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NAICS 332611 through NAICS 332999

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NAICS Industry NAICS Product NAICS Title SIC Product
332611 332611 Spring (heavy gauge) mfg 3493
332611P Primary products 3493P
3326111 Hot formed springs 34931
3326112 Cold formed springs 34932
332611SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3493SM
332611M Miscellaneous receipts 3493M
332611S Secondary products 3493S
332612 332612 Spring (light gauge) mfg 3495
332612P Primary products 3495P
3326122 Precision mechanical springs 34952
332612213 Precision mechanical compression-type wire springs 3495213
332612216 Precision mechanical extension and torsion-type wire springs 3495216
3326123 Other wire springs 34953
332612SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3495SM
332612M Miscellaneous receipts 3495M
332612S Secondary products 3495S
332618 332618 Other fabricated wire products 3496
332618P Primary products 3496P
3326182 Other metal products, not made in plants that draw wire 33992
3326183 Ferrous wire cloth & other ferrous woven wire products, not made in plants that 34964
3326185 Nonferrous wire cloth & other nonferrous woven wire products, not made in plants 34965
3326189 Steel nail, staples, tacks, spikes, & brads, not made in plants that draw wire
332618B Other fabricated ferrous wire products, except springs, not made in plants that 34968
332618SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3496SM
332618M Miscellaneous receipts 3496M
332618S Secondary products 3496S
332710 332710 Machine shops 3599
332710P Primary products 3599P
3327101 Machine shops 35995
332710SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3599SM
332710M Miscellaneous receipts 3599M
332710S Secondary products 3599S
332721 332721 Precision turned product mfg 3451
332721P Primary products 3451P
3327211 Automotive screw machine products 34511
3327212 Other screw machine products 34512
332721222 Aircraft 3451222
332721242 Household appliances, including radio and television 3451242
332721252 Electric and electronic equipment, except household appliances 3451252
332721262 Machinery 3451262
332721298 All other end uses, including ordnance 3451298
332721SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3451SM
332721M Miscellaneous receipts 3451M
332721S Secondary products 3451S
332722 332722 Bolt, nut, screw, rivet & washer mfg 3452
332722P Primary products 3452P
3327224 Externally threaded metal fasteners, except aircraft 34524
332722411 Mine roof bolts 3452411
332722412 Hex bolts, including heavy, tap-and-joint, excluding high strength structural 3452412
332722419 other metal bolts, incl. square, round, plow, high-strength structural & bent 3452419
332722439 Cap, set, machine, lag, flange, and self-locking screws 3452439
332722445 tapping screws incl flat, hex, oval & pan; wood screws incl flat, oval & round 3452445
332722489 Other externally threaded metal fasteners, including studs 3452489
3327225 Internally threaded fasteners, exc aircraft 34525
3327226 Nonthreaded fasteners, exc. aircraft 34526
3327227 Aircraft/aerospace fasteners 34527
3327228 other formed fasteners incl auto, hshd, aircraft, & ordnance (not plastic) 34528
332722SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3452SM
332722M Miscellaneous receipts 3452M
332722S Secondary products 3452S
332811 332811 Metal heat treating 3398
332811P Primary products 3398P
3328111 Metal heat treating services-New England (MA-RI-CT) 33981
3328112 Metal heat treating services-Middle Atlantic (NY-NJ-E.PA-MD) 33982
3328113 Metal heat treating services-South Central (W.PA-OH-IN-KY) 33983
3328114 Metal heat treating services-Michigan 33984
3328115 Metal heat treating services-Southeast (VA-NC-SC-GA-AL-TN-FL) 33985
3328116 Metal heat treating services-North Central (IL-WI-MN-MO-IA) 33986
3328117 Metal heat treating services-Pacific Coast (CA-AZ-OR-WA) 33987
3328118 Metal heat treating services-Southwest (TX-OK-AR-CO-LA-UT) 33988
332811SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3398SM
332811M Miscellaneous receipts 3398M
332811S Secondary products 3398S
332812 332812 Metal coating, engraving, & allied services 3479
332812P Primary products 3479P
3328121 Etching, engraving, coating and allied services 34791
