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Producer Price Indexes

NAICS to SIC Concordance

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NAICS IndustryNAICS ProductNAICS TitleSIC Product
337110337110Wood kitchen cabinet and countertop mfg2434
337110PPrimary products
3371101Wood kitchen cabinets and cabinetwork, stock line24341
3371104Wood kitchen cabinets and cabinetwork, custom, except sold directly to customer24342
3371107Wood vanities and other cabinetwork24343
337110APlastic laminated wood kitchen cabinet tops
337110EPlastics laminated fixtures tops (incl drainboards and tops for sinks)
337110HWood kitchen cabinets and cabinetwork (permanent installation), custom
337110SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
337110MMiscellaneous receipts
337110SSecondary products
337121337121Upholstered household furniture mfg2512
337121PPrimary products2512P
3371211Upholstered wood household furniture25121
337121112Sofas, davenports, settees, and loveseats2512112
33712111232Chiefly cotton251211232
33712111233Chiefly rayon251211233
33712111234Chiefly olefin251211234
33712111235Chiefly nylon251211235
33712111236Chiefly polyester251211236
33712111237Other fibers and blends, including coated fabric and vinyl251211237
337121132Chairs, except reclining and rockers2512132
33712113242Chiefly cotton251213242
33712113243Chiefly rayon251213243
33712113244Chiefly olefin251213244
33712113245Other fibers and blends, including coated fabric and vinyl251213245
337121141Sectional sofa pieces2512141
337121145Rockers, including swivel2512145
337121154Reclining chairs2512154
337121198Other upholstered wood household furniture ( ottomans, hassocks, etc )2512198
3371214Dual-purpose sleep furniture, incl convertible sofa25155
337121411Dual-purpose sleep furniture, incl convertible sofas25155
337121SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2512SM
337121MMiscellaneous receipts2512M
337121SSecondary products2512S
337122337122Nonupholstered wood household furniture mfg2511
337122PPrimary products2511P
3371222Wood living room, library, family room and den furniture25112
337122219Cabinets, except sewing machine cabinets2511219
337122231Chairs, except dining room (including rockers)2511231
337122241Tables, except card and telephone tables2511241
337122271Credenzas, bookcases, and bookshelves2511271
337122298Other nonupholstered living room furniture2511298
33712229811Wall units (desk, bookcase, and storage type)251129811
33712229899All other living room furniture251129899
3371223Wood dining room and kitchen furniture, except cabinets25113
337122311Tables, dining room, 30 x 40 inches and greater2511311
337122331Dining room chairs, incl. upholstered and nonupholstered2511331
337122351Buffets and servers, dining room2511351
337122371China and corner cabinets, dining room2511371
337122398Other dining room and kitchen furniture2511398
3371225Wood bedroom furniture25115
337122521Dressers, vanities and dressing tables2511521
337122533Wardrobes, chifforobes, armoires, & wardrobe-type cabinets2511533
337122535Chests of drawers, including cedar chests2511535
337122561Night tables and stands2511561
337122598Other nonupholstered bedroom furniture2511598
3371225ABeds, headboards and footboards25115A
337122511Beds, incl. bunk and water beds, excl crib and headboard beds2511511
337122513Headboards and headboard sets2511513
3371226Infants' and children's wood furniture25116
3371227Unpainted, unassembled, knock-down, and outdoor furniture25117
337122741Unpainted wood furniture2511741
337122751Unassembled, knock-down, and outdoor furniture2511751
337122SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2511SM
337122MMiscellaneous receipts2511M
337122SSecondary products2511S
337124337124Metal household furniture2514
337124PPrimary products2514P
3371241Metal household dining, dinette, breakfast & kitchen furniture25141
3371243Metal porch, lawn, outdoor and casual furniture25143
33712431Tubular aluminum251431
33712432Cast and wrought iron251432
33712433Other metal porch, lawn, outdoor and casual furniture, including picnic tables251433
3371244Other metal household furniture25144
337124437Metal bed frames2514437
337124498Other metal household furniture (including upholstered furniture, metal folding2514498
337124SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2514SM
337124MMiscellaneous receipts2514M
337124SSecondary products2514S
337125337125Household furniture (except wood and metal) mfg2519
337125PPrimary products2519P
3371251Household furniture, except wood and metal25191
33712511Plastics and fibrous glass household furniture251911
33712514Reed, rattan, willow, wicker, cane and other similar household furniture251914
337125SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2519SM
337125MMiscellaneous receipts2519M
337125SSecondary products2519S
337127337127Institutional furniture mfg
337127PPrimary products
3371271School furniture, except stone and concrete, excl. library furniture25311
33712711School single-pupil units and chairs, excl. library
33712712School storage units and furniture except single-pupil units and chairs (excl. l
3371274Public building furniture, except school and restaurant furniture25312
