
331315351Plain aluminum foil (under .006 in.)3353351
3313154Aluminum welded tube33534
331315455Plain aluminum welded tube3353455
331315SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3353SM
331315MMiscellaneous receipts3353M
331315SSecondary products3353S
331316331316Aluminum extruded product mfg3354
331316PPrimary products3354P
3313161Extruded aluminum rod, bar, and other extruded shapes except tube33541
331316115Extruded rod and bar with alloys other than 2000 and 7000 series3354115
331316118Extruded rod and bar with alloys in 2000 and 7000 series3354118
331316125Other extruded shapes except tube, with alloys other than 2000 and 7000 series3354125
33131612501Other extruded shapes, circle size 1 to, not including 2335412501
33131612502Other extruded shapes, circle size 2 to, not including3335412502
33131612503Other extruded shapes, circle size 3 to, not including 4335412503
33131612504Other extruded shapes, circle size 4 to, not including 5335412504
33131612505Other extruded shapes, circle size 5 to, not including 6335412505
33131612506Other extruded shapes, circle size 6 to, not including 10335412506
33131612512Other extruded shapes, circle size 10 and over335412512
331316128Other extruded shapes except tube, with alloys in 2000 and 7000 series3354128
33131612801Other extruded shapes, circle sizes 1 to, not including 5335412801
33131612803Other extruded shapes, circle sizes 5 and over335412803
3313163Aluminum extruded and drawn pipe and tube33543
331316311Hard alloy pipe and tube, 2000 and 7000 series3354311
33131631101Seamless pipe and tube, hard alloy335431101
33131631102Hard alloy pipe and tube other than seamless335431102
331316313Soft alloy pipe and tube, alloys other than 2000 and 7000 series3354313
33131631301Seamless pipe and tube, soft alloy335431301
33131631302Soft alloy pipe and tube other than seamless335431302
331316SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3354SM
331316MMiscellaneous receipts3354M
331316SSecondary products3354S
331319331319Other aluminum rolling & drawing
331319PPrimary products
3313191Aluminum wire & cable (exc covered or insul), inc acscr, made in aluminum rollin
3313193Rolled aluminum rod, bar, including continuous cast
3313197Aluminum wire & cable (exc covered or insul), inc acscr, made in nonferrous wire
331319CAluminum extrusion ingot (billet), produced in aluminum rolling mills
331319SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
331319MMiscellaneous receipts
331319SSecondary products
331411331411Primary smelting & refining of copper3331
331411PPrimary products3331P
3314111Smelted copper33311
3314112Copper cathode and other refined copper, including wirebar, slab, and ingot33312
331411SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3331SM
331411MMiscellaneous receipts3331M
331411SSecondary products3331S
331419331419Other nonferrous metal prim smelting/refining3339
331419PPrimary products3339P
3314192Primary lead33392
3314193Primary zinc33393
3314195Precious metals33395
3314197Other nonferrous metals, n.e.c.33397
331419SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3339SM
331419MMiscellaneous receipts3339M
331419SSecondary products3339S
331421331421Copper rolling, drawing & extruding3351
331421PPrimary products3351P
3314211Copper wire, bare and tinned (nonelectrical)33511
3314213Copper and copper-base alloy rod, bar, and shapes33513
3314217Copper and copper-base alloy sheet, strip, and plate33514
3314219Copper and copper-base alloy pipe and tube33515
331421SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3351SM
331421MMiscellaneous receipts3351M
331421SSecondary products3351SS
331422331422Copper wire (except mechanical) drawing
331422PPrimary products
3314221Copper wire (except mechanical) drawing
331422SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3357SM
331422MMiscellaneous receipts3357M
331422SSecondary products3357S
331423331423Secondary smelting/refining/alloying of copper
331423PPrimary products3341P
3314231Secondary smelting, refining, and alloying of copper33412
331423SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3341SM
331423MMiscellaneous receipts3341M
331423SSecondary products3341S
331491331491Other nonferrous metal roll/draw/extruding
331491PPrimary products
3314911Nickel and nickel-base alloy mill shapes, including nickel copper alloys33561
3314913Titanium and titanium-base alloy mill shapes, excluding wire33562
3314919Precious metal mill shapes33563
331491CAll other nonferrous metal mill shapes33569
331491SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3356SM
331491MMiscellaneous receipts3356M
331491MMMiscellaneous receipts3356MM
331491SSecondary products3356S
331492331492Other nonferrous secondary smelt/refine/alloying
331492PPrimary products
3314921Other nonferrous metal powders, paste, & flakes33991
3314923Secondary lead33413
3314927Secondary zinc33414
3314929Secondary precious metals & precious metal alloys33415
331492AOther nonferrous additive alloys33416
331492SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
331492MMiscellaneous receipts
331492SSecondary products
331511331511Iron foundries3321
331511PPrimary products3321P
3315111Ductile iron pressure pipe and fittings3321111
3315113Other ductile iron castings33212
3315115Cast iron pressure pipe and fittings
3315117Cast iron soil pipe and fittings (incl special fittings), all sizes
3315119Other gray iron castings
331511AStandard malleable iron castings3322131
331511CPearlitic malleable iron castings3322221
331511EMolds and stools for heavy steel ingots3321429
