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Producer Price Indexes

NAICS to SIC Concordance

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NAICS IndustryNAICS ProductNAICS TitleSIC Product
335311335311Power/distribution/specialty transformer mfg3612
335311PPrimary products3612P
3353113Fluorescent lamp ballast36123
3353116Commercial, institutional and industrial general purpose transformers36126
3353117Power regulators, boosters, and other transformers and parts for all transformer36127
3353118Specialty transformers, except fluorescent lamp ballast36128
3353119Power and distribution transformers, except parts36129
335311SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3612SM
335311MMMiscellaneous receipts3612MM
335311SSSecondary products3612SS
335312335312Motor & generator mfg3621
335312PPrimary products3621P
3353121Fractional horsepower motors and generators (excluding hermetics)36211
3353123Integral horsepower motors and generators other than for trans. equipment36212
3353125Land transportation motors, generators, and control equipment, excluding parts36213
3353127Prime mover generator sets, except steam or hydraulic turbine36214
335312AIntegral motor generator sets and other rotating equipment, including hermetics36218
335312CParts, supplies for motors, generators, and generator sets36219
335312SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3621SM
335312MMiscellaneous receipts3621M
335312SSecondary products3621S
335313335313Switchgear & switchboard apparatus mfg3613
335313PPrimary products3613P
3353131Switchgear, except ducts and control circuit relays36131
3353132Power circuit breakers, all voltages36132
3353133Panelboards, distribution boards and other switching and interrupting devices36133
3353134Fuses and fuse equipment, under 2,300 volts, excluding power distribution cutouts36134
3353135Molded case circuit breakers36135
3353136Ducts, incl. plug-in units and accessories (encl. sectionalized prefabricated bus bars)36136
335313SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3613SM
335313MMiscellaneous receipts3613M
335313SSecondary products3613S
335314335314Relay & industrial control mfg3625
335314PPrimary products3625P
33531411General purpose electromechanical relays362511
335314111Over 100 MW actuating power and sealed3625111
335314111010.0 to 10 amps contact rating362511101
33531411102Over 10 amps contact rating362511102
335314112Over 100 MW actuating power and not sealed3625112
3353141130.0 through 100 MW actuating power, sealed and not sealed3625113
33531412Miniature printed circuit mounted EMRs, excluding reed relays362512
335314121010.0 through 2.0 amps contact rating362512101
335314121022.1 through 5.0 amps contact rating362512102
33531412103Over 5.0 amps contact rating362512103
335314122Not sealed3625122
335314131DIP or SIP footprint, sealed and not sealed3625131
335314133Telephone relays, sealed and not sealed3625133
33531414General purpose solid-state relays362514
335314141Pure solid-state except time delay3625141
335314142Hybrid solid-state except time delay3625142
335314151Crystal can types (sealed)3625151
33531415101Larger than full size362515101
33531415102Full size362515102
33531415103Half size362515103
33531415104Smaller than half size362515104
335314161RF, antenna and coaxial relays, sealed and not sealed3625161
335314162Reed relays3625162
33531416201Dry reed362516201
33531416202Mercury wetted reed362516202
335314171Stepping switches, stepping and pulse relays3625171
335314172Timing relays (timers)3625172
33531417201Solid-state/EMR combination362517201
33531417202Solid-state pure362517202
33531417203All other timing relays, incl pneumatic, electronic, etc.362517203
335314181Relays for industrial controls, all voltages, n.e.c.3625181
335314191All other general purpose relays, n.e.c.3625191
335314196Parts for relays3625196
3353142Specific purpose industrial controls36252
335314211US Coast Guard, Navy, and Marine auxiliary controls and accessories3625211
335314212Metal mill controls and accessories, all voltages3625212
335314213Crane and hoist controls, constant and adjustable voltage, incl. operators desks and stations3625213
335314214Definite purpose contactors and starters, 600 volts and less3625214
335314215Machine tool controls3625215