3371277Furniture and fixtures, nec
337127AOther furniture, nec
337127SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
337127MMiscellaneous receipts
337127SSecondary products
337129337129Wood TV/radio/sewing machine cabinet mfg2517
337129PPrimary products2517P
337129SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2517SM
337129MMiscellaneous receipts2517M
337129SSecondary products2517S
337211337211Wood office furniture mfg2521
337211PPrimary products2521P
337211313Wood office seating2521313
337211331Desks and extensions2521331
337211341Wood storage units, files and tables2521341
337211351Wood systems furniture and all other office furniture2521351
337211SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2521SM
337211MMiscellaneous receipts2521M
337211SSecondary products2521S
337212337212Custom architectural woodwork and millwork mfg
337212PPrimary products
3372121Custom architectural woodwork, millwork
337212SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
337212MMiscellaneous receipts
337212SSecondary products
337214337214Office furniture (except wood) mfg2522
337214PPrimary products2522P
3372141Office seating25221
337214112Side and arm chairs2522112
337214113Stacking and folding chairs2522113
337214114General office and desk chairs, except secretarial2522114
337214115Other chairs2522115
337214129All other seating, excluding chairs2522129
3372142Desks and extensions25222
337214236Desk extensions2522236
3372145Storage units, files and tables25225
33721451Storage units252251
337214512Bookcases and other storage units2522512
33721452Filing cabinets and cases252252
337214521Vertical files, letter and legal2522521
337214522Horizontal or lateral files, letter and legal2522522
337214523Motorized, visible and insulated files2522523
337214524All other files2522524
337214531Work or conference tables2522531
337214532All other tables2522532
3372146Other nonwood office furniture25226
33721461Systems furniture252261
337214611Modular systems furniture2522611
337214612Panel systems furniture2522612
337214621Miscellaneous, nonwood office furniture2522621
337214SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2522SM
337214MMiscellaneous receipts2522M
337214SSecondary products2522S
337215337215Showcase, partition, shelving and locker mfg
337215PPrimary products
3372151Wood partitions (assembled or knock-down) and wood shelving and lockers, except25411
3372154Wood fixtures for stores, banks, and offices, and other misc. fixtures25413
3372157Prefabricated partitions, assembled or knock-down, nonwood
337215AShelving and lockers, nonwood25422
337215EStorage racks and accessories, nonwood25423
337215HFixtures for stores, banks, and offices, and miscellaneous fixtures, nonwood25424
337215KWood furniture frames for household furniture, incl. frames for upholstered furn
337215SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
337215MMiscellaneous receipts
337215SSecondary products
337910337910Mattress mfg2515
337910PPrimary products2515P
3379101Innerspring mattresses, excl. crib-size
3379104Other mattresses, incl. crib mattresses and mattress inserts251571
3379107Foundations, excl. innerspring units and hybrid-type floatation and adjustable
337910ASleep system ensembles, excl. conventional waterbeds25156
337910EMattress and foundation sets
337910SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
337910MMiscellaneous receipts
337910SSecondary products
337920337920Blind and shade mfg2591
337920PPrimary products2591P
3379203Window shades and accessories25913
3379204Venetian blinds25914
3379205Other shades and blinds n.e.c., curtain and drapery rods, poles and other hardware25915
337920SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts2591SM
337920MMiscellaneous receipts2591M
337920SSecondary products2591S
339111339111Laboratory apparatus and furniture3821
339111PPrimary products3821P
3391111Laboratory apparatus38211
3391112Laboratory furniture38212
339111SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3821SM
339111MMiscellaneous receipts3821M
339111SSecondary products3821S
339112339112Surgical and medical instrument mfg3841
339112PPrimary products3841P
3391121Surgical and medical instruments, except furniture38411
33911211Surgical, medical, and orthopedic instruments
33911212Diagnostic apparatus384112
33911213Syringes and hypodermic needles384114
33911214Surgical and medical blood transfusion, IV equipment, and donor kits3841182
33911215Surgical and medical catheters3841186
33911216Other surgical and medical instruments3841189
33911217Parts for surgical and medical instruments and apparatus3841199
339112SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3841SM
339112MMiscellaneous receipts3841M
339112SSecondary products3841S
339113339113Surgical appliance & supplies mfg3842
339113PPrimary products3842P
3391131Surgical, orthopedic, prosthetic, and therapeutic appliances and supplies38421
33911311Orthopedic and prosthetic artificial joints and limbs3842101
33911312All other orthopedic and prosthetic appliances
33911313Surgical dressings38421A
33911316All other surgical and orthopedic items
3391135Personal industrial safety devices38423
339113SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3842SM