331511SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
331511MMiscellaneous receipts
331511SSecondary products
331512331512Steel investment foundries3324
331512PPrimary products3324P
33151202Hi-temp metal investment castings (iron, nickel, or cobalt-base alloys)33244
33151204Carbon, stainless, and alloy steel investment castings
331512SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3324SM
331512MMiscellaneous receipts3324M
331512SSecondary products3324S
331513331513Steel foundries (except investment)3325
331513PPrimary products
3315131Cast carbon steel castings33252
3315133High alloy steel castings, except investment33254
3315135Other alloy steel castings, except investment
331513SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3325SM
331513MMiscellaneous receipts3325M
331513MMMiscellaneous receipts3325MM
331513SSecondary products3325S
331513SSSecondary products3325MM
331521331521Aluminum die-casting foundries3363
331521PPrimary products3363P
3315211Motor vehicle die castings33631
331521111Die castings for passenger cars3363111
331521112Die castings for other motor vehicles3363112
3315214Aluminum and aluminum-base alloy die castings, other than motor vehicle33634
331521411Die castings for building and construction3363411
331521412Die castings for appliances3363412
331521416Die castings for computers and electronics3363416
331521417Other die castings, n.e.c.3363417
331521SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3363SM
331521MMiscellaneous receipts3363M
331521SSecondary products3363S
331522331522Nonferrous die-castings, except aluminum3364
331522PPrimary products3364P
3315221Zinc and zinc-base alloy die-castings33641
3315222Magnesium die-castings33642
3315226Other nonferrous die-castings, including lead and copper, except aluminum33646
331522SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3364SM
331522MMiscellaneous receipts3364M
331522SSecondary products3364S
331524331524Aluminum foundries (except die-casting)3365
331524PPrimary products3365P
3315241Aluminum and aluminum-base alloy sand castings33651
3315242Aluminum and aluminum-base alloy permanent and semipermanent mold castings33652
3315243Investment and other aluminum and aluminum-base alloy castings and cast products33653
331524SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3365SM
331524MMiscellaneous receipts3365M
331524SSecondary products3365S
331525331525Copper foundries (except die-casting)3366
331525PPrimary products3366P
331525411Copper and copper-base alloy sand castings3366411
331525412Other copper and copper-base alloy castings incl. bearings and bushings3366412
331525SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3366SM
331525MMiscellaneous receipts3366M
331525SSecondary products3366S
331528331528Other nonferrous foundries (except-die-casting)3369
331528PPrimary products3369P
3315281Zinc and zinc-base alloy castings, except die33691
3315282Magnesium and magnesium-base alloy castings, except die33692
3315283Titanium castings, except die33693
3315284Nickel and nickel-base alloy castings, except die33694
3315285Superalloy/high temperature alloy investment castings33695
3315287All other nonferrous metal castings, except die33697
331528SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3369SM
331528MMiscellaneous receipts3369M
331528SSecondary products3369S
332111332111Iron & steel forging3462
332111PPrimary products3462P
3321115Hot impression die impact, press and upset ferrous forgings34625
332111511Carbon steel3462511
332111513Alloy steel, except stainless and high-temperature3462513
332111515Stainless steel3462515
332111517High-temperature iron, nickel and cobalt-base alloys3462517
3321116Cold impression die impact, press and upset ferrous forgings34626
3321117Seamless rolled-ring ferrous forgings34627
3321118Open die or smith (hammer or press) ferrous forgings34628
332111SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3462SM
332111MMiscellaneous receipts3462M
332111SSecondary products3462S
332112332112Nonferrous forging3463
332112PPrimary products3463P
3321121Other nonferrous forgings, inc. cold impres sion die impact and seamless rolled34631
3321125Hot impression die impact, press and upset nonferrous forgings34635
332112521Aluminum and aluminum alloy3463521
332112523Titanium and titanium alloy3463523
332112527Other nonferrous hot impression die forgings3463527
332112SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3463SM
332112MMiscellaneous receipts3463M
332112SSecondary products3463S
332114332114Custom roll forming
332114PPrimary products3449P
3321148Custom roll forming34498
332114SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3449SM
332114MMiscellaneous receipts3449M
332114SSecondary products3449S
332115332115Crowns and closure mfg3466
332115PPrimary products3466P
3321151Metal commercial closures34661
3321154Metal crowns34664
332115SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3466SM
332115MMiscellaneous receipts3466M
332115SSecondary products3466S
332116332116Metal stamping3469
332116PPrimary products
3321161Metal job stampings, except automotive34692
3321165Other stamped and pressed metal end products34699
332116SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
332116MMiscellaneous receipts
332116SSecondary products
332117332117Powder metallurgy part mfg
332117PPrimary products
3321170Powder metallurgy parts34996
332117SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
332117MMiscellaneous receipts
332117SSecondary products