33531421501Positioning type, numerical control362521501
33531421502Continuous path type, numerical control362521502
33531421503Digital readout, numerical control, incl. dial and plugboard types362521503
33531421504Machine tool control, other than numeric362521504
335314216Programmable controllers, sold separately3625216
335314217Other specific, special or definite purpose controls and devices3625217
3353143General purpose industrial controls36253
335314311A.C. full voltage starters, 1000 volts or less, excl. adj. speed & sync. motor s3625311
335314312A.C. contactors, 1000 volts or less, excl. adj. speed & sync. motor controls3625312
335314313A.C. reduced voltage controls, 1000 volts or less, excl. sync. motor starters3625313
335314314Synchronous motor starters, 1000 volts or less3625314
335314315Motor control centers, 1000 volts or less3625315
335314316Medium voltage starter or contactor, 1001 to 7200 volts3625316
335314317Brakes and clutches, excluding dynamic braking controls3625317
335314318Limit switches (positioning sensors)3625318
33531431801Electromechanical positioning sensors362531801
33531431802Movement sensors362531802
335314319Solid-state positioning sensors3625319
33531431901Non-optical proximity sensors362531901
33531431902Optical proximity sensors362531902
335314321All other pilot circuit devices, D.C. power and other control devices3625321
335314322Push buttons and stations, except operators desks and stations3625322
335314323Rheostats and resistors, except for electronic appl., sold separately, n.e.c.3625323
335314324Controls for packaged adjustable speed drives3625324
33531432411Controls for A.C. standard drives362532411
33531432412Controls for D.C. standard drives362532412
33531432413A.C. drive systems362532413
33531432414D.C. drive systems362532414
335314325Solid-state controllers (all voltages)3625325
335314326A.C. full voltage manual controllers, 1000 volts or less3625326
335314329All other general industry devices and systems, n.e.c.3625329
3353144Motor control accessories and parts for industrial controls36254
335314411Motor control and starter accessories, excl. overlaod relays3625411
335314412Parts for industrial controls, excl relays3625412
335314SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3625SM
335314MMiscellaneous receipts3625M
335314SSecondary products3625S
335911335911Storage battery mfg3691
335911PPrimary products3691P
3359113Lead acid type, BCI dimensional size group 8D or smaller36913
3359114Lead acid type, larger than BCI dimensional size group 8D36914
3359115Storage batteries, except lead acid, including parts for all storage batteries36915
335911SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3691SM
335911MMiscellaneous receipts3691M
335911MMMiscellaneous receipts3691MM
335911SSecondary products3691S
335911SSSecondary products3691SS
335912335912Primary battery mfg3692
335912PPrimary products3692P
3359129All primary batteries, dry and wet36929
335912SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3692SM
335912MMiscellaneous receipts3692M
335912SSecondary products3692S
335921335921Fiber optic cable manufacturing
335921PPrimary products
3359211Fiber optic cable
335921SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
335921MMiscellaneous receipts
335921SSecondary products
335929335929Other communication and energy wire mfg
335929PPrimary products
3359291Power wire and cable, made in plants that draw wire33578
335929AElectronic wire and cable, made in plants that draw wire33571
335929BTelephone & telegraph wire & cable, made in plants that draw wire33572
335929CControl & signal wire & cable, made in plants that draw wire33573
335929DBuilding wire and cable, made in plants that draw wire33574
335929EOther insulated wire & cable, inc automotive, made in plants that draw wire33579
335929SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
335929MMiscellaneous receipts
335929SSecondary products
335931335931Current-carrying wiring device mfg3643
335931PPrimary products3643P
3359312Convenience and power outlets (excluding pin and sleeve)36432
3359313Switches for electrical circuitry36433
3359314Metal contacts36434
3359315Wire connectors for electrical circuitry36435
3359316Current-carrying wiring devices, n.e.c.36436
335931SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3643SM