339113MMiscellaneous receipts3842M
339113SSecondary products3842S
339114339114Dental equipment & supplies mfg3843
339114PPrimary products3843P
3391145Dental professional equipment and supplies38435
339114511Dental professional equip., incl. dental chairs, units, hand pieces, excl. X-ray3843511
33911452Dental professional supplies384352
3391146Dental laboratory equipment and supplies38436
339114SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3843SM
339114MMiscellaneous receipts3843M
339114SSecondary products3843S
339115339115Ophthalmic goods mfg3851
339115PPrimary products3851P
3391151Eyeglass frames (without lenses inserted) and frame parts38511
3391152Glass ophthalmic focus lenses38512
3391153Plastic ophthalmic focus lenses38513
339115325Single vision plastic lenses3851325
339115327Multifocal plastic lenses3851327
3391154Contact lenses38514
339115412Hard contact lenses3851412
339115413Soft contact lenses3851413
3391155Other ophthalmic goods38515
339115SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3851SM
339115MMiscellaneous receipts3851M
339115SSecondary products3851S
339911339911Jewelry (except costume) mfg3911
339911PPrimary products3911P
3399111Jewelry made of solid platinum metals and solid karat gold39111
339911111Rings, complete3911111
33991111112Wedding rings391111112
33991111114Other rings391111114
339911115Ring mountings3911115
339911131Women's and children's jewelry, excl watch attachments and rings3911131
339911198Other jewelry worn or carried, religious jewelry, cigar cases and lighters, compacts, etc.3911198
3399113Jewelry made of silver (including platinum metals and karat gold clad to silver)39113
3399114Other jewelry, except costume jewelry39114
339911SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3911SM
339911MMiscellaneous receipts3911M
339911SSecondary products3911S
339912339912Silverware & hollowware mfg3914
339912PPrimary products3914P
3399121Hollowware, including ecclesiastical ware, novelties, trophies, and other plated39141
3399123Flatware and carving sets made wholly of metal39142
339912SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3914SM
339912MMiscellaneous receipts3914M
339912SSecondary products3914S
339913339913Jewelers' material & lapidary work mfg3915
339913PPrimary products3915P
3399132Lapidary work and diamond cutting and polishing39152
3399133Jewelers' findings and materials made of precious metals39153
3399134Jewelers' findings and materials made of base metals39154
339913SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3915SM
339913MMiscellaneous receipts3915M
339913SSecondary products3915S
339914339914Costume jewelry & novelty mfg3961
339914PPrimary products
3399141Costume jewelry and costume novelties
339914SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3961SM
339914MMiscellaneous receipts3961M
339914SSecondary products3961S
339920339920Sporting & athletic goods mfg3949
339920PPrimary products3949P
3399201Fishing tackle and equipment39491
3399202Golf equipment39492
339920242Golf clubs3949242
339920299Other golf equipment, such as golf balls, bags, carts, tees, shafts, etc.3949299
3399203Playground equipment39493
3399206Gymnasium and exercise equipment39496
3399209Other sporting and athletic goods39499
339920SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3949SM
339920MMiscellaneous receipts3949M
339920SSecondary products3949S
339931339931Doll & stuffed toy mfg3942
339931PPrimary products3942P
3399311Dolls and stuffed toys39421
339931SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3942SM
339931MMiscellaneous receipts3942M
339931SSecondary products3942S
339932339932Game, toy, & children's vehicle mfg3944
339932PPrimary products3944P
3399323Baby carriages and children's vehicles, except bicycles39443
3399324Toys, excluding games, hobbies, and electronic toys39444
339932427Other toys incl. dollcarriages & furniture, infant toys & non-powered trans. to3944427
339932433Pre-school toys, n.e.c., excluding infant toys3944433
339932443Housekeeping and cooking toys, including tea sets and play tools3944443
3399325Hobbies, models: craft kits, sets, & individual units; scientific equip., kits or sets39445
339932513Operating models (cars, boats, railroads, etc.) incl. plastic static model3944513
339932531Craft kits, science sets, and collectors' miniatures3944531
3399326Nonelectronic games39446
3399327Electronic games and toys39447
339932SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3944SM
339932MMiscellaneous receipts3944M
339932SSecondary products3944S
339941339941Pen & mechanical pencil mfg3951
339941PPrimary products3951P
3399412Ballpoint pens, complete, including roller pens39512
3399418Markers, fine point and broadtipped39518
3399419Other pens, mechanical pencils, desk sets, pen and pencil parts, and refill cartridges39519
339941911Mechanical pencils3951911
339941922Fountain pens3951922
339941933Parts for pens, mechanical pencils, including pen holders, refill cartridges3951933
339941999Other pens and desk sets3951999
339941SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3951SM
339941MMiscellaneous receipts3951M
339941SSecondary products3951S
339942339942Lead pencil & art good mfg