332211332211Cutlery & flatware (exc precious) mfg3421
332211PPrimary products3421P
3322111Cutlery, scissors, shears, trimmers, and snips34211
33221111BScissors and shears342111B
33221111COther knives (Incl. pocket, pen, and replacement blade knives)342111C
3322112Razors and razor blades, except electric34212
332211SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3421SM
332211MMiscellaneous receipts3421M
332211SSecondary products3421S
332212332212Hand and edge tools, except machine tools and handsaws3423
332212PPrimary products3423P
3322121Mechanics' hand service tools34231
33221211112Slip joint pliers342311112
33221211113Solid joint pliers342311113
332212112Ball peen hammers3423112
33221211321Sockets, drives, extensions, etc. for hand-operated socket wrenches342311321
33221211322Open-end wrenches342311322
33221211323Box wrenches342311323
33221211324Combination open-end and box wrenches342311324
33221211325Torque wrenches342311325
33221211326Adjustable wrenches, including pipe wrenches342311326
33221211327All other wrenches342311327
332212115Automotive jacks, mechanical, excluding hydraulic and pneumatic3423115
332212116Tools for automotive use, excluding jacks3423116
332212117All other mechanics' hand service tools3423117
3322123Edge tools, hand operated34234
332212331Axes, adzes, and hatchets3423431
332212385Professional and craft edge hand tools3423485
332212398All other edge tools3423498
3322125Dies and interchangeable cutting tools, for machines and power-driven handtools34235
332212551Cutting dies, excluding dies for cutting metal3423551
332212555Machine knives, except metal cutting3423555
332212559All other machine tools, including woodcutting3423559
3322127Other hand tools, n.e.c.34236
332212711Shovels, spades, scoops, telegraph spoons, and scrapers3423611
332212721Light forged hammers, under 4 lbs, excluding ball peen hammers3423621
332212731Heavy forged hammers, sledges (4 pounds and over), picks, pick mattocks and mau3423631
332212741Steel goods, including forks, hoes, rakes, weeders, etc.3423641
332212781Soldering irons3423681
332212798Other hand tools, excluding edge and machine tools3423698
3322129Precision measuring tools (inspection, quality control, tool room, and machinist35452
332212SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3423SM
332212MMiscellaneous receipts3423M
332212SSecondary products3423S
332213332213Saw blade & handsaw mfg3425
332213PPrimary products3425P
3322131Handsaws and handsaw blades34251
332213SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3425SM
332213MMiscellaneous receipts3425M
332213SSecondary products3425S
332214332214Kitchen utensil, pot & pan mfg
332214PPrimary products
3322141Stamped and spun utensils, cooking and kitchen, aluminum34694
3322143Stamped and spun utensils, cooking and kitchen, except aluminum34695
332214SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
332214MMiscellaneous receipts
332214SSecondary products
332311332311Prefabricated metal building and component manufacturing3448
332311PPrimary products3448P
3323111Prefabricated metal building systems (excluding farm service bldgs. & residential buildings)34481
3323112Other prefabricated and portable metal buildings and parts34482
332311224Other prefabricated metal buildings3448224
332311254Panels, parts, or sections for prefab bldgs., not sold as a complete unit, steel & aluminum3448254
332311SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3448SM
332311MMiscellaneous receipts3448M
332311SSecondary products3448S
332312332312Fabricated structural metal manufacturing3341
332312PPrimary products3441P
3323121Fabricated structural metal for buildings34411
332312121Iron and steel for industrial buildings3441121
332312122Iron and steel for commercial building3441122
332312123Iron and steel for residential buildings3441123
332312173Iron and steel for other buildings, and aluminum for all types of buildings3441173
3323122Fabricated structural metal for bridges, trestles, and viaducts34412
3323123Other fabricated structural metal34413
332312SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3441SM
332312MMiscellaneous receipts3441M
332312SSecondary products3441S
332313332313Plate work manufacturing
332313PPrimary products3443P
3323132Plate work manufacturing34432
332313SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3443SM
332313MMiscellaneous receipts3443M
332313SSecondary products3443S
332321332321Metal window and door manufacturing3442
332321PPrimary products3442P
3323211Metal doors and frames, except storm doors34421
33232111Aluminum doors (excluding shower doors and tub enclosures)344211
33232112Iron and steel doors (excluding shower doors and tub enclosures)344212
332321121Iron and steel industrial doors3442121
332321122Iron and steel residential doors3442122
332321123Iron and steel commercial and institutional doors3442123
33232118Other metal doors, metal door frames, and shower doors and tub enclosures344218
3323212Metal window sash and frames, except storm sash34422
3323213Metal molding and trim and storefronts34423
3323214Metal combination screen, storm sash, and storm doors34424
3323215Metal windows and door screens, (except combination) and metal weatherstrip34425
332321SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3442SM
332321MMiscellaneous receipts3442M
332321SSecondary products3442S
332322332322Sheet metal work mfg3444
332322PPrimary products3444P
3323221Sheet metal air-conditioning ducts and stove pipe
3323223Sheet metal culverts, flumes, irrigation pipes, etc.