335931MMiscellaneous receipts3643M
335931SSecondary products3643S
335932335932Noncurrent-carrying wiring device mfg3644
335932PPrimary products3644P
3359321Electrical transmission line and utility pole hardware36441
335932112Pole and transmission line construction materials, commercially available3644112
335932113Pole and transmission line anchors3644113
335932114Pole and transmission line construction materials, not commercially available3644114
335932151Suspension hardware for high voltage insulators3644151
3359322Electrical conduit and conduit fittings36442
33593221Electrical conduit, raceways, and wireways364421
335932211Rigid metal conduit, excluding couplings, nipples, bends and elbows3644211
33593221121Steel, standard weights364421121
33593221199All other rigid metal conduit364421199
335932214Nonmetallic conduit, rigid, including plastics3644214
335932215Electrical metallic tubing3644215
335932216Flexible steel conduit3644216
335932217Flexible nonmetallic conduit, including plastics and liquid-tight3644217
335932218Metal raceways and wireways, including fittings: surface and underfloor3644218
335932219Metal raceways and wireways, including fittings: ventilated cable trays and accessories3644219
33593228Electrical conduit fittings364428
335932281Rigid metal conduit fittings: cast conduit bodies, covers, and gaskets3644281
335932282All other rigid metal conduit fittings, including couplings, nipples, bends, and elbows3644282
33593228253Couplings, connectors and unions364428253
33593228254Locknuts and bushings364428254
33593228259All other rigid metal conduit fittings364428259
335932283Nonmetallic rigid conduit fittings, including plastics3644283
335932284EMT fittings (couplings and connectors), all types3644284
33593228456Gland type364428456
33593228457Set screw type364428457
33593228458All other types364428458
335932285Service entrance caps, ells, and connectors3644285
335932286Cable, cord, and flexible conduit fittings3644286
33593228611Armored cable, metallic sheathed cable, and flexible conduit fittings364428611
33593228612Nonmetallic sheathed cable and cord fittings364428612
335932287All other electrical conduit fittings3644287
3359323All other noncurrent-carrying wiring devices36443
33593233Stamped metal boxes, covers, and accessories, including stamped conduit boxes364433
335932331Stamped metal switch and receptacle boxes3644331
335932332Stamped metal outlet boxes3644332
335932333Stamped metal covers3644333
335932334Stamped supports, bar hangers and accessories3644334
33593234Cast metal boxes, covers, gaskets, and accessories364434
335932341FS and FD switch and receptacle types3644341
335932342Outlet type3644342
335932343Junction type3644343
33593235Plastic boxes and covers364435
33593236Switch, outlet, FM/TV, and telephone wall plates364436
33593237All other noncurrent-carrying wiring devices364437
335932378Floor boxes and covers3644378
335932379All other noncurrent-carrying wiring devices, n.e.c.3644379
335932SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3644SM
335932MMiscellaneous receipts3644M
335932SSecondary products3644S
335991335991Carbon & graphite product mfg3624
335991PPrimary products3624P
3359911Carbon and graphite electrodes for electric furnaces and electrolytic cell use36241
3359913All other carbon and graphite products
335991SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3624SM
335991MMiscellaneous receipts3624M
335991SSecondary products3624S
335999335999All other miscellaneous electrical equipment & component mfg
335999PPrimary products
3359993Rectifying apparatus, except electronic36292
33599931Semiconductor and power conversion apparatus3629211
33599932Other rectifying (power conversion) apparatus3629212
3359995Other electrical equipment for industrial use, except electronic
335999AUltrasonic equipment (except medical and dental)36995
335999BApparatus wire made from purchased insulated wire
335999CElectronic sys & equip, nec (incl auto garage door opener & amplifier)36999
335999DOther electrical equipment (except for industrial use), nec
335999SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
335999MMiscellaneous receipts
335999SSecondary products
336110336110Automobile and light duty motor vehicle mfg3711
336110PPrimary products3711P
3361101Passengers cars and chassis37111