33281211 Etching and engraving, incl. etching and engraving nameplates 347911
33281212 Metal coating 347912
332812121 Galvanizing and other hot dip coatings 3479121
332812122 Organic coatings, enamels and lacquers, incl. alkyds, plastics, etc. 3479122
33281212212 Liquid spray coating, incl electrostatic coating 347912212
33281212213 Powder coating, incl. electrostatic and fluidized bed 347912213
33281212214 All other organic coatings, incl curtain coating and wash coating 347912214
332812123 Inorganic coatings, incl. porcelain coatings 3479123
332812SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3479SM
332812M Miscellaneous receipts 3479M
332812S Secondary products 3479S
332813 332813 Electropl/plating/polish/anodize/coloring 3471
332813P Primary products 3471P
3328131 Metal plating and polishing 34711
332813SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3471SM
332813M Miscellaneous receipts 3471M
332813S Secondary products 3471S
332911 332911 Industrial valve mfg 3491
332911P Primary products 3491P
3329111 Gates, globes, angles, straightway (y-type) checks, stop and check, cross, etc. 34911
3329112 Valves for water works and municipal equipment (ibbw, awwa, and ul) 34912
3329113 Ball valves (all metals, pressures, and types) 34913
3329114 Butterfly valves (all metals, pressures, and types) 34914
3329115 Plug valves (all metals, pressures, and types) 34915
3329116 Industrial valves, n.e.c. 34916
3329117 Nuclear valves (n-stamp only) 34917
3329118 Automatic valves (regulating and control type) and parts (except nuclear) 34918
3329119 Solenoid-operated valves and parts, except nuclear and fluid power transfer 34919
332911SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3491SM
332911M Miscellaneous receipts 3491M
332911S Secondary products 3491S
332912 332912 Fluid power valve & hose fitting mfg 3492
332912P Primary products 3492P
332912A Aerospace-type hydraulic fluid power valves 3492A
332912B Aerospace-type pneumatic fluid power valves 3492B
332912C Nonaerospace-type hydraulic directional control valves 3492C
332912C11 Manual types 3492C11
332912C12 All other, including solenoid types 3492C12
332912D Nonaerospace-type hydraulic valves, except directional control 3492D
332912D11 Cartridge valves 3492D11
332912D12 All other, including electrohydraulic 3492D12
332912E Nonaerospace-type pneumatic directional control valves 3492E
332912E11 Solenoid types 3492E11
332912E12 All other, including mechanical and remote pilot 3492E12
332912F Nonaerospace-type pneumatic valves, except directional control 3492F
332912G Parts for fluid power valves 3492G
332912H Aerospace-type hydraulic and pneumatic hose or tube end fittings and assemblies 3492H
332912J Nonaerospace-type flared (metal) fittings, couplings for, and assemblies of tubi 3492J
332912K Nonaerospace-type flareless fittings and couplings (incl. nonmetal fittings) use 3492K
332912N Nonaerospace-type hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies of hose 3492N
332912O Nonaerospace type hydraulic and pneumatic fittings and couplings for hose 3492O
332912SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3492SM
332912M Miscellaneous receipts 3492M
332912S Secondary products 3492S
332913 332913 Plumbing fixture fitting & trim mfg 3432
332913P Primary products 3432P
3329132 Single lever controls, two or three handle bath or shower fittings, etc. 34322
332913211 Single lever controls 3432211
332913213 Two and three handle bath and shower fittings 3432213
332913215 Anti-scald bath and shower valves 3432215
3329133 Lavatory and sink fittings (ex. single control), includ. drains and overflows 34323
3329134 Miscellaneous plumbing fixtures, fittings, and trim (brass goods) 34324
332913SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3432SM
332913M Miscellaneous receipts 3432M
332913S Secondary products 3432S
332919 332919 Other metal valve and pipe fitting mfg 3494
332919P Primary products 3494P
3329191 Plumbing and heating valves and specialties 34944
3329193 Metal fittings, flanges, and unions for piping systems 34947
332919SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3494SM
332919M Miscellaneous receipts 3494M
332919S Secondary products 3494S
332991 332991 Ball and roller bearings 3562
332991P Primary products 3562P
3329911 Ball bearings, unmounted 35621