3323227Sheet metal roofing and roof drainage equipment
3323229Sheet metal flooring and siding
332322ASheet metal awnings, canopies, cornices, and soffits
332322BSheet metal roof ventilators, louvers, & dampers for heating, ventilation, a-c
332322EOther sheet metal work
332322SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
332322MMiscellaneous receipts
332322SSecondary products
332323332323Ornamental and architectural metal work manufacturing3446
332323PPrimary products3446P
3323232Stairs, railings, fences, and gates (other than wire)34462
332323213Stairs, staircases, and fire escapes3446213
332323214Fences, gates, railings, and window guards3446214
3323233Open flooring, grating, and studs34463
3323234Scaffolding, shoring, and forming for concrete work34464
3323235Other architectural and ornamental metal work34465
332323511Iron and steel3446511
332323512Aluminum and metals other than iron and steel3446512
332323AGrilles, registers, and air diffusers3446A
332323SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3446SM
332323MMiscellaneous receipts3446M
332323SSecondary products3446S
332410332410Power boiler and heat exchanger manufacturing
332410PPrimary products3443P
3324101Fabricated heat exchangers and steam condensers (except for nuclear applications34431
33241011Fabricated bare tube industrial heat exchangers, closed types (except for nuclea344311211
33241012Fabricated fin tube industrial heat exchangers, closed types (except for nuclear344311215
33241013Fabricated steam condensers (except for nuclear applications)3443151
3324103Steel power boilers (stationary and marine), parts and attachments (except for n34433
332410SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3443SM
332410MMiscellaneous receipts3443M
332410SSecondary products3443S
332420332420Metal tanks (heavy gauge) manufacturing
332420PPrimary products3443P
3324204Gas cylinders34434
3324205Metal tanks, complete at factory (standard line pressure)34435
3324207Metal tanks, complete at factory (standard line nonpressure)34437
3324208Metal tanks and vessels, custom fabricated at the factory34438
3324209Metal tanks and vessels, custom fabricated and field erected34439
332420SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3443SM
332420MMiscellaneous receipts3443M
332420SSecondary products3443S
332431332431Metal can mfg3411
332431PPrimary products3411P
3324311Steel cans34111
332431181Food and beverage steel cans including lids, ends, and parts shipped separately3411181
332431191Other steel cans3411191
3324312Aluminum cans34112
332431SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3411SM
332431MMiscellaneous receipts3411M
332431SSecondary products3411S
332439332439Other metal container manufacturing
332439PPrimary products
3324391Steel pails, 1 to 12 gallon capacity34121
3324393Steel shipping barrels & drums, exc. beer barrels, more than 12 gallon capacity34122
3324395Other metal container manufacturing
3324397Air cargo containers, metal
332439SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
332439MMiscellaneous receipts
332439SSecondary products
332510332510Hardware mfg3429
332510PPrimary products3429P
3325101Furniture hardware (excluding cabinet hardware)34292
3325103Builders hardware, including fabricated metal safes and vaults34294
332510315Padlocks including pin/non-pin tumbler all other padlocks3429415
332510321Doorlocks, locksets, and locktrim, except mortise deadlocks3429421
332510352Hinges, excluding cabinet hinges, including spring hinges3429452
332510361Cabinet hardware3429461
332510377Other builders hardware, nec (including metal safes and vaults)3429477
3325105Motor vehicle hardware34296
3325107Other transportation equipment hardware, except motor vehicle hardware34297
3325109Other hardware, nec34298
332510SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3429SM
332510MMiscellaneous receipts3429M
332510SSecondary products3429S


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004