3361102Trucks, truck tractors, & bus chassis 14,000 lb or less, incl. minivans & suvs37116
336110SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3711SM
336110MMiscellaneous receipts3711M
336110SSecondary products3711S
336120336120Heavy duty truck mfg
336120PPrimary products
3361201Trucks, tractors, and bus chassis, 14,001 to 33,000 lbs
3361202Trucks, truck tractors, and bus chassis, 33,001 lbs or more37119
3361203Firefighting vehicles, military vehicles and buses
33612031Buses and military vehicles, except trolley buses
33612032Firefighting vehicles37113B
336120SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
336120MMiscellaneous receipts
336120SSecondary products
336211336211Motor vehicle body mfg3713
336211PPrimary products3713P
3362111Truck, bus, car, and other vehicle bodies, for sale separately37131
3362113Complete vehicles produced on purchased chassis37132
336211SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3713SM
336211MMiscellaneous receipts3713M
336211SSecondary products3713S
336212336212Truck trailer mfg3715
336212PPrimary products3715P
3362121Truck trailers and chassis, with axle rating of 10,000 lbs or more37151
3362123Truck trailers and chassis, with axle rating of less than 10,000 lbs37152
336212SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3715SM
336212MMiscellaneous receipts3715M
336212SSecondary products3715S
336213336213Motor home mfg3716
336213PPrimary products3716P
336213101Conventional (type A)3716101
336213102Other motor homes3716102
336213SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3716SM
336213MMiscellaneous receipts3716M
336213SSecondary products3716S
336214336214Travel trailers and campers
336214PPrimary products
3362141Travel trailers37921
33621411Conventional travel trailers379211
33621412Fifth wheel travel trailers379212
336214125Less than 30 feet in length3792125
33621412830 feet or more in length3792128
3362143Automobile and light truck trailers37996
33621431Automobile and light truck horse trailers, excl. those pulled by truck tractors3799601
33621432Boat trailers3799602
33621433Other automobile and light truck trailers3799611
3362145Camping trailers, campers, pickup covers, and parts37922
33621451Camping trailers, campers, and pick-up covers3792241
33621453Parts and components, excluding appliances and furnishings3792259
336214SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3792SM
336214MMiscellaneous receipts3792M
336214SSecondary products3792S
336311336311Carburetor, piston, piston ring & valve mfg3592
336311PPrimary products3592P
3363111Carburetors, new and rebuilt35921
3363113Piston, piston rings, and piston pins (engine)35922
3363115Valves (engine intake and exhaust)35923
336311SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3592SM
336311MMiscellaneous receipts3592M
336311SSecondary products3592S
336312336312Gasoline engine and engine parts mfg
336312PPrimary products
3363121Gasoline engines and engine parts for motor vehicles, new37142
3363123Gasoline engines and engine parts for motor vehicles, rebuilt
336312SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
336312MMiscellaneous receipts
336312SSecondary products
336321336321Vehicular lighting equipment mfg3647
336321PPrimary products3647P
3363211Vehicular lighting equipment (excluding bulbs) for all uses36471
33632111Motor vehicle lighting equipment364711
33632112Other than motor vehicle lighting equipment including fluorescent fixtures364712
33632113Component and renewal parts for vehicular lighting equipment364713
336321SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3647SM
336321MMiscellaneous receipts3647M
336321SSecondary products3647S
336322336322Other motor vehicle electrical & electronic equipment mfg
336322PPrimary products
3363221Ignition harness and cable sets36941
3363223Battery charging alternators, generators, and regulators36942
3363225Cranking motors (starters)36943
3363229Complete engine electrical equipment, nec36945
336322AParts for engine electrical and electronic equipment36946
336322CMotor vehicle electrical & electronic equip., except engine electrical equip
336322SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
336322MMiscellaneous receipts
336322SSecondary products
336330336330Motor vehicle steering & suspension parts mfg
336330PPrimary products