3329913 Tapered roller bearings (including cups & cones), unmounted 35622
3329915 Roller bearings, except tapered, unmounted 35623
3329917 Mounted bearings, except plain 35624
3329919 Ball and roller bearing parts and components, including balls and rollers sold separately 35629
332991SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3562SM
332991M Miscellaneous receipts 3562M
332991S Secondary products 3562S
332992 332992 Small arms ammunition mfg 3482
332992P Primary products 3482P
332992111 Cartridges for small firearms (rifle and sidearms) 3482111
332992411 Ammunition components 3482411
332992511 All other small arms ammunition products 3482511
332992SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3482SM
332992M Miscellaneous receipts 3482M
332992S Secondary products 3482S
332993 332993 Ammunition (exc small arms) mfg 3483
332993P Primary products 3483P
3329931 Artillery ammunition and component parts, over 30mm (or 1.18 inches) 34831
3329933 Ammunition, except for small arms, n.e.c. 34833
332993SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3483SM
332993M Miscellaneous receipts 3483M
332993S Secondary products 3483S
332994 332994 Small arms mfg 3484
332994P Primary products 3484P
3329942 Pistols and revolvers 34842
332994201 Centerfire pistols and revolvers 3484201
332994202 Rimfire pistols and revolvers 3484202
3329943 Rifles 34843
332994301 Centerfire rifles 3484301
33299430121 Semiautomatic centerfire rifles 348430121
33299430122 Bolt repeater centerfire rifles 348430122
33299430123 Lever repeater and all other centerfire rifles 348430123
332994302 Rimfire rifles 3484302
33299430231 Semiautomatic rimfire rifles 348430231
33299430232 Other repeating and single shot rimfire rifles 348430232
3329944 Shotguns 34844
332994401 Repeating shotguns 3484401
332994402 Single shot and double barrel shotguns 3484402
3329945 Other small arms 34845
3329946 Parts and attachments for small arms 34846
3329947 Small arms shipped to U.S. military 34847
332994701 Rifles and submachine guns, shipped to U.S. military 3484701
332994702 Machine guns, shipped to U.S. military 3484702
332994703 Other small arms shipped to U.S. military 3484703
332994704 Parts and attachments shipped to U.S military 3484704
332994SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3484SM
332994M Miscellaneous receipts 3484M
332994S Secondary products 3484S
332995 332995 Other ordnance & accessories mfg 3489
332995P Primary products 3489P
3329951 Guns, howitzers, mortars, and related equipment more than 30 mm 34891
3329952 Other ordnance and accessories 34892
332995SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3489SM
332995M Miscellaneous receipts 3489M
332995S Secondary products 3489S
332996 332996 Fabricated pipe & pipe fitting mfg 3498
332996P Primary products 3498P
3329967 Fabricated pipe and fabricated pipe fittings 34987
332996713 Iron and steel pipe, tube, and fittings 3498713
332996715 Nonferrous pipe, tube, and fittings 3498715
332996SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3498SM
332996M Miscellaneous receipts 3498M
332996S Secondary products 3498S
332997 332997 Industrial pattern mfg 3543
332997P Primary products 3543P
3329971 Industrial patterns, except shoe patterns 35431
332997115 Foundry patterns 3543115
332997198 All other industrial patterns, except shoe patterns 3543198
332997SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3543SM
332997M Miscellaneous receipts 3543M
332997S Secondary products 3543S
332998 332998 Enameled iron & metal sanitary ware mfg 3431
332998P Primary products 3431P
3329981 Metal sanitary ware 34311
332998SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 3431SM
332998M Miscellaneous receipts 3431M
332998S Secondary products 3431S
332999 332999 All other misc fabricated metal product mfg
332999P Primary products
3329991 Converted unmounted aluminum foil packaging products 34971
3329993 Converted foil for nonpackaging applications 34973
3329994 Miscellaneous machinery products, except electrical 35994
332999A Metal ladders 34995
332999G All other fabricated metal products, nec 34998
332999SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
332999M Miscellaneous receipts
332999S Secondary products


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004