339942PPrimary products
3399423Artists' equipment
3399425Lead pencil and art goods manufacturing, nec
339942SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
339942MMiscellaneous receipts
339942SSecondary Products
339943339943Marking device mfg3953
339943PPrimary products3953P
3399431Rubber and vinyl stamps39531
339943113Hand stamps and dies3953113
339943115Permanently inked stamps, excluding printing dies3953115
3399432Mechanical hand stamps, self inkers including daters, time and numbering stamps39532
3399433Embossing seals, including notary, engineering, corporate, stationery, etc.39533
3399434Metal hand stamps, steel incising and embossing dies39534
3399435Other marking devices; stencils, stamp pads and branding irons39535
339943SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3953SM
339943MMiscellaneous receipts3953M
339943SSecondary products3953S
339944339944Carbon paper & inked ribbon mfg3955
339944PCarbon paper & inked ribbon3955P
3399441Inked ribbons39551
3399442Carbon and stencil paper39552
339944SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3955SM
339944MMiscellaneous receipts3955M
339944SSecondary products3955S
339950339950Sign mfg3993
339950PPrimary products3993P
3399501Electric signs39931
339950101Luminous tubing signs3993101
339950102Fluorescent signs3993102
339950105Incandescent bulb electric signs and other electric signs3993105
3399502Non-electric signs39932
339950211Metal signs and displays3993211
339950213Other non-electric signs3993213
339950215Wood signs and displays3993215
3399503Advertising specialties39933
339950SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3993SM
339950MMiscellaneous receipts3993M
339950SSecondary products3993S
339991339991Gasket, packing, & sealing device mfg3053
339991PPrimary products3053P
3399914Compression packings30534
3399915Nonmetallic gaskets and gasketing30535
339991515Elastomeric, all material3053515
339991529Other non-metallic, n.e.c.3053529
3399916Molded packing and sealing devices30536
339991621O-rings (including spliced; excluding metal)3053621
339991635All other molded packing and seals (including leather and plastic seals)3053635
3399917Metallic gaskets and machined seals30537
3399918Axial mechanical face seals30538
3399919Rotary oil seals30539
339991SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3053SM
339991MMiscellaneous receipts3053M
339991SSecondary products3053S
339992339992Musical instrument mfg3931
339992PPrimary products3931P
3399922Organs, electronic, pipe and reed39312
3399923Piano and organ parts39313
3399924Other musical instruments39314
339992431Accessories and parts sold separately, excl. instrument cases and benches3931431
339992499All other instr., incl. electrical and nonelectrical woodwinds and brass winds3931499
339992SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3931SM
339992MMiscellaneous receipts3931M
339992SSecondary products3931S
339993339993Fastener, button, needle, & pin mfg3965
339993PPrimary products3965P
3399931Buttons and parts, except for precious or semiprecious metals and stones39651
3399934Zippers and slide fasteners39654
3399936Needles, pins, fasteners, and similar notions39656
339993SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3965SM
339993MMiscellaneous receipts3965M
339993SSecondary products3965S
339994339994Broom, brush, & mop mfg3991
339994PPrimary products3991P
3399941Brooms, mops, and dusters39911
3399943Paint and varnish brushes, rollers, and pads39912
3399945Other brushes39913
339994SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3991SM
339994MMiscellaneous receipts3991M
339994SSecondary products3991S
339995339995Burial casket mfg3995
339995PPrimary products3995P
3399951Metal caskets and coffins, completely lined and trimmed, adult sizes only39951
339995113Steel caskets and coffins (excluding stainless steel)3995113
339995115Other metal caskets and coffins (stainless steel, bronze, copper, etc.)3995115
3399952Wood caskets and coffins, completely lined and trimmed, adult sizes only39952
339995211Cloth covered, softwood3995211
3399953Other caskets and coffins and metal vaults39953
339995311Caskets, other than metal or wood, lined and trimmed, plus all children's sizes3995311
339995331Metal casket shells, KD and SU, unlined or untrimmed3995331
339995358Casket shells, other than metal, KD and SU, unlined or untrimmed3995358
339995393Burial vaults, except concrete, burial boxes, and casket shipping containers3995393
339995SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3995SM
339995MMiscellaneous receipts3995M
339995SSecondary products3995S
339999339999All other miscellaneous mfg3999
339999PPrimary products3999P
3399991Chemical fire extinguishing equipment and parts39991
3399993Coin-operated amusement machines39992
3399995Candles (including tapers)39994
3399997Umbrellas and parasols (including parts)39997
3399999Feathers, plumes, and artificial flowers39998
339999CMirror and picture frames24991
339999HMiscellaneous fabricated products, nec39999
339999SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts3999SM
339999MMiscellaneous receipts3999M
339999SSecondary products3999S


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004