3363301Motor vehicle steering and suspension components, new371492
33633011Motor vehicle shock absorbers, new3714925
33633013Motor vehicle steering idler arms, drag links, and control arms, new3714927
33633014Motor vehicle steering wheels, columns and gearboxes, new3714921
33633016Other motor vehicle steering & suspension components, new3714929
3363303Motor vehicle steering and suspension components, rebuilt
336330SMSecondary and miscellaneous receipts
336330MMiscellaneous receipts
336330SSecondary products
336340336340Motor vehicle brake system mfg
336340PPrimary products
3363401Motor vehicle brake parts and assemblies, new37148
33634011Other brake parts, including cylinders, actuation units, & valves371484
33634012Drum brake assemblies and parts, including linings & shoes371482
33634013Disc brake assemblies and parts, including linings371483
3363403Motor vehicle brake parts and assemblies, rebuilt
336340SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
336340MMiscellaneous receipts
336340SSecondary products
336350336350Motor vehicle transmission & power train parts mfg
336350PPrimary products
3363501Motor vehicle drive train components, except wheels and brakes, new37146
33635011Motor vehicle complete transmissions3714614
33635013Parts for manual and automatic transmissions, new3714613
33635014Motor vehicle axles and axle parts, new3714635
33635015Other motor vehicle drive train components, except wheels and brakes, new3714699
3363503Motor vehicle drive train components, rebuilt
336350SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
336350MMiscellaneous receipts
336350SSecondary products
336360336360Motor vehicle seating and interior trim mfg
336360PPrimary products
3363601Automobile trimmings
3363602Fabricated seat or safety belts, incl shoulder harnesses (except leather)
3363603Seats for public conveyance and aircraft2531213
336360301Seats for public conveyance (except aircraft), incl. automobiles, trucks, buses,
336360304Seats for aircraft
336360SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
336360MMiscellaneous receipts
336360SSecondary products
336370336370Motor vehicle metal stamping3465
336370PPrimary products3465P
3363701Original equipment automotive stampings34651
336370101Body panels3465101
336370102Chassis parts and other original equipment automotive stampings3465102
3363703Replacement part automotive stampings34653
336370SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3465SM
336370MMiscellaneous receipts3465M
336370SSecondary products3465S
336391336391Motor vehicle air conditioning mfg
336391PPrimary products
3363917Motor vehicle mechanical air conditioning systems
336391BAutomotive air conditioning compressors (open type, with or without motor)
336391SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
336391MMiscellaneous receipts
336391SSecondary products
336399336399All other motor vehicle parts mfg
336399PPrimary products
3363991Filters for internal combustion engines and motor vehicles, new37144
3363993Exhaust system parts, new37145
3363995Motor vehicle wheels, new37147
3363997Other motor vehicle parts and accessories, new and rebuilt
33639971Motor vehicle bumper assemblies, bumpers, and parts, new3714901
33639974Radiators, radiator shells and cores, new3714261
33639976Motor vehicle air bag assemblies and parts, new3714931
33639977All other parts and accessories, new and rebuilt3714999
336399SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
336399MMiscellaneous receipts
336399SSecondary products
336411336411Aircraft mfg3721
336411PPrimary products3721P
3364113Complete civilian aircraft37215
3364115Modifications, conversions, and overhaul of previously accepted aircraft37217
3364117Other aeronautical services on complete aircraft, nec37218
336411SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3721SM
336411MMiscellaneous receipts3721M
336411SSecondary products3721S
336412336412Aircraft engine & engine parts mfg3724
336412PPrimary products3724P
3364121Aircraft engines for military aircraft37241
3364123Aircraft engines for civilian aircraft37242
3364125Aeronautical services on aircraft engines37243
3364127Aircraft engine parts and accessories37244
336412SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3724SM
336412MMiscellaneous receipts3724M
