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Producer Price Indexes

NAICS to SIC Concordance

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NAICS IndustryNAICS ProductNAICS TitleSIC Product
621111621111Offices of physicians (exc mental health)8011
621111PPrimary services8011P
6211114One and two physician practices and single specialty group practices80114
621111411General/family practice8011411
621111412Internal medicine8011412
621111413General surgery and other surgical specialties8011413
621111419Other specialty8011419
6211115Multispecialty group practice80115
621111SMOther receipts8011SM
621511621511Medical laboratories
621511PPrimary services80712
6215112Medical laboratories80712
621511SMOther receipts
621512621512Diagnostic imaging centers
621512PPrimary services80714
6215124Diagnostic imaging centers80714
621512SMOther receipts
621610621610Home health care services8082
621610PPrimary services8082P
6216103Public payors
62161031Medicare payors80821
62161032Non-Medicare public payors
6216104Private payors
621610SMOther receipts8082SM
622110622110General medical and surgical hospitals8062
622110PPrimary services8062P
6221102Medicare patients80622
6221104Medicaid patients80624
6221106All other patients80626
622110601Diseases and disorders of the nervous system8062601
622110603Diseases and disorders of the ear, nose, mouth, and throat8062603
622110604Diseases and disorders of the respiratory system8062604
622110605Diseases and disorders of the circulatory system8062605
622110606Diseases and disorders of the digestive system8062606
622110607Diseases and disorders of the hepatobiliary system and pancreas8062607
622110608Diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue8062608
622110609Diseases and disorders of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and breast8062609
622110611Endocrine, nutritional, and metabolic diseases and disorders8062611
622110612Diseases and disorders of the kidney and urinary tract8062612
622110613Diseases and disorders of the male reproductive system8062613
622110614Diseases and disorders of the female reproductive system8062614
622110615Pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium8062615
622110616Newborns and other neonates with conditions originating in the perinatal period8062616
622110617Diseases and disorders of the blood and blood forming organs and immun. diseases8062617
622110618Myeloproliferative diseases and disorders, and poorly differentiated neoplasms8062618
622110619Infectious and parasitic diseases (systemic or unspecified sites)8062619
622110622Alcohol/drug use and alcohol/drug induced organic mental disorders8062622
622110623Injuries, poisonings, and toxic effects of drugs8062623
622110625Factors influencing health status and other contacts with health services8062625
622110626Multiple significant trauma8062626
622110627Human immunodeficiency virus infections8062627
622110628Other diseases and disorders
622110SMOther receipts8062SM
622210622210Psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals8063
622210PPrimary services8063P
6222103Psychiatric hospitals8063P
6222105Substance abuse hospitals80692
622210SMOther receipts8063SM
622310622310Other specialty hospitals8069
622310PPrimary services80696
6223106Specialty, except psychiatric and substance abuse, hospitals80696
622310SMOther receipts8069SM
623110623110Nursing care facilities8053
623110PPrimary services8053P
6231101Public payors80531
6231103Private payors80533
623110SMOther receipts8053SM
623210623210Residential mental retardation facilities
623210PPrimary services
6232101Residential mental retardation facilities
623210SMOther receipts
721110721110Hotels (exc casino hotels) and motels
721110PPrimary services
7211101Guestroom rental
721110101Limited service hotels and motels7011101
721110102Full service hotels and motels7011102
721110103Luxury and resort hotels, excluding casino hotels7011103
7211102Food and beverages
721110201Food and nonalcoholic beverages
721110202Alcoholic beverages
7211104Other guest services
721110SMOther receipts
721120721120Casino hotels
721120PPrimary services
7211201Casino hotel guestroom rental7011105
7211202Food and beverages
721120201Food and nonalcoholic beverages
721120202Alcoholic beverages
7211204Other guest services
7211205Casino gaming receipts70115
721120SMOther receipts

Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004