336412SSecondary products3724S
336413336413Other aircraft part & auxiliary equipment mfg3728
336413PPrimary products3728P
3364132Aircraft parts, excluding propellers, rotors, and fluid power subassemblies37282
3364133Receipts from research and development on aircraft parts37283
3364134Aircraft hydraulic and pneumatic subassemblies37284
3364136Aircraft propellers and helicopter rotors37286
336413SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3728SM
336413MMiscellaneous receipts3728M
336413SSecondary products3728S
336510336510Railroad rolling stock mfg3743
336510PPrimary products3743P
3365101Locomotives and locomotive parts37431
3365102Passenger and freight train cars, new (excl. parts)37432
3365103Street, subway, trolley, and rapid transit cars, all rebuilt cars, and all parts37433
33651035Street, subway, trolley, and rapid transit cars, new and rebuilt374335
33651037Parts and accessories for railroad and street cars374337
336510371Air brake and other brake equipment3743371
336510379All other railroad and streetcar parts and accessories, incl. truck assemblies3743379
336510SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3743SM
336510MMiscellaneous receipts3743M
336510SSecondary products3743S
336611336611Ship building & repairing3731
336611PPrimary products3731P
3366111Nonpropelled ships, new, U.S. military and nonmilitary37311
336611111Hopper barges3731111
336611112Tank barges3731112
336611113Covered cargo barges3731113
336611114Deck barges3731114
336611116Floating docks3731116
336611117Drilling/production platforms3731117
336611119Other nonpropelled ships, new, U.S military and nonmilitary3731119
3366112Self-propelled ships, new, U.S. military37312
336611211Self-propelled ships, new, U.S. military3731211
3366113Self-propelled ships, new, nonmilitary37313
336611315Passenger ships, including yachts 65ft or more in length requiring a profession3731315
336611317Ferry ships3731317
336611321Dry cargo ships, container ships, and trailer ships (roll on/roll off)3731321
336611331Commercial fishing vessels3731331
336611333Offshore supply and survey vessels3731333
336611334Tugboats and towboats3731334
336611339Other self-propelled nonmilitary ships3731339
3366114Ship repair, conversion, reconversion, U.S. military37314
336611411Conversions and reconversions3731411
336611413All other repairs3731413
3366116Ship repair, conversion, reconversion, nonmilitary37316
336611611Conversions and reconversions3731611
336611621All other repairs3731621
336611SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3731SM
336611MMiscellaneous receipts3731M
336611SSecondary products3731S
336612336612Boat building3732
336612PPrimary products3732P
3366121Outboard motorboats, inc. commercial and military (exc. sailboats and lifeboats)37322
3366123Inboard motorboats, including commercial & military (exc. sailboats & lifeboats)37323
3366125Inboard-outdrive boats, inc. commercial & military (exc. sailboats & lifeboats)37324
3366127All other boats, nec (excluding military and commercial)37327
336612SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3732SM
336612MMiscellaneous receipts3732M
336612SSecondary products3732S
336991336991Motorcycle, bicycle & parts mfg3751
336991PPrimary products3751P
3369911Bicycles, adult tricycles, unicycles & parts (excl. chldrns 2-whl sdwlk cycls w/semi-pneu trs)37511
336991121Bicycles, complete3751121
336991171Parts for bicycles, including frame sets and motorbike parts interchangeable with bicycle part3751171
3369912Motorcycles, motorbikes, mopeds, motorscooters, trail vehicles and parts37512
336991213Motorcycles,(excl. sidecars), mopeds, motorscooters, and trail vehicles3751213
336991253Parts, including sidecars, but excluding motorbike parts interchangeable with bicycle parts3751253
336991SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3751SM
336991MMiscellaneous receipts3751M
336991SSecondary products3751S
336999336999All other transportation equipment mfg
336999PPrimary products
3369991Self-propelled golf carts and industrial in-plant personnel carriers and parts37993
3369993Transportation equipment, nec, including all-terrain vehicles37999
336999SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
336999MMiscellaneous receipts
336999SSecondary products


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004